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Lost in a Stolen Kiss

Lost in a Stolen Kiss

Summary: A direct sequel to the story “Afraid of the Dark”, told through Nega-Jessica’s perception that follows the death after Negawing Duck/Nega-Dustin Mallard. Nega-Jessica is grieving deeply over the loss of Negawing, and she has a flashback of the day when they first met. Love at first smack… er… slightly is possible.

Note: As mentioned before I do not own any of the Darkwing Duck characters, they own by Disney and Tad Stones. I own Negawing, Posiwing, Jessica, the Dark Legion (yes they will be in this story), and along with various other characters. I expect no profit from this story. In addition this story is divided through several chapters.

Chapter One: Grief

Two hours ago… just two hours ago… the only love I ever knew passed away in my arms. It feels so wrong, like a nightmare. I just can’t ever imagine the man I love more than life itself dying…

His body is being cleaned and embalmed at the moment. When the process is complete, it will be returned and placed back in the bed, which is where it will stay until the funeral.

I can almost see him being worked on now: his body lying on a metal table with a micro-needle blanket is placed over it to remove every drop of blood from his tissues and organs. The microscopic needle all connect to a long tube attached to a machine that will store the blood. Then an antibacterial preservation agent, along with the disinfected blood, will be injected through the same needle, and his body will be protected from decomposition.

By his wishes, his heart will be removed, cremated and given to me at the funeral. It’s his way of reminding me that, even though he’s gone, to show he still loves me even after death.

Now I stand here, going through his things… and I run across a small box that was labeled “My special memories” which had consisted of his previous belongings. Opening it I saw a chainsaw that was still stained with blood, grenade, a few photographs and a small doll that resembled Posiwing Duck which a bunch of needles pinned into it. The photographs I had known them by heart, one of them was a photo of both me and him and the Dark Legion standing behind us, it brings a smile on my face when I saw the old gang. Out of the entire group I had respected Marvin the most, he was the most competent subordinate I had ever known and has shown a great deal of respect for both me and my husband, having served us faithfully to his last breathe. Out of the group I have missed him the most. Caibon was sweet despite his lack of intelligence, and Devin was plain annoying, I never did like him. And Beelo… hmm, I could never figure him out much about him, if you can even considered a robotic genderless being a ‘he’, he hardly spoke at all and was incapable of feeling any emotion. I felt guilty to know that there were no bodies of them that were recovered to be granted a proper burial with, even though Dustin never liked any of them I grew rather fond of them.

And the next photo was of me and him committing our first crime together, Dustin was going to use that grenade during his heist but it turned out to be a dud. He wanted to get rid of it but I convinced him to keep it. And as for the doll, originally Dustin had asked Devin to create a voodoo doll on him in an attempt to inflict excruciating pain on Posiwing from the Negaverse, but this had backfired.

Seeing that doll right now brings me nothing more than pain, I loathe this ugly thing more than ever…

He’s gone…

…my Dustin…

There were times where I treated him so badly, hurt him so much. He never raised a hand to him, but I would hit him, sometimes many times… just like my father used to hit me. Though it never hurt him outwardly, it probably hurt his spirit. I was always sorry afterwards and never could bring myself to admit it until now…

…now that it’s too late to tell him…

I can keep lying to myself and say he’ll be back again. He’s cheated death on various occasions, surely he couldn’t had perished by Posiwing’s hands? Perhaps he’s still out there somewhere and hasn’t found a way to return; maybe he’s currently biding his time and currently orchestrating a plan to return to me after he’s killed his double? Negaduck was stranded from the Negaverse at one point when Darkwing had overthrown his position in power until he eventually found a way to return and reclaim his position of power, surely it happened to his great-grandson well?

But I am fooling myself, Dustin isn’t coming back, he’s gone forever. If he was still alive there would have been word of him long ago and besides that were portals scattered throughout both the Normalverse Neo Canard and ours, he even had various trans-dimensional remote controls on his being, if he was alive I would had known it, I know in the bottom of my heart that he’s dead. And I blame myself for his death, if I could somehow prevent the incident that claimed his life at the end then he’d be here with me. I wished I had sabotaged the interdimensional gateway that enables us to travel between worlds, he’d be furious with me, even accusing me of treachery but I know he would forgive me eventually and then he would still be alive. He would not have suffered the fate as he did by Posiwing’s hands, he’d would still be with me and we could settle down to raise our family together. It wouldn’t had been a normal lifestyle due to our reputations as ‘super’ villains but it was the closest thing we would have as normal. I could...I’m used to sleeping alone since his death twenty years ago...but then again, I was there when he died. I heard him stop breathing. I felt his heart stop. I saw the life leave his eyes and I felt his mind fade...

...into oblivion.
At least he’ll have the peace he deserves now. Nothing to fear, he wouldn’t feel pain ever again.


Dustin’s voice calls my name and I jerk my head towards the door. For a moment or two, I see him coming towards me with open arms, his eyes shining and a radiant smile spread across his beak, don in his costume.

And I wait.

For what?

For arms that will never wrap around me again? For lips that will never kiss mine again? For a body that will never lie close to mine for as long as I live?

My hands bunch the doll up as tears well in my eyes. I had done a terrible thing by lying to him...said he’d still exist...

...but I felt him fade...

I felt his mind fade like a candle under a glass dome...a mind is still a mind no matter what the form it is in, and it can still be felt, read and spoken to...

...but his mind still faded... faded into absolutely nothing!

“Damn it all to hell!” I shrieked at the top of my lungs.

The doll is sent fluttering to the floor in two pieces, both wet with tears. Dustin was right to be afraid of the darkness, he had every right to be afraid of death...

...I miss him more now than I ever have...

How long have I been screaming? This new question silences my cries and I come to my senses on the floor with the torn doll bunched up in my fists all over again.

If I pretend hard enough...I can still feel his body next to mine...his breath on my neck...and I can still remember the day we met... those memories are the only thing I have left of him at this point.
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