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Olympic event practice mayhem

Rhythmic gymnastics
In the clean and open grass field which is surrounded by trees, Darkwing and his friends are practicing the rhythmic gymnastics. Darkwing is sitting on the side watching while the others are practicing. Honker is waving the stick side to side. The stick has a green ribbon on the end. He watches it carefully.
Honker:”This is very interesting. It’s all about timing, speed, position and coordination”.
Gosalyn is skipping the light purple rope while spinning and doing figures of eight. She stops in front of Honker.
Gosalyn:”Maybe you should try the rope, it is much better than swinging that ribbon”.
Crystal is waving her multicolour ribbon around while spinning once and then start to dance around the place.
Stegmutt:”So what this event and what are you suppose to do?”
Crystal:”It said that the Rhythmic gymnastics event is a combination of ballet, gymnastic, dance and apparatus manipulation. There are five items you can use and they are ribbon, clubs, hoop, ball and rope”.
Stegmutt:”You mean you can use all five items?”
Crystal checks the rules book.
Crystal:”You can use either one or two of these items in a routine. If using two, you can only use them one at a time. So basically it means that you can’t use two items at the same time. Also you can use none which is called floor routine. What you suppose to do is to get lot of points by performing different moves such as leaps, balancing, pirouettes, etc. You also get more point depend on how well you use the items and how well you execute it”.
Crystal:”It means you have to perform well enough to score the most points. To do this you must make yourself look good by dancing around and using the item to impress the people”.
Stegmutt:”Oh, so I have to impress everyone by dancing good”.
Stegmutt move around while throwing the ball. He tries to catch it but the ball landed on his tail.
Stegmutt:”Where did the ball go?”
Gosalyn:”It’s on your tail”.
Honker:”If you flip your tail up the ball will go upward and you might be able to catch it when it falls”.
Stegmutt:”Like this?”
Stegmutt move his tail up which cause the ball to be throw upward. It then falls down in Stegmutt’s hands.
Stegmutt:”I did it!”
Neptunia:”That’s good, now let me show you how it done”.
Neptunia balance the ball on her as she walks around. She throw the ball into the air and then she jump in the air spinning. She land on the ground and catch the ball.
Stegmutt:”That’s great!
Launchpad:”Yeah, that is great!”
Launchpad is juggling three clubs.
Crystal:”You are doing well with juggling those clubs”.
Launchpad:”Thank, it actually pretty easy. Now how do I stop?”
Crystal:”You lose points if you let them fall to the ground”.
Honker:”Try catching all the clubs”.
Launchpad catch two of the clubs.
Launchpad:”I did it!”
Crystal:”Where’s the third one?”
Launchpad look at his hands and notice that he only caught two of the clubs. The third club fall in front of Launchpad and got stuck on Launchpad’s scarf.
Launchpad:”What are the chances of that happening?”
Honker:”I say it rare”.
Gosalyn:”Does that count?”
Crystal:”I have no idea”.
Morgana is moving around spinning her red and black ribbon around.
Crystal:”You look like you are casting a spell”.
Morgana:”It does, doesn’t it”.
Crystal notice that Darkwing isn’t joining in.
Crystal:”Hey Darkwing! Aren’t you going to try this?”
Crystal throws her ribbon at Darkwing. Darkwing caught it.
Darkwing:”I heard that this event is for women only”.
Crystal:”Some of them are for women and there are other gymnastics events that men can do. And besides...”
Crystal dance around the field doing jump, spin, somersault and the cartwheel.
Crystal:”This is just practice”.
Darkwing:”Well... okay, just this one time”.
Darkwing got up and start performing. He dance around the place doing jump and spin with the ribbon.
Launchpad:”That is great DW”.
Darkwing then raise the ribbon and spin around fast. The ribbon ended up tying around him tightly. Darkwing try to get out but couldn’t get his arm free.
Darkwing:”A little help here”.
Darkwing start to jump over to the other.
Crystal:”Look like you spin too fast. How are we going to get you out?”
Gizmoduck:”Try pulling the ribbon”.
Stegmutt:”Like this?”
Stegmutt grab the ribbon and pull it hard. It causes Darkwing to spin fast like a spinning top as he is being unravelled. He spins and crash into the wooden bench.
Crystal:”There must be an easy and safe way”.
Gizmoduck:”Maybe we should have grab the ribbon and circle around him to unravel him”.
Crystal:”That’s a good idea, it slow but it safe”.
Darkwing:”Why is everything spinning around?”
Crystal:”That just you, just get some rest”.
Gosalyn and Honker help Darkwing to sit on the wooden bench.
Gizmoduck is spinning around with a hoop. Gizmoduck throw the hoop and jump through it.
Neptunia:”Well done, you did that pretty well”.
Gizmoduck grab the hoop and then throw it high into the air. Gizmoduck put out his hands waiting for the hoop to come back down. It never came down.
Gizmoduck:”That’s strange, it should have come down by now”.
Crystal:”That might be because it stuck in that tree branch”.
Gizmoduck look up and saw the hoop stuck on the tree branch.
Gizmoduck:”Oh? Guess I get it down”.
Gizmoduck press a button and got out a slingshot. He shot down the branch which has the hoop. They fall down and Gizmoduck put out his hand to catch the hoop. He waits and then he caught something.
Gizmoduck:”There we go!”
Darkwing:”That’s good but there one problem”.
Gizmoduck:”What’s that?”
Darkwing:”You didn’t caught the hoop”.
Gizmoduck look at his hand and saw that he has caught a tree branch instead.
Gizmoduck:”Oops, how did that happened?”
Morgana:”You knock down that tree branch as well as the hoop”.
Gizmoduck:”So that what’s happened but where is the hoop?”
They point to where the hoop is. Gizmoduck look at where they were pointed and saw the hoop rolling away.
Gizmoduck:”Hey, come back here! Oh no, I am losing points for that!”
Gizmoduck chase after the hoop.
They all carry on practicing this event for a whole day.
"I am the terror that flaps in the night!"
"Crystal, that's my line!"
"Just wanted to try it out, Darkwing"

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