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Negawing's Return (Chapter One Uploaded)

Negawing's Return

Summary: With Ghost Hunter and Unknown gone, Dustin Mallard has abandoned his alter persona as Posiwing Duck to resume his duties as a father and a husband. Now that he has a wife, two children and has fulfilled his dreams of becoming a police officer, it seemed nothing could jeopardize his brand new life. However the darker side of his personality, Dark-Eradicator, remains as strong as ever.

However, when his archenemy, Negawing Duck has returned fueled with the desire of revenge with a new devastating plot that would ruin the former vigilante’s life, it seems Dustin Mallard has no choice but to resume his life as Posiwing Duck to counter this threat for the final battle in his life. But what length would the vigilante go to when Negawing threatens his family? Would this injustice finally drove him to the edge once and for all?


It was the dark of night; it had nearly been six months since Negawing Duck had vanished without a trace from his last encounter with crime-fighting crusader, Posiwing Duck. However despite his best efforts to keep the city safe from harm, the young hero had continued to face powerful enemies who threatened the city of Neo-Canard. Posiwing had heard a distress call coming from the National Museum located in Drew Avenue, however he was horrified when he discovered who the culprit was when he had arrived at the scene: it was Ghost Hunter.

Ghost Hunter, the self-proclaimed deadliest assassin throughout Calisota had been Posiwing’s most feared and strongest enemy. A villain who had singled handled not only defeated Negawing once but twice and had been occasionally employed by Unknown, a criminal overlord of a dangerous crime syndicate, to eliminate any obstacles in his path that threatened him.

Needless to say despite his best valiant efforts, Posiwing had proved no match for the panther. His body was battered, bruised, and bloodied, several tears had adorn his blue jacket and cape and his white fedora was shredded. Ghost Hunter sported a delighted and cruel smile as he then lashed out without hesitation as he smashed Posiwing in the ribs with a well placed kick. Posiwing rolled over and screamed out in pain as he felt one of his bones give away, he grasped his mid section and stared up at the star-speckled sky as Ghost Hunter looked down upon him.

“I am struggling to comprehend what you could possibly hope to accomplish, you of all people should know that I cannot be defeated,” Ghost Hunter said with a smug grin printed on his face.

Posiwing managed to rose to his feet. “Not necessarily, Ghost Hunter,” he said, panting heavily, this night had not been in his favored he had been fighting this guy for what seemed like hours and nothing in his arsenal had affected him, “eventually just like Unknown and any other villain you are destined to fall, it is in your nature. You may have defeated me today but one of these days I swear on the behalf of my ancestors that you will answer to justice for the lives of men, women and children you’d taken over the years I will not let their deaths go unpunished!” He proclaimed heroically.

“Isn’t that amusing, for me to fell by your pitiful hand?” Ghost Hunter said with a soft chuckle, although there was no humor in his tone. Then he began to create a massive beam of energy, he pointed towards the young crime-fighter before him and smiled wickedly. “The death of Darkwing Duck’s legacy starts with his descendent!” cackled the evil monster as he fired the crimson attack at Posiwing. It was aimed directly at Posiwing’s heart; the panther’s accuracy was pinpoint too after all the executions he’d carried out throughout the years.

Posiwing tried to brace himself for the attack as a look of unearthly horror overtook him, he knew that he couldn’t avoid the attack – the panther’s blast was simply going too fast to dodge it. He had around two seconds in which his brain would be given the time to register the fact that he was going to die and there was nothing he could do to stop it unless…

Thinking quickly through a final act of desperation to save himself he pulled off one of the cuff buttons on the sleeve of his jacket, which fell to the ground letting out a sudden burst of silver smoke. In the moments of distraction that followed, Posiwing had dropped himself to the floor as the blast harmlessly flew by him. He could hear the sounds of an explosion a second later but was unable to tell exactly what had been hit since his vision was enveloped in smoke. He then pressed a button on his wrist-watch that been a direct remote-control link to his motorbike while at the same time began displaying a series of cartwheels to avoid the incoming blasts, however he didn’t had any intentions to use it as a getaway but rather a second distraction….

The panther scowled angrily when his surroundings were engulfed with smoke, “Do you seriously believe you can hope to evade my wrath!” He shouted angrily, firing several blasts into the smog hoping one of them would hit the hero. “Quit wasting my time with these childish games and face me like a man instead of a pathetic coward!” Then that’s when he heard it, the distant sound of engines had reached his ears. He turned to his left sharply when he saw the familiar shadowy image of a motorbike flowing past him, he saw it stopped for a brief moment before driving off away. Cackling maniacally the demonic panther grinned, “Do you truly think you can escape your own demise that quickly?” And with that he fired a blast and watched with a certain sense of satisfaction as it collided, causing the motorbike to erupt into a fireball.

However that was what Posiwing had wanted, while the motorbike had distracted Ghost Hunter momentarily the blue-clad mallard let out a sigh of relief as he managed to find his way out of the smoke-cloud just as it began to dissipated. He sprinted through the street as quickly as his legs could carried him, as he made what he thought was a safe distance away from the maniacal murderer he could hear a scream of frustration when Ghost Hunter had saw the remains the motorbike but no Posiwing. Wasting no further time Posiwing continued his sprint, managing to escape silently into the night without being detected. In his confidence, strength and pride, even though he did not defeated Ghost Hunter he did managed to outsmart him and perhaps one day soon he would defeat him once and for all.

However this entire scenario didn’t go unnoticed, but rather it had caught the attention of a small group of strange figures. But during the time he made his escape, four figures had stood on a rooftop of a tall building that stood a few streets away from the battle. The four figures had observed the events that had unfolded before their eyes as if it was entertainment.

The first figure was a human with a light brown complexion, with a white Mohawk that had blue streaks in it which he wears a purple headband over it, two swords were seen strapped to his waist, indicating that he might be a trained swordsman of some sorts. But rather more distinguishing was that he wore armor which resembled a Roman Centurion which consists: black breast-plate armor, shin guards, a vinyl skirt, and an imperial helmet. The second figure was also a human and appeared to be a young man; having short-length black hair, pale skin, and fangs and wore a gothic attire: a black sleeveless shirt with black jeans, dark combat boots, and fingerless, red spiked gloves.

The third figure was a large black feathered duck with shoulder length hair, wearing a light suit of body armor, he was clearly the largest of the team, nearly doubled the size of his shorter, human counterpart. The fourth and final member of the group was a small almost shapeless mechanical android with a white luminescence.

“Well, it seems Posiwing isn’t as dangerous as the rumors indicated,” The black-feathered duck said with a deep, rumbling voice.

“Without a doubt that they were greatly exaggerated,” the human with the white Mohawk said with a deep, masculine voice, “It wasn’t even worth considering a fight, a shame he’d beaten us to the chase since I’d wanted a shot on that do-gooder myself. Anyways, it seems our next target should be Ghost Hunter, now this would be an interesting battle I might even use the full extent of my capabilities against him.” But then his face became serious as he noticed the battle was enveloped in smoke-screen as the hero fled away from the battle. “What is this? He used his own smoke to cover his own tracks for his getaway? Devin, I want you to place a tracking spell on him!”

The black-clad ashen skinned man identified to be Devin obeyed his orders, “Don’t worry, he won’t escape.”

“Don’t let him escape our sight, this would be the perfect time to discover his identity,” Marvin added.

Devin muttered a brief incantation that consisted of a foreign language that had appeared to be German as his hands emitted a soft blackish glow for a moment. “There, I’d place the spell on him.”

“Where does he think he’s going?” Marvin asked, rubbing his chin.

“It seems he is approaching the coordinates: 43. 769857 deg south which is revealed to be Shady Coves Apartment,” Beelo, the shapeless android responded in a metallic voice. “Should we launch a initial assault?”


But then a deep growl behind the shadows approached and interrupted their plan. “That would not be necessary.”

The four villains immediately bowed to that mysterious voice; most likely their leader or master.

“Yes, sir,” Caibon, Devin, Beelo all shouted in unison, respectfully.

“But sir, this is the perfect opportunity to exploit Posiwing Duck’s identity,” Marvin informed.

The sound of the voice approached closer and from there, a short mallard slowly made his way towards them as he passed his men one by one. Like Posiwing Duck the figure wore a cape, jacket, fedora and mask but he remain silhouetted in the shadows. “Only a fool would be stupid enough to fell for such an old trick,” the figure spat harshly. “Why should we bother cleaning after Ghost Hunter’s own mess due to this poor character of judgment? Remember he is supposed to be Unknown’s heir, this falls to his jurisdiction not ours. We have an empire to build gentlemen, and we’re already behind schedule as it is. So tell me, why bother wasting precious resources to take down someone as pitiful as Posiwng Duck at a time like this while there are more important matters? Besides he is no threat to us.”

The sinister mallard looked and could not help but curled his upper beak-lip into a feral snarl as he saw Ghost Hunter had began to leave, no doubt to fulfill his other remaining assignments.

“To think that Unknown had the gall to replace that over-grown fur-rug as my stature as the heir to his criminal empire makes me blood boiled. His own arrogant pride and confidence of those powers will be his undoing!”

Taking one single step forward onto the ledge of the building, his body was illuminated in the light of a nearby lamp which had finally shown him. It was none other than Negawing Duck, even though he lacked the power that Ghost Hunter had possessed he had twice as much hatred in his eyes and was more twisted than the panther.

“After all this time, its evident that Ghost Hunter is still, far too soft…” he sneered while using a ugly-looking butcher knife to file his nails before he examined them as he then put them away. “Let’s head back to the Negaverse…” He then took out what appeared to be a small remote control from the folds of his cape while pressing a button, a vortex with swirling shades of different version of green colors had appeared directly before the group as they then stepped through it. As soon as Negawing, the last one to step through, had approached he turned to look over his shoulder while shooting a spiteful glare at the panther before stepping inside. The portal had snapped shut soon behind him a moment later.

Ten years later, Ghost Hunter and Unknown had met their demise at the hands of Posiwing Duck after a violent struggle.
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