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RAFSG part 5: Getting the Message

(I thought I should take the opportunity to write something sad while the forum is pink. Sorry to post this so late in comming but I've been rather busy.)

Bushroot stepped softly around the little path leading to the large ominous looking mansion that was indicated to be Morgana McCawbers place. He held a bundle of dark purple Queen of the Night tulips. He thought she would enjoy them and they were very excited to meet her as well, or rather, to be met by her. Tulips were a strange bunch, or so he'd discovered. Energetic and kind of gittery, they giggled when he told them they would get to meet a "special friend" of his earlier in the evening. He supposed it was just their genus that made them that way.

As he rounded the final curv and came in view of the door, he was met with an unsettling sight. Morgana and Sharonna embracing, which wouldn't have been so terrible if Sharonna hadn't been holding a suitcase. The plant's heart sank and his eyes grew wide. Was she even going to tell him goodbye? Why had she decided to leave in the first place? And what about their date a few nights ago, did he pass? Why wouldn't she tell him anything? He was frantic and looked for some place to hide. Leaping into a thick bush, he was immediately launched onto the path again. Apparently it was rude to hide in someone's foliage without asking first. He muttered something to the bush about being a traitor, but could find no where to run before the party on the doorstep caught him.

"Dr. Bushroot! Oh, I was hoping you would come by before I left." Sharonna dropped her suitcase and sprinted over to help him up, but he pulled away from her. He looked rather wounded, causing Sharonna to take a few steps back. "What- what is-"

"Why are you leaving?" He blurted out, covering his beak and turning from her. He'd never felt so embarrassed. "You were only here for a week..."

"I was only here on vacation. I came to make up with Morgana... I have to go back to Newbeak, it's where I work." She put her hand on his shoulder and let it rest there. "I wanted to see you before I left..."

"Well you saw me!" He shouted, turning back to her and bearing his full face, something he often found it hard to do when talking to others. He usually looked at the ground or his hands or even slightly to the left or right of the person he was talking to. But he looked her directly in the face this time. "You saw me and now you can just go! Or better... for me to go." He turned from her again and instantly felt awful for shouting. He'd always been told that inside voice was the only voice he needed. Hearing himself yell was almost frightening.

"Surely not without kissing me goodbye?" She laughed, thinking a little too loudly that he was over-reaction. But she didn't know- how could she know what he was thinking or feeling or what he'd been through. He'd never told her any of that, she'd seen him twice this week: the first time at the Blue Feather where they did share a lovely evening and then again the night before for a walk around the park. And here he was acting like she'd broken a marriage vow. What the hell?

"What difference would that make?"
"I'll be back in St. Canard soon enough. I'm not leaving forever." She tried to pull him closer, but he wouldn't have it and so she simply gave up. "I'm sorry Dr. Bushroot." And with that, she walked briskly down the path, trying not to look back at either Morgana or the heart-broken herb. She rounded the corner and hailed a cab to take her to the airport and disappeared into the night in a blaze of tail-lights.

Morgana stepped out of the doorway and a little down the path. She wasn't very fond of the criminal, particularly because he'd once knocked her unconcious, but her empathy wouldn't allow her to close the door and ignore him. However, another form filled the doorway temporarily in her place. Darkwing Duck was also on the send-off seen, and he too looked rather understanding of Bushroots plight. The pair of them stood at his side until he looked up to see them.

"Well, you got what you wanted Darkwing, didn't you?"
"What are you talking about? I never wanted you to-"
"You used me! You knew she would leave and yet you strung me along like a string-bean. Y-you just wanted to get into your girlfriend's pants and didn't care about what happened to me at all..."

He put out both his hands in protest to block what was being said. "First of all, it was not just to get into Morgana's pants... mostly because she doesn't wear pants, but it was to try to hook you up with someone you'd like. I didn't know when she was leaving. I-I'd just assumed you two would have figured something out by then. That's all. Besides, if you want to blame somebody- blame Morgana! She set this whole thing up."

The witch growled angrily, but her stony expression melted when she looked on Bushroot again. "She was just here visiting. She's an actor, she travels quite a lot..." Her voice was soft and gentle. "I know she didn't mean to hurt you-"

"Well it doesn't matter now. I'm going home, humiliated and empty. Thanks a lot Darkwing Duck." He walked a little toward the gate and turned one final time. "You know- sometimes you're worse than Negaduck." And he too disappeared into the night, leaving Darkwing to tug at his collar.

(DUN DUN DUNNN what will happen in Part 5? Read and find out. SPOILER ALERT; it involves Bushroot somehow... and it'll be longer than this- I promise. LEAVE COMMENTS!)
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