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My Worst Enemy (Second Chapter Uploaded)

Chapter Two: Dark Legion

Summary: Ghost Hunter has achieved victory by killing Posiwing Duck in their climatic battle, now making plans of an expedition to the Negaverse to settle his grudge with Negawing Duck, he is confident that the battle is over before it would even begun. However… little does he know that Negawing has a few tricks up his sleeve and won’t go down without a true fight.

Note: I do not own the song “Immortal” by Adema or its lyrics, but I do own the characters that appear in this story, save for any mentioned characters that are own by Tad Stones or Walt Disney. This story also introduces the Dark Legion, Negawing’s own version of a Fearsome Five. This story also make references to various role-play threads, particularly “From Future to Present” and “Heroes vs Villains”.

It had been four weeks since Posiwing had met his end, and despite the fact that he had achieved the victory he had desire since the moment he was reconstructed as a cyborg, Ghost Hunter’s hunger for vengeance wasn’t sated, but rather it had grown stronger. He had believed the only way he could satisfy his appetite for bloodlust was to kill Negawing Duck, a traitor, a transgressor, a vicious egomaniac.

A dark smirk spread over his features, as he contemplated of the murderous possibilities that he could inflict on his enemy in the result of their battle. He would admit that he always hated Negawing since he was a child. The mallard’s temper, murderous violence, and sanity had worsened with time, but he was worn with his smart mouth. It had burned Ghost Hunter alive when Negawing, as a child, had mouthed off to him that while Ghost Hunter may had been the son of the notorious Ghost Cat, the self-proclaimed ‘worst’s greatest assassin’, he would never become a third of the mercenary his father no matter how hard he tried. Ghost Hunter knew back then he wasn’t as strong as his father, but he was still a mercenary to be both feared and respect and could have crushed the teenage mallard back then like a gnat.

However there was a deeper grudge than petty rivalry it was to settle a loose end. Ghost Hunter had briefly recalled at one point in his life when he was a young child that a black-clad mallard had nearly attempted to kill him on several occasions. The first time had been when he became been afflicted with vampirism although he was defeated by several groups and the other time was when the same black-clad mallard had kidnapped him and attempted to make him suffer by trapping his father in a place that was rigged explosives. His father, the original Ghost Cat also a deadly mercenary, had defeated the mallard.

But there was something rather disturbing; the mallard from what he could tell wasn’t Negaduck at all. His father had joined forces with the villain several times before his death, but then who could the mallard be? He is just as destructive as Negaduck was, just as violent temperamental, and prone to wreck havoc, even though he wore the same colors it was become reversed. The mallard had a black jacket with a yellow shirt, a red mask, a black fedora… a chainsaw with flames engulfing the razor edges of the implement.

He narrowed his eyes, was it possible that this mallard was Negawing himself? He had the same description, but how did he existed then? He wasn’t even born from that and he could tell that he was too old (twenty-four at best) to be Negaduck’s child. Was it possible that this same villain had traveled to the past to kill him for some unknown apparent reason? He could not recall what had happened to Negawing after his father defeated but did knew that he vanished from a trace… until the moment he heard he resurfaced when he claimed Unknown’s empire for himself.

It had irritated the panther when he discovered Unknown was grooming him to become the heir to his throne from an early age, but his contempt for the crime-lord had grown when Unknown had spared Negawing’s life after usurping his leadership by claiming his position of power.

To some extent he thought Unknown didn’t had what it takes to continue the crime syndicate. It is true that his notorious reputation had preceded him, but the crime-lord was not longer in his prime, without that suit he wore he is just a sniveling weakling. It wouldn’t surprise him if the suit somehow augmented his powers.

I would never made the mistakes like he did if our roles had been switched, Ghost Hunter told himself.

But then his thoughts were shifted back to his intended target who was presumably currently residing in the Negaverse, probably in Neo Canard (as the mayor had changed the name of the city in 2075), ruling his own criminal empire by now. Negawing is a version of Posiwing Duck, just like how his predecessor and possibly his ancestor, Negaduck, was to his own polar opposite, Darkwing Duck, a long time ago when Ghost Hunter himself was a teenager.

If it was possible that Negawing was that universe’s Posiwing, that dimension’s Dustin Mallard, then he probably had his own Jessica, a weakness he could exploit to give him an advantage. But would Negawing had the same moral aspects in his life like Posiwing did? He needed to extract this information, the only acknowledgement that he had received from Unknown’s database through accessing his main computer terminal was that a woman by the name of ‘Black Widow’ had attempted to avenge Negawing when he had believed to have been killed in an explosion, and was incarcerated upon her defeat by Posiwing’s hands, although she had disappeared through mysterious circumstances years later. Her body structure, facial features, and DNA had indicated his hypnosis was correct when he sent a blood sample that had belonged to her to medical lab had suggested she was Jessica, at least her ‘Negaversion’.

He furrowed his brows as he studied at the image that stared back at him through the full-length mirror, and he could not help but snarl at the sight. If it were not for his downfall by the hands of that second-rate crime-fighter, Posiwing Duck, in their first battle, Ghost Hunter would had already betrayed Unknown by slaying him in cold-blood and seized his powers for himself. His reflection had been a constant painful reminder of his miserable failure, although the cybernetics had increases his natural skills by many-fold, his vulnerability-his weaknesses- have grown worse. If he challenged Unknown in his current condition, it would take a mere discharge of a spark of electricity to short-circuit his delicate electrical systems, shutting down his body and give Unknown the chance he needed to put him out of his misery.

How far he might have been now had fate not intervened to strip him of what everything he had in his possession, as means of remaking him into this mechanical monstrosity?

Where Unknown had gained everything, Ghost Hunter had lost everything. His self-confidence, his unbridled skill, his mental capacity, and his physical body had but all deteriorated, including his life which had for a time was stolen from him. Wherever he closed his eyes he could remember the deadly chill from the dreadful darkness of oblivion that had enshrouded his body, threatening to overwhelm him until he slowly ceased to exist. Even now those memories were etched into his mind, plaguing his nightmares whenever he had slept, along with the realization that he feared of returning to that dark, cold, place filled with dreaded emptiness if he should die.

Ghost Hunter turned and strode out of the door of his chambers and headed up the stairs. This is not walking, he thought bitterly.

He was dismayed by the incompetence of the medical staff that were responsible for his resurrection in Unknown’s lofty laboratory. He had constant problems with the mechanisms that controlled his artificial limbs, he had often spent his time (whenever he isn’t training) to improve these flaws but had met little success.

His alloy lower legs were bulked by strips of platinum, a type of steel that was stronger than the material that Unknown and his men were accustomed to wearing on a daily basis. The platinum had only served one purpose in its design which is to protect the components of his torso, this type of ‘armor’ had almost covered the rest of his cybernetic implants that had replaced the limbs he had lost. What remained of his organic limbs had ended in bulbs of grafted flesh inserted into machines that triggered movement through the use of modules that interfaced with his damaged nerve endings.

But instead of using platinum the medical staff had substituted an inferior metal, and failed to inspect the strips that protected the electromotive lines. As a result, the inner linings of his legs were constantly snagging on places. Where the strips were anchored to knee and ankle joints, and reduced his mobility by a significant amount.

His artificial feet, the platinum claw-like toes, have also proves to be a problem for him. They’ve lacked the electrostatic sensitivity of his equally false fingertips, the cumbersome footage chanted him slightly forward, forcing him to move with exaggerated caution lest he stumbled or topple over, although with the addition of his mechanical tail he is able to maintain his balance. However his tail had also had a weakness that his enemy could use as a leverage against him, like his feet they were so heavy that he often felt rooted to the ground, or as if he were in high gravity.

What good was motion of this sort if they would play a vital role in his downfall while he is engaged during a heavy conflict, while he is able to move from place to place with the use of his teleportation ability, although it had taken a great deal of his own power to utilize and would be render useless if his energy reserves were depleted. He may as well have resigned himself to using a repulsor chair and abandoned any hope of movement.

The defect in his prosthetics arms mirrored those of his legs and tail.

Only the left one felt somewhat natural to him, though it, too, was artificial-and the pneumatic mechanism that supplied articulation and support were sometimes slow to respond, although the upgraded technology he had constantly integrated into himself had somewhat improved his speed, and hopefully had given him the edge he needed in his upcoming battle with Negawing, who would no doubt have a few tricks up his sleeve.

At moments in his life, he felt desperate to rid of himself of his cybernetic implants, to destroy the only mechanisms that sustain his life. He needed to build or have built a chamber in which he could feel human again.

He had constantly tried to persuade Unknown to have his scientists to recreate his organic body through genetic engineering, so they could transfer his neuron patterns into that body, but all attempts have failed him.

Unknown simply did not want to waste anymore resources on him.

He lowered his head, his emerald eyes were filled with grief. This is not living.

This was solitary confinement, a punishment that was specifically designed for him, for the failure of killing Posiwing when he first had the chance. A prison of the worst sort. Continual torture. He was less than a shadow of his former self, nothing more than wreckage, a power without clear purpose.

A melancholy emerged from his throat.

Collecting himself, he continued to climb the stairs until he had reached the lab.

Unknown was waiting for him at the observation room that had overlooked the lab, when he saw Ghost Hunter emerged into the room he beckoned him forward with a motion of his head. Without a word the panther stepped forward and was stunned at the sight that stood at the center of the room.

As he peered through the transparent thick glass panels that had given him the view of the room below him, he could see the spiraling vortex of bright green colors that was emitting from the massive barrel of a enormous gun that had resembled the Waddlemeyer Ramrod, only it was in velvet and black color scheme.

He knew that while the weapon may have looked similar to the Ramod-Rod, he knew its functions were much different, knowing the crime-lord this weapon was the source of their transportation to the other world.

“The ‘birthday’ cake we had salvaged from the wreckage that had once been the ‘Sugar, Spice, and Everything Nice’ bakery had been dismantled and rebuilt into this interdimensional portal generator,” Unknown said calmly, referring to the large gun before him.

“I would hate to see the electric bill that thing requires on a monthly basis,” Ghost Hunter remarked.

The armored crime lord’s eyes darkened with frustration as he turned his gaze to face the cyborg. “This is not a joke,” he snarled through clenched teeth, “this is serious. The longer we wait the more time we will give our enemy to organize a strategy against us. I will not allow him to seize an opportunity to claim victory as long as I draw breath.”

Ghost Hunter looked at Unknown and nodded his head in understanding. “Negawing may pose as a dangerous threat but he is far from being invincible, he will fall by my hand like hi s counterpart did.”

The scowl on Unknown’s face had disappeared, only for a sly smirk to appear in its place. “I’ve no doubt of your capabilities, you have proved to be formidable in your previous battle, this one will be difficult but you will prevail. But I warn you, if you drop your guard for even a single second Negawing will not waste any chances of killing you. I should know, I did raise him after all, but he had proved to be expendable the moment he had betrayed me. No one,” he spat vehemently, “betrays me and lives.”

The former mercenary chuckle, “Negawing has no idea what he’s up against, I almost pity him.”

With that they proceeded towards a ramp that led them to the next room, then they stepped through the portal which was now suspending in midair and vanished from sight.

Skinner, Brawn, and Brains, carefully stepped into the opening, the weasel looked around carefully, examining his surroundings from all angles. “The close is clear, let’s go,” he barked softly.

“Won’t Unknown be mad if he finds out we’re betraying him?” Brains asked nervously.

Skinner growled at the large duck and kicked his shin, the brute cried out in pain as he held his leg. “How many times do I have to tell you to keep that big mouth of yours shut?” He said angrily. “We’d already talked about this and this is for our own good. I rather joined forces with Negawing as his lackey again than a janior cleaning floors for the rest of my life in Unknown’s employment. Besides, the chances of Negawing losing to a washing machine on steroids is as likely as Mother Teresa being a convicted criminal, now let’s go.” And with that they headed to the portal.

The sudden flash of light had momentarily blinded the small group, their raised their hands instinctively to cover their faces until the glare had died. Ghost Hunter looked around at his surroundings and he frowned, the equipment that had previously been in the laboratory was missing and the lab had looked deserted, parts of it were covered in dust and he could see cobwebs in the corners of the ceiling’s walls.

“Have we been ransacked?” One of the unnamed grunts asked.

“No,” Ghost Hunter said, evil grin spread across his face. “This is the same laboratory but its been abandoned for at least a few decades, we’re in the Negaverse.” And with that he bolted towards the front door, Unknown shouted him in protest to wait as he ran after him, followed by Mugshot and his men as they ran through the door and hurriedly down the flight of stairs until they’d reached the lobby where he could clearly see Ghost Hunter standing outside.

Scowling deeply he followed him out of the door, “Takeshi, are you insane to leave the building without putting on an oxygen tank? As far as you know there could be toxic chemicals in the…” he then stopped as he examined his surroundings, “air…?” He finished.

It was definitely Neo Canard, but the city itself was nothing what he had expected it to be in the Negaverse. The city was far more infested with crime then he had thought, windows were broken, doors were ripped from their frames, and buildings have been abandoned. Vehicles of all kinds have littered the roads; components were stripped from their body away, leaving behind the body structure’s skeleton.

Stepping over the shards of metallic that had once been a street-lamp, Ghost Hunter directed his gaze skyward and narrowed his eyes. The skyline was dark crimson, the exact opposite of the bright blue sky in the normal dimension.

“Sir, I am detecting a strong amount of toxic fumes in the air,” he heard a unnamed armor-clad minion informed him as he approached him, holding a mask in his hands, “It would be highly recommendable if you wear this.”

Ghost Hunter looked at the gas-mask before scowling at it in disgust, much to the minion’s surprise he knocked it with his grasp, “I refuse to wear that ridiculous thing”

The minion, eye-wide, slowly bended over to pick up the gasp as he protested, “But sir, I-“

“Let it go,” Unknown said to him in a firm voice. “If the pollution suffocates him then it will be his undoing, and besides now that we are here we will hunt down Negawing like the worm he is and make him pay with his life.”

“Now that we’re here, what shall we do first?”

Unknown looked at the panther, and both burst out into laughter. Today would be a great day for them.

Negawing scowled darkly at the news that had been informed to him, when Skinner and his lackeys had arrived his men had imprisoned them in the holding cells in the police station he had occupied himself as a fortress. When Negawing had approached Skinner, he was shocked to discovered that Unknown, and a strange cybernetic panther now identified as Ghost Hunter, have emerged from the Negaverse to kill him.

“So Unknown and his protégé believes they can simply journey to my domain and expect to kill me without a fight?” He asked, narrowing his eyes angrily behind the red mask he wore. He then turned to face a short burly pig, “Contact the Dark Legion and tell them to make a rendezvous point to their coordinates, we will give them a welcome committee that they soon won’t regret.”

He sat back in his black leather chair as he spun around to face the window with his fingers interlocked with each together. He had sent Black Widow, the Negaversion of Jessica River, back home to recover from her pregnancy, she would no use for him to the next few days. Besides if anything were bad to happen she would raise his children to follow in his footsteps.

“I want you to scout this city, if you find Negawing, report at once using your communicators,” Unknown demanded. “I will accept no failure, Negawing must be found and answer for his transgression.”

“Yes sir!” The men chanted in unison as they saluted the armored crime-lord, and they each ran off in individual groups in separate directions.

Well, Negawing, my sworn nemesis, Ghost Hunter thought to himself with a sly smirk on his lips. Will you hide, or will you face your death honorably? There is no way, not even in the Negaverse or any other dimension you can hide from my wrath.

“Lord Unknown, we have noticed a large group rapidly approaching your position; they most likely belong to Negawing’s forces. Request permission to eradicate them?” A minion asked through his communicator.

“Permission approved, even though they are not worth the trouble, but their deaths might draw Negawing’s attention.” Unknown replied.

“It will be over before you know it sir,” The head minion said with a nod as he then looked over to his three companions. “Let’s have some fun.”

By this point, the small group, which had consisted of twelve men and women, have quickly withdrew their firearms and opened fire, which Unknown’s men dismissed, laughing, as the bullets and bolts of energy ricocheted off their armor, the blasts had struck some of Negawing’s forces, killing them instantly. However it was then that they did something that shocked Unknown’s cronies, they hissed furiously, revealing sharp fangs and their eyes were now yellow, filled with hatred. They sudden broke into a run at the four surprised goons at inhumane speed.

“What the blazes are these freaks?!” One of the unnamed minions screamed in horror, as several of Negawing’s own minions suddenly tackled him to the floor. Being a low ranking grunt in Unknown’s employment, he was equipped with sufficient amount of technological weaponry and gadgets to easily dealt with this type of situation, but not this many people at once. He was taken down by the men and women, who opened their mouths, he didn’t even had a chance to scream before they all pierced his neck.

Watching this in horror, the other two were taken down in just the same fashion, while the head minion quickly ran off as his legs could carry him to report this to Unknown and Ghost Hunter.

Another group of Unknown’s men were searching for Negawing across the city in the downtown section of this city, oblivious to what had occurred their comrades.

“What do we do if we find Negawing?” One of the dozen men asked.

“Run and scream ‘mommy’?” The second armor-clad minion asked hesitantly.

“No, you blockhead,” the third lackey struck him in the side of the head, earning a small cry of pain as the second minion shot him an irritated look as he rubbed his head. “We take him down, he may have been Unknown’s protégé at once but he is far from invincible,” another said calmly, cocking his gun. “Let’s see if he can survive a bullet to the head. I bet Unknown will reward me for killing that creep, I’d be the most respected criminal in his syndicate if I can bring Negawing’s head to him as a paperweight.”

“Humph, kissing to the boss as usual. But I agree, Negawing is tough but he isn’t immortal, besides other than the fact he can utilize destructive weapons he has no super-powers, our armor will protect us from the worst he can dish out,” the fourth grunt commented.

“You wouldn’t be referring to little old me, aren’t you?” Asked a deep, familiar voice from behind, startling the small group. Unknown’s lackeys all turned around to see a figure they all knew, reviled, and feared.

“Ne…Ne…Negawing!” They all cried.

Negawing chuckled deeply, “So you are the first to see me, and the first to die, how unfortunate for you,” he said with a dark, murderous look on his face. As he said this, the men looked at each other, and then cried out in horror as they bolted, desperate to escape from certain death. “Five…” He said with a smile as he watched them flee in terror, “Four,” he then withdrew a heavy, built gun from the folds of his cape.” “Three…” He said as he took aimed at the fleeing soldiers. “Two…” He slowly wrapped his finger around the trigger, the grin on his face widened, as the weapon emitted a hiss, deep, red energy could be seen forming in the center of his barrel.. “One…” He then pulled the trigger.

A single red stream of energy flew from the gun’s nozzle, which quickly enveloped Unknown’s men, disintegrating them. Negawing laughed madly as he licked his lips and then ran off.

“Retreat, they are too strong!” One of Unknown’s men cried in horror as he broke into cold sweat while firing a machine gun at the metallic humanoid creature before him. Then, without even sensing a movement, he found one of its fists buried in his skull. The Dark Legion’s biggest threat in this section of the city, was toppled in a second by their weakest member. There were a few other remaining grunts in the group, but to consider them dangerous wasn’t just wrong, it was laughable. The hypothesis was proved by the Dark Legion’s second-in-command, Devin, who tittered happily as he manipulated fragments of his power to neatly and discreetly kill the remaining members of the small group that had foolishly challenged them to a battle they could never hope to win. His comrades did the same to the rest of the armored men that they spotted, some with more celerity (his commanding supervisor) Marin or more gusto (the flamboyant giant Caibon) than others.

Unknown’s men had noticed their incredible onslaught of power and had surrendered themselves, hoping that their lives would be spared but Marvin merely grinned evilly as he instructed in a cold tone, “kill them”, and so they did.

Fifteen minutes later, the group was now conversing with one another, casually talking about their latest kills.

“Well that was easy, weren’t it Marvin?” Devin gloated, after seconds ago had dispatched the last remaining member. “We should keep score to see how many of these idiots we’re killing; make it some kind of competition.” He suggested with a laugh.

“Yeah,” Marvin smiled at his crew, “that sounds like a splendid idea. At least it wasn’t a complete waste, we will be getting paid for this accomplishment. A job well done, Dark Legion!”

The Dark Legion were Negawing’s most powerful henchmen, though a mercenary group, and not technically under Negawing’s control, he was their most frequent client by far, and unlike most of his other men, they didn’t mind subservience. In fact, Negawing himself was the one who had assembled the group as a version of his own “Fearsome Four”, and would frequently hire them to perform tasks, he had appointed Marvin as leader of their group when he was informed of the much older villain’s leadership qualities when he had served as a general of an army of some sorts over two thousand years ago. So, when orders came through to dispatch any group of Unknown’s men that had dared to infiltrate his domain, they were only too happy to obey, soon he had contacted them to rendezvous towards the coordinates where Unknown and Ghost Hunter where the source of the threat had originated. Money was money, after all.

“Marvin? This is Negawing,” the deep growl hissed in his ear via the small transmitter, “have you finished killing off Unknown’s mindless flunkies in your sector?”

“Affirmative sir,” Marvin responded with a dark chuckle, “they didn’t stand a chance.”

“Since when does an army of ants hope to stand a chance against a group of dinosaurs?” Negawing could be heard chuckling from the other line of the transmitter. “Ghost Hunter may prove to be a problem though, but I am confident with the combined skills of the Dark Legion, and my credibility as your supervisor we should distinguish his threat then we can rid ourselves of Unknown. Now I expect to meet you there shortly.” With that he had disconnected the transmitter.

Marvin himself wasn’t worried about Ghost Hunter, if he was anything like his righteous noble counterpart that he had encountered months ago then killing him would be child’s play. Although he is aware that this alternate version is stronger than the panther he had faced, a strong one, sure, and under different circumstances Marvin would have been happy to have him on his crew (although Negawing would be very furious with him), Marvin had no actual prejudice against any member of Unknown’s employment beyond thinking them inferior in power, but no threat to Negawing and themselves, surely?

Beelo had emitted a small beep as its emotionless eyes glowed brightly for a few seconds, he is able to infiltrate the feedback of surveillance cameras at well and downloaded the video feedback into his memory output, “Our target, the one known as Ghost Hunter, apparently is a cyborg, and might prove to be susceptible to water.” Beelo suggested, he liked to consider himself the group’s intellectual.

“Suspectib---what?” Caibon asked with a frown, scratching the back of his head with a confused look on his face.

Ignoring Caibon, Devin then replied with a shake of his head, “I doubt defeating him with a bucket of water would be that simple. Besides, knowing Negawing he would rather finish off that flea-beg himself when we’re done with him.”

“Logical, however there might be other weaknesses we could exploit to claim advantage for ourselves in the battle, his cybernetic enhancement appears to have various defects in its design. These types of flaws have drastically decreased the mobility he was capable of in his organic state, by using this knowledge we will defeat him.”

His less than erudite teammate Caibon stared in wonder at the power of Beelo’s mind. “I wish I had the brain of a robot.” He said, grumbling under his breath as he pouted like a small child.

Marvin sighed as he folded his arms across his muscular chest, “Caibon, if you had a brain then you will jeopardize this group, now let’s go before Negawing loses his patience with us.”

Unknown frowned, it had been twenty-four minutes since he sent his men to find Negawing and he’d already lost communication with nine groups. When he informed Ghost Hunter about this, the cyborg merely chuckled.

“It seems our old friend has been greeted by the welcome committed we had dispatched earlier,” the panther said with a dark gleam in his eyes. “Its apparent that Negawing is on his way here as we speak, he is unaware he is approaching his inevitable downfall.”

The lone survivor of the vampire encounter suddenly landed. “Unknown!” He cried as he then quickly explained what had happened.

“Interesting, it seems Negawing’s men might be a little more difficult to combat than I had originally thought, judging from your description of them they seemed to be afflicted with vampirism. Still, I despise cowardice.” With that said, he blasted the poor head minion, killing him instantly.

Hearing an oncoming noise, he looked up to see the majority of Negawing’s henchmen heading towards him. Laughing, he prepared to meet his ‘guests’. “Well, it seems I should be honored that Negawing has in turn granted me a welcome committee, it’s a pity that they’d believe they can achieve victory where others have failed, isn’t that right Unknown?” The cyborg chuckled.

“It’s a pity indeed,” Unknown said calmly, “they clearly have no clue what they’re up against.” He then looked over at the cyborg, grinning darkly. “Perhaps you can give them a small dosage of reality, my friend.”

“I’ll be glad to put them out of their misery,” Ghost Hunter snickered. Pointing his index finger at the group he fired a single crimson orb of energy, which struck the ground in front of the approaching mob. The ground buckled and finally split apart, creating an earthquake that sent most of the unfortunate criminals within range to fall into the vast chasm, killing them instantly. “And that was the best Negawing’s forces could offer, how pathetically unpredictable!” he yawned, almost sounding bored.

“Now that wasn’t very nice one bit,” a familiar voice growled, immediately drawing their attention, “killing off my subjects like vermin is one mistake you’re going to regret.” Ghost Hunter blinked his eyes in confusion as he then spun around to face Negawing and four other figures he did not recognized. Little did he knew that he was facing the Dark Legion, Negawing’s own variant of a “Fearsome Four”.

The first of them was Marvin, a man with light brown complexion with a white Mohawk that had blue streaks in it and wore a purple headband, he wore an outfit that resembled a Roman Centurion’s uniform only it was dark blue. He is the most powerful member of the group and is shown to be quite intelligent and ruthless in battle. The second of them was Devin, a male vampire and Sonia’s twin brother, like his sister he has ashen-gray skin, short length black hair, and sharp fangs, and had wore an outfit that consisted of a black sleeveless shirt with black jeans, dark combat boots, and fingerless, red spiked gloves. His comrades had regarded him as a showoff due to his flamboyant personality, but he was the second most powerful member of their group, so no one said anything.

The third member was a gigantic duck by the name of Caibon with black feathers, his particular specialties were strength by using brute force to solve his problems and his invulnerability, due to this he believes he is unable to feel any pain at all. The final member was Beelo, a small almost shapeless mechanical android with a white luminescence, it had no emotions and spoke little, but could manipulate its body into any shape it desired.

“So this is him, Emperor Negawing?” Devin asked the red masked mallard who merely nodded without a word.

“Well, Negawing its been quite a long time, if you thought what I’d done was impressive that was nothing. You better enjoy your new title as an ‘ermperor’ while you can, for you will be an emperor of a dead city very soon.” Ghost Hunter chuckled, folding his arms behind his back, “And, mind if I ask who are these new friends of yours?”

“They are the Dark Legion, my fiercest and most blood thirsty warriors, and my own Fearsome Five!” Negawing declared, Ghost Hunter and Unknown both cocked their eyebrows. As he then studied the cyborg closely. “And it seems I’m not the only one who’s changed, you look like a pile of crap put together.” He said, his men all burst into laughter for a couple of moments before suppressing it to a soft chuckle.

“You insolent worm!” Ghost Hunter growled, glaring at the black-clad mallard as his reconstructed tail whipped hard against the ground and leaving a crack in it. But then the glower on his face faded, only to be replaced by a sly smirk. He then chuckled softly, “I bet you are wondering how I’d even came here, right?” He asked, when he didn’t received a respond he continued. “Its because I found your ancestor’s portal shortly after I killed Posiwing Duck.”

“What?!” Negawing exclaimed in shock, this time it was his turn to be agitated. “You… killed him? You lie,” he said through clenched teeth with a snarl.

“Oh come on, if I am lying then why didn’t he followed me all the way here to stop me from killing you?” Ghost Hunter asked, his grin widening a bit. “Face it Negawing, despite all your accomplishments, all your effort to put in a grudge that’s lasted for years you have failed the very one thing you swore would be your ultimate triumph.”

“Why have you come here?”

“Isn’t it obvious, I have come here to kill you and your precious followers with my bare hands.”

“Why am I not surprised?” Negawing growled.

“Hopefully, you’ll give me more than a challenge than your pathetic counterpart did, I could always use the exercise. The chances of you defeating isn’t likely, considering I am much stronger than before.” Ghost Hunter said, glancing at Unknown, who nodded his approval.

Negawing clenched both of his hands into tight fists as he curled his upper lip into a snarl, glaring at the cyborg with an absolute look of hatred. He knew that the panther wasn’t bluffing, he was suspicious at the moment of the panther’s arrival and the absence of his enemy.“Killing Posiwing,” he said in a dangerous tone, while shaking visibly with rage, “was a privilege reserved only for me, an honor only fit for his worst enemy and since you stole that from me I will take your life in retribution.”

“Sir, are we going to bring him alive as a prisoner?” Marvin asked the mallard, looking down at him.

“No, we are going to kill him.” He then growled as he pointed at Unknown, Ghost Hunter, and Mugshot, and the remaining cluster of armored grunts, “I want the four of you to attack that overgrown tin can with everything you’ve got, separately he could easily tear us apart but with the five of us together we will crush him, then Unknown and the rest of his idiotic followers! We will show him what happens to those who provoke the wrath of Negawing Duck!” He snarled as he reached into his cape, withdrawing a chainsaw.

“Oh please, you still use that baby toy? How typical.” Ghost Hunter said with a smirk, referring to the chainsaw, unfazed at the flames that had enveloped the weapon’s razor edges. He then narrowed his eyes as he said to Unknown, without turning to face the crime-lord. “Leave this to me.” He spoke in a cold tone, just as he said this Negawing had given his men the signal to attack.

(Let's fight
We're face to face
Loyalty is what I need to see from you
You're insecure
I can see the fear that breeds in your heart
Where will you run?
Where will you hide?
Where will you run?
Where will you hide?
I see the blood drip from your eyes
Who will survive? Let's get it on
And we'll fight)

Ghost Hunter smiled. “I almost doubt I’ll enjoy this, the five of you against me shouldn’t be too much of a challenge. Let’s get this over quickly.” And with that said, he tossed off his purple cloak.

He took up a defensive stand, the five figures exchanged glances and nodded with devious grins on t heir faces as they charged towards their prey. Easily dodging the multiple fists and feet flying towards them, Ghost Hunter counterattacked, knocking the smallest member of the five-member group, the machine entity known as Beelo, sending him flying into one of the buildings.

Ducking his head, he had avoided the chainsaw ‘s razor edges as it flew past his head by mere inches, and then turned and struck Negawing in the back with a kick, knocking the mallard away from him. He sidestepped a kick that was aimed right at his head and countered his own kick, striking Devin at his legs which were left unguarded and knocked him flat to the ground. He then expertly delivered a second kick into the vampire’s chest, knocking Devin away.

The other three faltered and moved back to rejoin their comrades, Beelo, the one Ghost Hunter had knocked into the building, shook his head and rejoined the group, ready to continue the fight.

Negawing scowled deeply, “Blast him!” He demanded. A second later three tremendous energy beams, fired from Marvin, Devin and Beelo, flew at Ghost Hunter. Extendinghis arms back, Ghost Hunter forcus all of his energy and launched a blast of his own, overpowering the three smaller ones easily. The Dark Legion all leapt aside as the blast harmlessly flew past him.

“Did you just see that?!” Devin gasped in shock.

“He is stronger than we have anticipated,” Beelo said.

“I really expected more of a fight from all of you,” Ghost Hunter said with a sly grin on his features, “Perhaps I should just finish this now?”

“I’d turn you into a fur-rug!” Caibon roared, his facial features contorted that of hatred as he lunged himself at the cyborg, only to be struck in the jaw by his adversary.

Ghost Hunter was about to perform another attack when he had failed to see Negawing pulling a lighted bomb, “Catch!” he shouted, throwing the small explosive at the panther’s feet, the panther turned only to be knocked from the explosion. Eyes widening in surprise he then stumbled backwards, only to be further shocked to see Beelo standing beside him, the robot brought his leg back and kicked at Ghost Hunter. Ghost Hunter raised his arms to block, but failed to see dark energy began to dance around Devin’s hand as energy gathered as he raise dhis arm. He pitched his arm forward as though he was throwing a baseball and hurled the orb of sparking black energy at the panther, which struck him in the back

“What’s the matter, can’t keep up with the five of us?” Devin asked, chortling.

Ghost Hunter snarled at him and was about to struck the vampire, only for a heavy fist slammed into his chest by Marvin, the sudden blow caused him to double over, and just as he fell, Negawing brought his hands together into a club and struck the panther at the back of the head with as much force as he could muster, knocking him flat to his stomach.

“You may have stood a chance against us separately, but together we’re invincible,” Negawing cackled, as he then signaled his men to attack again.

Marvin thrusted his arms forward at the instant, there was a spark of blue around his hands as he launched a deadly orb of lethal energy towards the panther. The panther’s eyes widened in shock, “What! Damn!” He quickly pulled his legs up and crossed his arms. A second later the energy sphere slammed into him and exploded. The blast knocked him flying back and down toward the ground. He smashed through ten buildings before slamming into the street. He groaned as he unfolded his legs and moved his arms before climbing to his feet. His arms and legs were seriously numb and yet still stung like hell. He reached up and rubbed his throbbing head as he looked back at Marvin, who was smirking at him and he growled. He was about to charge him with a burst of red energy that tore up what was left of the streets, when he caught a glimpse of Caibon from the corner of his eye, he attempted to lash out with a vicious hook but the giant slipped to the side dodging and then slammed his fist into his stomach. Ghost Hunter’s eyes snapped open in pain and he coughed up blood.

Ghost Hunter could felt his body being pummeled by the rapid attacks striking him from all his angels, he had little chance to counterattack them. I can’t take much more of this, I need to get some distance between us, he thought. He crouched and threw his arms out, extending an explosion of energy that knocked the four back. He then quickly fired two energy blasts that plowed into Devin and Marvin, slamming them into Caibon and Beelo, knocking the four to the ground, out of breath.

“What the hell am I paying you knobs for?!” Negawing screamed at his four lackeys, quickly becoming agitated just as Negaduck was before him at the incompetence of the Fearsome Four.

The momentarily hesitance by the Dark Legion allowed Ghost Hunter to catch his breath, as he clenched his fists as a black aura flared about him, letting out a scream the aura erupted into a wildfire as it engulfed him, with bolts of red electricity emitting from him. He then grinned evilly and was ready to once again take the field just as the Dark Legion had recovered as they slowly rose to their feet to embrace themselves.

(I know who you are
The leader of lost souls
You can't kill me
I'm immortal
I'm not afraid to die
My soul will travel on
You can't kill me
I'm immortal

Ghost Hunter launched himself at Marvin and caught the larger warrior in a huge flurry of fists and feet, Caibon roared his frustration and leapt to attack… only to catch the full force of a fireball striking into him. Roaring in anger more than pain, he turned his angry gaze to see who had struck him, only to face Unknown.

“Its apparent you need my assistance in this battle, as strong as you are not even you could defeat them,” Unknown told Ghost Hunter in a firm voice. “I’d take this buffoon and the robot myself while you deal with the other three.”

“Your chances of survival are at fifteen percent and falling,” Beelo stated in his mechanical tone.

“Not likely, all I see are a pair of cowards who rely on others to fight their own battles, and I despise cowardice.”

“Well why don’t we show you how cowardly we are. Caibon, attack!”

“With pleasure,” Caibon said with a deep chuckle as he cracked his knuckles, “this should be over within ten seconds!”

And with that he leapt at Unknown, throwing punch after punch, which Unknown dodged with ease. Eventually, Caibon overextended himself, and Unknown tripped him. “The problem with your kind,” the crime-lord said in a clam voice, “is that you seem to think that brute force is a substitute for speed and skill. That’s a mistake that no one can make against me and live.”

“I kill you!”

“How poetic.” Unknown said with a small grin underneath his mask as he then unleashed his own assault on the brute. A flurry of punches to the midsection, a knee to the face, and a jumping roundhouse kick into a nearby building, followed by a small fireball.

“And your kind,” Beelo replied, “needs to learn that honor is for suckers.” He then disappeared as he reappeared behind Unknown, attempting to strike him with a single kick. However, Unknown was still too quick for him, he then grabbed the robot by the leg and brought his elbow down on it, shattering it upon contact, causing sparks of electricity to flew from the ‘wounds’. He then kicked Beelo in the back.

“Who said anything about honor?”

Beelo and Caibon rose up and attacked in unison. Unknown dodged and maneuvered out of the way of their shots for a moment, then phrased out of their sight. “Where did he go?” Caibon asked in a rather shocked tone, his voice was stammering a bit as it is indicated he was afraid as both of them were looking around, searching for any sign of their opponent.

“Give me a moment to track him down. We should-“

He then heard a sudden painful scream and spun around just in time to see Unknown being smashed from behind into another building. He could see Unknown charging towards his prone form, and then struck him in the back with his knee, breaking his spine. Caibon screamed in excruciating agony, only to be quickly silenced when a fist to his face as he then fell to the ground. “Have… M…mercy…” he spoke in a small whimper, barely above a whisper as he spoke through a mouth full of blood, staring at Unknown with horror as he stood above his fallen form.

“Pathetic, mercy is for the weak,” he growled as he then ended the suffering by incinerating Caibon with stream of fire as Beelo looked on in horror. Despite his camaraderie, he decided to leg it, but despite his speed, he was intercepted by the armored-crimelord moments later. He smiled at the prospective fugitive, “Going somewhere?”

The artist in Beelo recoiled at the sheer predictability of the intimidation, but the coward in him shat with fear. He would never have to answer for his transgression, however, as he and the records of his crimes against humanity were swiftly incinerated.

(I need the rush
There's nowhere you could hide before you die
Why won't you face me?
I can see the fear that's in your eyes
Where will you run?
Where will you hide?
Where will you run?
Where will you hide?
I see the blood drip from your eyes
Who will survive? Let's get it on
And we'll fight)

Ghost Hunter was engaged in a ferocious battle between the three remaining members of the Dark Legion, the three couldn’t gain any footing with the panther and knew they were in trouble. After dodging another swipe of Negawing’s chainsaw, Ghost Hunter struck the mallard underneath the beak with a kick, causing him to collapse and temporarily remove him from the battle.

A blue aura flared up around Devin as he charged at Ghost Hunter, the panther dodged to the right and then attacked both of them quickly and fiercely. He was still having some trouble keeping up with both opponents at the same time. He managed to smashed his foot into the vampire’s head knocking him into a building.

Devin pulled himself free of the building with a jerk and burst of energy, steel and concrete tore free with him and fell to the ground below. “Who do you think you are challenging the Dark Legion, we’re the best of mercenaries throughout the state of Calisota!” He declared with a shake of his head.

“Were a member of the Dark Legion, your team is outdated just like Negaduck’s family,” Ghost Hunter said with a smirk, while reaching up and popped his neck.

Marvin laughed. “You are an arrogant fool to defy Negawing’s supremacy, he will take care of you easily.” He smirked. “He’ll have his fun dragging things out, making you and your friend suffer, but in the end he’ll kill you.”

“Is that so?” Ghost Hunter asked crossing his arms. “And how’s that, your leader is a weakling compare to me.”

Marvin smirked. “That’s a secret.”

“You’re both wasting my time. Let’s just get this over with.” He said as he uncrossed his arms and took a battle stance again. He then launched in at both Devin and Marvin, who both braced themselves. Ghost Hunter’s fist smashed against Devin’s forearm with a loud crack then his fist did the same on Marvin’s raised leg.

The leader of the Dark Legions sent out a shockwave and blew the cybernetic panther away before charging towards him. “Alright then, you ignorant fool, you want to see what I’ve got do you? Well, then here!” He cried as he reached him and slammed a fist into Ghost Hunter’s stomach, the panther doubled over his fist, his mouth opening wide in pain.

He was about to swing his other fist at his enemy’s head when he suddenly vanished and reappeared behind the former general and smashed his foot into his head and knocking him into the building. “Marvin!” Devin cried out in shock as he watched his comrade didn’t stick to the wall but rather passed clean into it as the panther shot in after him. Thunderous cracks emanated from the hole and the windows, when suddenly a loud crack sounded and the entire building shook. Devin could see what appeared to be flashes of a crimson light working its way down floor by floor at high speeds.

A moment later there was an explosion and the building shook again. A bright flash of red flared in the first floor window, and then they exploded outward. The exterior walls cracked and buckled and then the entire building came crashing down. There was silent for a few moments and then the ground began to shake in sync with more loud cracks. Several minutes later an explosion of silver blasted a hole in the debris and Marvin landed on the ground not far from Devin, panting heavily.

“Devin, let’s finish this,” he commanded as he looked at his comrade, who nodded as they both charged balls of energy in both hands. A second later they were firing energy blasts rapidly down into the rubble, each one exploding and showering debris everywhere. He kept up his attack for nearly five minutes before charging a larger blast in both hands and pitching it down for good measure. It exploded shooting dust up around him and sending debris out for a couple miles in every direction.

Brushing dust off his armor he grinned. “That should end it, I knew that panther was all bark and no bite.” But then he looked over at Devin whose eyes widened in fear, his mouth was dropped and he was pointing a shaky finger behind him.

Marvin’s smile faded as he then looked over his shoulder, he had failed to notice that the light had flared up below him from several blocks from the rubble of the building. His eyes widened in shock as the massive orb of crimson energy surged towards him. At the last second he brought his arms up in defense and then the blast slammed into him with a savage explosion. As the glare faded it revealed the sleeves of his body suit had been shredded.

He'd just started to lower his arms when Ghost Hunter slammed his knee into his stomach and then he smashed his foot into Devin’s back Both villain’s eyes shot wide, their mouths gaping in clear. For a moment Marvin’s own vision went blurry and his limbs numb but it cleared. As it did he headbutted Ghost Hunter. “Why won’t you just die?!” Marvin roared, glaring at him.

“This isn’t fun anymore,” Ghost Hunter said frowning. “You two may be strong, but you’re worthless. You’ve got not skill. Heck, I bet you don’t even know how to defend yourselves properly.”

“How dare you!” Devin cried in rage as he shot in at Ghost Hunter at full speed cocking back his fist along the way, “This time you die!”

He saw him coming but the vampire’s speed was too much for him to successful dodge, he managed to move to the side enough for the punch to only graze his jaw but it still hurt like hell. He snarled a she then slipped around to Devin’s side and then spun and slammed the heel of his foot into Devin’s chest, causing him to stumble back. The vampire floated back holding his chest and coughing up blood. “You… curse you… you dirty, ignorant, no good little creep! I’m stronger… than you, I am the member of the Dark Legion, the second strongest member next only to Marvin! You cannot defeat me!”

He wasn’t used to having such a challenge in a fight and certainly hadn’t expected an deceased enemy, especially the counterpart of a certain enemy that they killed almost without effort, to be able to even give him a workout. And yet, here he was, about to be killed by him! This was an absolute nightmare to him!

“And yet you suck,” Ghost Hunter said grinning. “I’ve grown weary of this, its time I end your meaningless life for good.”

He then threw a punch at Devin’s abdomen, causing the vampire to double over in agony as he clutched his stomach. Charging his energy, he threw a blast that incinerated the vampire almost instantly and then turned to face Marvin, who stared straight at him, his underlings were all dead and he knew the chances of surviving weren’t much likely, but despite being in this worse position he would spent every breath of his battle to attack the panther in hopes of killing him.

Marvin blinked in fury, sweat streaming off his face, he yelled his frustration as he ran towards Ghost Hunter, who threw a punch, Marvin raised his arm to block the blow and threw a deadly uppercut, only to have it blocked by his enemy. “I will kill you for this if it’s the last thing I do!” He snarled as he then fired a energy wave at the cyborg, which appeared to have engulfed him. When he saw the smoke cleared there were no signs of his adversary.

However before he could even contemplate gloating his supposed victory, he failed to notice Ghost Hunter had appeared behind him and turned his hand into a cannon. Firing a thin beam of energy, it drilled itself into Marvin’s armor, through his back and ultimately exiting from his chest. He was dead before he hit the ground. He walked over to Marvin and with little tact he kicked the corpse in the ribs, forcing the ancient general to roll onto his back. He looked over his shoulder in time to see Negawing rising to his feet.

(I know who you are
The leader of lost souls
You can't kill me
I'm immortal
I'm not afraid to die
My soul will travel on
You can't kill me
I'm immortal)

Negawing hissed furiously when he saw the remains of his most competent underling, “You’ll pay for that, you stainless steel freak!” He growled. “Caibon, Beelo!” He shouted from his shoulder, “Am I alone in this? Do something useful by attacking him!”

“Your men are dead,” was the response that startled the dark-clad mallard as he spun around to see Unknown.

Negawing narrowed his eyes into slits, his Dark Legion, the band of mercenaries he had personally assembled into a single unit had been killed. This cannot be happening! He clenched his fists, knowing that his chances of survival were growing slimmer. “Damn you to hell!” He bellowed at the top of his lungs as he then whipped out a heavy built gun and fired a massive crimson bolt of energy at the cybernetic panther.

He watched as the lethal energy engulfed the panther as the fireball had erupted into a sudden fiery haze, causing the ground to shook violently from the impact of the explosion. The sudden impact had nearly knocked Negawing from his feet and just before he realized what happened, a mechanical fist flew from the smoke and struck him in the stomach, doubling him over in pain.

By then the fire had died and he could see Ghost Hunter standing before him as his tail reached forward to grasp him by the throat, lifting him a few meters from the ground. “I’d squeeze the life from you,” he said with a smirk as his tail wrapped itself around Negawing’s throat and tightened. Negawing reached forward to pry the metal from his throat, but it would not budge.

Ghost Hunter smiled as he could hear the sound of what appeared to be bones breaking underneath the grip of his reconstructed tail as Negawing struggled to pry it from his throat. But then he could see the mallard’s eyes rolled into the back of his skull as he stopped, his arms hung uselessly as his eyelids closed underneath the crimson mask he wore. “Well that wasn’t as difficult as I’d expected,” the metallic panther said with a chuckle.

But then something unexpected had happened, Negawing’s flew open, now fueled with contempt that had not beent here before for his eyes were now a pair of glowing yellow orbs. The hatred in his eyes was anialistic, and more dangerous than he had ever seen in his life. “What the?!” Ghost Hunter cried in shock as Negawing grabbed his tail with one hand and with a snarl he had ripped it off with little effort, earning a painful shriek from the panther as sparks flew from the damaged section of his tail.

He could feel his heart raced with fright as he stared at the terrifying sight before him. The last time he had seen something like this was when Posiwing’s eyes had became black when he had displayed a darker side of his personality, the hatred that he had likely been suppressed for a very, long time, that battle had cost him his life, even though he had managed to achieve his vengeance against him…the nightmares continue to plague his dreams. And now… Negawing was showing a similar transformation, only more sinister.

Negawing’s fangs lowered, curling downward to his chin as he laughed wickedly, his voice altered, not sounding human anymore. “Yes, I can feel the power coursing through my veins,” he said menacingly, examining his hands. He felt his pulse pounding as the wild, inhumane energy flowed through. “I am the fiendish terror that feasts in the darkest night, I am the corruption that twists your pitiful moral soul, I am Necrowing Duck!” He cackled maniacally. He then balled his hands into fists as he turned to glare at Ghost Hunter. “Now its time I finish you off for good.” He snarled vehemently. “Its over.”

“Over…?!” Ghost Hunter repeated, baring his teeth angrily. “You dare to say its over to me? I am Ghost Hunter, I will crush you like any other insignificant insect just like all the others, you cannot hope to defeat me!” He shuddered in rage as he then smiled confidently. “I’ve already killed Posiwing, who says I can’t kill his double?”

“I do.” With that Necrowing disappeared.

Reappearing right in front of Ghost Hunter, Necrowing smiled darkly as he revealed his sharp fangs. Ghost Hunter, unable to follow the sudden movement, got angry and immediately lunged to attack the undead mallard, who easily blocked and dodged every blow, a smug look on his beak. Seeing an opening, he punched, Ghost Hunter blocked it, and leapt back, firing an energy blast. Necrowing slapped it away and fire done of his own.

Ghost Hunter leapt away from it and both began firing massive energy blasts at one another: red and black.

(I know who you are
The leader of lost souls
You can't kill me
I'm immortal
I'm not afraid to die
My soul will travel on
You can't kill me
I'm immortal)

“I will kill you!” Ghost Hunter shouted at the top of his lungs, shrieking with hatred as he threw blast after blast of energy at Necorwing. Necrowing continued to dodge these with little effort, slowly making his way to Ghost Hunter, finally he disappeared into a thick layer of black mist which had appeared right behind Ghost Hunter, reforming into his original self, and smashed a heavy fist into his back. Ghost Hunter sucked in air as he felt the blow, and immediately swung his tail around, slapping Necrowing across the face with it.

With his opponent momentarily blind, Ghost Hunter launched his leg up in a huge sweep, but Necrowing leapt aside just before contract. Immediately diving back into the fray, they both attacked, both blocking and counterattacking, the fight looked to be pretty even.

He seems used to a real battle, Unknown thought to himself as he watched the intense battle unfold before his eyes. I never would have believed Takeshi would have patience like this, he never used to…

Necrowing had managed to slammed a high right hook into the cyborg’s jaw then brought his knee up into his stomach, then before Ghost Hunter could react he whipped around behind him and slammed his foot into the back of his head with a crack. Then they both begin exchanging heavy blows with the other, with Ghost Hunter being able to block or dodge most of Necrowing’s attacks, but whenever one landed on the intended target had left the cyborg reeling with intensive pain.

He then stopped to caught his breath for a moment as he looked at the vampiric mallard for a moment, and then said, “Would you like to know how Posiwing died? I held him very close and killed him… like this!” Raising his finger swiftly, he fired a bolt of crimson energy at Necrowing. Caught unaware, Necrowing barely moved aside, barely evading the lethal beam. Ghost Hunter continued firing, while Necrowing continued to evade, trying to get closer with each shot. Finally, he reached the cyborg and the fight began once again.

However as he fought him he realized that his strength was starting to fade him as he felt drained. He tried to shake it off, deciding to worry about it another time.

(Where will you run?
Where will you hide?
Where will you hide?
Where will you run?
Let's fight)

Yelling Necrowing threw all his effort into a punch that snapped Ghost Hunter’s head to one side, smiling he reached back to thrown another punch. Lunging forward, his fist was suddenly caught in the air by Ghost Hunter, who was still looking off to the side from when Necrowing had punched him. Ghost Hunter retaliated by striking his opponent with a hard kick into his chest, the vampire felt that his chest was on fire from the sheer force of the blow, and he knew it wouldn’t take much more to finish him.

But, he thought to himself, I will not show my weakness, I will die with dignity. He then chuckled, “Come on, finish me off already, you walking piece of crap!” He roared, expecting the worst.

“Even to the bitter end, you taunt me, just like Posiwing you’ve expect to achieve victory through some miracle. Ah, but I see what’s going on,” Ghost Hunter said, realizing that Necrowing seemed to be growing weaker, “you need blood to sustain yourself. Without it your own energy is depleting at a remarkable rate. Unfortunately for you I will not give you the opportunity to restore your strength.” He said as he folded his arms over his chest and said, “But I am merciful enough to give you just one more chance to do your best before I finish you off. Make it count.”

Necrowing snarled at the remark, both of his hands crackled with dark energy as he mustered his strength z hs cocused his power, and then threw his hands forwards, combing his attacks together he fired a single large orb of energy and fired it at point blank into Ghost Hunter. The ground blew apart in a huge explosion, sending debris flying everywhere, the force of the blast had knocked him back, and he quickly tried to see if Ghost Hunter was still alive. He has to be hurt, he thought, a point blank shot like that would kill anyone else.

“Necrowing, was that it?” He heard a voice, bursting into sweat from fury he watched the smoke fade away and saw Ghost Hunter in front of him, not only unharmed, but also unscathed. His expression was clam, collected, and well guarded. A malicious smirk spread on his face as he slowly extended his arms. It can’t be, the mallard thought. He then beat the dirt off his body as he then chuckled darkly, “Regardless, I am rather impressed at the display amount of strength you’d possessed, I think its only worthy to show you that I too had been holding back along!”

He had seen enough, it was time to unleash his own power.

Without any warning his power suddenly rose in a breakneck pace that easily surpassed Necrowing’s. The ground was shaking like there was an earthquake from the amount of power the tyrant was generating, as violent pressure waves were unleashed. A dark red ki surrounded Ghost Hunter, the look in his eyes was far darker, and murderous than Necrowing could thought possible While Necrowing tried to maintain a bold face, his enemy only cackled, looking like he was having the time of his life.

“You have no idea how privileged you are, Dustin!” Ghost Hunter yelled at Necrowing, before flashing a grin as he referred to him by his true name, earning a scowl from him. “Not even your own double was able to witness my true potential before he died, whatever chance you stood has flown through the window, you should have killed me when you had the chance!” And with that he charged at him with inhumane speed, at his full strength.

And Necrowing knew that he stood no chance against it…

(I know who you are
The leader of lost souls
You can't kill me
I'm immortal
I'm not afraid to die
My soul will tr
"You want to know something funny? Even after everything you've done... I would have saved you." - Batman

"That actually is... pretty funny.""- Joker
(Batman to Joker before the latter's death in Arkham City video game, 2011)

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