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First Interactive Story (Suggestions)

Anyone interested in starting an interactive DW story here? It's a little similar to roleplaying in that we're bouncing actions back and forth but the main difference is you're writing a fairly large excerpt, and unlike RPing, in an interactive fic you're writing for all the characters.

It's generally written in third person, so that we (the writers) are looking down on the characters and writing their actions, thoughts, and feelings.

I figure the first one can be fairly small, as a test to see how well it works out. I can start the first chapter to get things rolling, and then someone has to respond reserving a spot for the next chapter (this prevents more than one person writing a lengthy chapter response). That person has 48 hours to write their chapter from the time they reserve their spot, otherwise it's passed onto someone else.

Chapters do not have to be long. I just don't want to see simple one-word paragraph responses or a couple sentences. A nice little block of writing will do.

Anyone interested?

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