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A Dish Best Served Cold

A Dish Best Served Cold

Note: The first of this new series based on the "Tortured Soul",, told through the perception of villains in their attempt of revenge, first would be Ghost Hunter, the second will be Unknown, and last but not least will be Negawing.

Chapter One: Ghost Hunter

Summary: I am the most feared assassin throughout Calisota, no one could comprehend my might or come even closely a fraction of my astronomical power. And yet… it all changed when Darkwarrior’s descendent had foolishly gotten in my way. Upon my defeat at the first encounter with Posiwing Duck, I want nothing more than to extract my revenge, to make him suffer for what he put me through. I am given that chance when I was revived in a robotic body, and now that I am resurrected I will go through every torturous length to make my enemy suffer. *Told through Ghost Hunter’s perception from the events of ‘Tortured Soul’.

The deathly blackness of oblivion seemed almost as devoid of light as my dark heart. For the longest time – I did not know how long I had laid there on the ground. I had wondered if I was alive or dead at this point. It is no surprise that I hoped I am alive, because if I was it would mean that I’d been given another chance to extract my revenge on the descendent of Darkwing. However, I did not know for sure and as such I feared for the punishment that waited me, I had at very basic idea of what hell would have to be like, and the mere thought of suffering forever has terrified even me. The seconds ticked away as hours to my mind, and I felt cold. I knew it I was on the verge of death as I could feel the strong chill passing through me due to the blood that was draining from my ruined body. How I held on to the small fabric of life I had within me, only God knew.

I’d never been one to have a strong faith in religion; angels and demons, and any other sort of superstitious nonsense often makes me scowl with disgust. But never before in my life had I been truly afraid of death for I’ve no idea what would happened to me the moment I left this world.

And it infuriates me that I’m in such a pathetic disposition because of that vain, egotistical, dimwitted buffoon… how dare he had the nerve to have done this to me of all people?!

I, Ghost Hunter, one of the most feared mercenaries in a world had been disgraced… humiliated by a costumed vigilante. A costumed vigilante, nonetheless!

The reality of what transpired minutes ago sank into my mind along with the excruciating agony that had overwhelmed me. Memories continued to haunt me as they poured into the back of my mind, playing constantly like a broken record. The remains of my body lay in the street, bloodied and bruised with the sting of bitter defeat.

The thoughts continued to linger in my mind: where exactly did everything had gone so terribly wrong? I was beaten by Posiwing Duck, a stupid vigilante. I, Ghost Hunter, the mercenary who had effortlessly defeated Negawing in combat, the one who had claimed victory at the Tournament of Skulls (that pits the world’s feared assassins against each other) fifteen times in the row, had been beaten by a mere cheap impersonation of that exact so-called Public Enemy #1. He left me to suffer in repayment for my ‘crimes’ on humanity. That was a grave mistake and that will be the mistake that finishes him off. I will not die. I will not die at the hands of that contemptible imbecile. I will grow stronger and I will have my revenge by making him pay dearly for this mistake.

I can make out the distinct sounds of faint voices as people approach, I recognize some of those voices as Unknown’s men. My salvation will come and I will have my revenge. I will have my revenge once I heal. Posiwing will regret ever crossing Ghost Hunter.

I am on the edge of consciousness as I am taken inside the medical facility in Unknown’s headquarters, his rage and disappointment is apparent in his tone of voice but I cannot make out exact words. Hands are placed on my body, they most likely belong to members of the crimelord’s crew. I felt a mask being placed over my face, and I felt my body becomes relaxed as I inhaled the gas. It soothes me and I fall into a restless sleep.

I, Ghost Hunter, one of the most feared mercenaries of Calisota have taken more lives than anyone else, my hands are stained by the blood of thousands who have all perished during my career. I had even defeated the ‘great’ former Public Enemy Negawing with little effort. It wasn’t only a few weeks ago that I was contacted by Unknown for a simple task: eliminate Posiwing. How I loathe that name now more than ever. For some peculiar reason Unknown had believed that Posiwing had recently became a threat to his criminal empire, he firmly told me ‘not to underestimate him by any means necessary’. To lure my prey from hiding was also relatively easy: orchestrate a bank robbery and soon he would follow me at pursuit, determined to apprehend me. However after I’d defeated him, everything had gone horribly wrong. I remember seeing those cold black glowing orbs that stared at me with such vengeance… he will pay. He will know the wrath of Ghost Hunter.

Metallic prosthetics, a genius to the scientific world. To attach something non-living to a living being and be able to increase its strength and capabilities by many-fold…that is currently what’s happening to me at this point. I may not be conscious but my mind still functions whether I’m physically alert or not. I feel cold metal against my flesh, a metallic bone welded to my natural one. I’m not exactly sure what they are doing to me, but I know it is in conjunction with Unknown’s orders.

They are enhancing my body because most of my limbs had been brutally disconnected from my body when Posiwing had bifurcated me in the final moments of our battle, to add insult to injury he had even severed both of my arms in a similar gruesome fashion. It was a struggle to stay alive from that point as I felt my life-force being drained as my strength has grown weaker by the second. The anger and humiliation at being defeated by a descendent of that nauseating crime-fighter, Darkwing Duck, was what kept me alive and it is now giving me the strength to withstand the constant pains of reconstructing my ruined boy. I do not know what I will look like when I’ve awaken, but I am sure of one thing:

As soon as I regain consciousness, I will begin to orchestrate my revenge on Posiwing. I will exploit every single weakness he has and turn it against him, and by doing that I need to discover his secret identity. And once I do I will take my rage on the people he has cherished with his heart, I will be there to see the horrified look on his face and then I will finish him off. He will regret making a fool out of me, he will pay a hundred fold for what he has done to me. The humiliation he put me through… he will pay and I will have my revenge!

“Takeshi, can you hear me?” Unknown’s voice asks as I open my eyes. Sight comes to me and it quickly goes into focus. I gaze at Unknown and smile, knowing the expression on my face was murderous and my eyes have glistened darkly.

“I’ve heard you, and I intend to get my revenge ion Posiwing,” I say and Unknown looks at me in bewilderment.

“Already? But you’ve just recovered from your operation! Shouldn’t you wait for a little while for your strength to return before you’d-“

I hissed as I shot my hand forward and grabbed him by the throat, “I am going to kill Posiwing one way or another, with or without your help!” I growled icily before shoving him against a wall.

I could see his eyes widened in shock before he coughed to clear his throat, visibly shaken with surprised from my display of strength before he responded, “Fine, we’d do it your way for now but I recommend you’d wait a while longer before you’d carry out your revenge.”

“Very well,” I sighed, I could hear the annoyance in my voice.

I will enjoy seeing the pain on my adversary’s face when I murdered his beloved relatives and friends right before his very eyes. He will know the pain that I went through, he will know the pain of humiliation and mockery, and he will know my revenge.

That pathetic fool had somehow seen a weakness in our battle and had exploited it. I don’t know what weakness Posiwing had exploited, however, because I had none. I was Ghost Hunter, the most feared assassin throughout the entire world and powerful beings like myself don’t have any insignificant weaknesses. We were flawless and yet, somehow, I still got defeated. I admit, that didn’t add up.

“I am curious to see what’s got your blood boiled, Takeshi,” Unknown says and I glance at him.

“It’s only a mere bug, Unknown, and it will be squashed very soon,” I replied. Yes, stupid little hero, you days are numbered. You will soon regret ever mocking Ghost Hunter.

I’ve decided to wait for a few months; to give my body the time to recuperate from both the battle and the surgery as it adjusts to its cybernetic implants. While I waited I had found myself taking my revenge on holographic projections of the small mallard who nearly killed me, and as my training progresses it takes me little to no effort to destroy the simulation. Posiwing Duck, you’ve no idea of the horrors that await you, you made a mistake crossing my path and that mistake will come back to haunt. I will dismantle you; piece by piece and make you and your beloved ones suffer for provoking me. You will rue the day you’d ruined me… this I swear.

As every moment passes I grew with anticipation of making my most hated enemy suffer. Revenge is a dish best served cold, and I waited a long time for this meal. During this time one of Unknown’s men had informed me of a possible discover of Posiwing’s secret identity. This vital information could be useful to me. I’ve decided to heed his advice and followed the trail of tire tracks; even though it was now gone I’d been able to discover another trail in its place: noxious fumes that had been left from his motorcycle. Thanks to my cybernetic implants I was able to track it down to a suburban area that I’d recognized as Shady Cove Avenue.

I had waited for hours and was about to give up when I saw a mallard clad in a cream short and light blue sweater stepping out the back door in one of the houses. As I studied him carefully I had realized he bore a uncanny resemblance to Posiwing; save without the costume, I recognized the stocky build and the feathered sideburns that belong to my foe and I knew right there and then who he was. I heard someone calling out the name “Dustin” to him; he glanced over his shoulder just when a black-feathered woman had came out to join him. My eyes widened in shock as it took me a moment to signify the relationship between them. That woman was his wife!

I’d never seen the woman before in my life, and I knew she was important to ‘Posiwing’, who is now revealed to be Dustin. I’m betting he would do everything within his power to protect her, to keep her safe from ‘villains’ like me.

Love… such a pathetic unnecessary sentimental value; I almost snorted in disgust. Love was emotional; emotions were weakness on the battlefield and this shall be the exact weakness that will seal his doom.

This revelation has given me the necessary advantage I needed to take down him once and for all, I shall exploit this weakness by kidnapping this woman and use her as bait to lure Posiwing out of hiding, and once he falls into my little trap I shall finish him off.

I had returned to the penthouse shortly to inform Unknown of this discovery, he was rather surprised that I had expose Posiwing for who he really is behind the mask. “Hmm, this is quite interesting,” He said as he took a sip from his wine before rotating it quietly between his fingers, “I’d never expected you to discover who Posiwing, this is a remarkable accomplishment if only my late protégé Negawing had took the time to learn of this, otherwise he would still be among the living, such a pity. I’d never heard of this ‘Dustin Mallard’ before in my life, but regardless he and his wife, and all those that stand with him such fall. Tell me, Takeshi, have you contemplate on this newfound discovery?”

“Yes,” I snickered maliciously, “I’d been thinking it and its an obvious but most effective tactic that I’m sure you’d already thought of. We’d kidnap his wife take her to this penthouse and lure Posiwing out of hiding, I shall perform the deed myself but we need to make this threat serious… how about we’d arrange a false rendezvous point only for him to confront you?”

Unknown rubbed his chin as he glanced back at me, I couldn’t tell if he was smiling or not since the mask he wore had concealed any possible emotion but I had a feeling he had a dark smirk plastered all over his features. “I’d love it, that way I can pummel him to the inch of his life before finishing him off later when he is most weakened. Takeshi, you’ve done well I might even consider the possibilities of letting you become my heir to the criminal empire.”

I could care less about ruling Unknown’s empire; the only thing that mattered was to terminate that throne on my side. If things go according to plan then later I might reconsider his option. “I’ll make no such promises but I’ll think about your offer.” I said dryly.

Neo Canard. Such a depressing metropolis, it deserves to be destroyed. Ever since title I’d think of this horrible place my mind always drifts back to my near death. Once I’d claimed my title I would not hesitate to reduce this city into rubble. I don’t care of Unknown’s reaction once he sees his empire is destroyed, I simply don’t want to be minded of this dump ever again! I’ll dispense of all of his pathetic comrades and soon there will be nothing standing between me and my vengeance.

I can’t wait to see his face when he finds his wife dead, I’ll allow a few moments of shock and then I’ll destroy him when he is most vulnerable. I will squash him like the bug he is.

Kidnapping Dustin’s wife – Jessica Mallard – had been a trivial task that I’d performed effortlessly. Once that was done I’d brought her to Unknown’s lair where a useless dimwitted moron by the name of Mugshot kept an eye on her while Unknown dealt with Posiwing. The battle from what I understood had been short lived with Unknown emerging triumphantly, and once that was taken care of he had his men taken him to a dungeon where he will be await execution… by my hands.

I’d grown impatient and decided to kill Jessica, I’d waited for my revenge long enough but had been intercepted by that moronic Mugshot who acted as her bodyguard. Just when I was about to go in for the kill I was knocked unconscious by a stun-gun. How dare he had the nerve to stun me of all people?! I shall deal with this transgression as soon as this mess is resolved.

In a few hours my thirst for vengeance will be satiated, I will be avenged from my disgraceful defeat and my honor shall be restored… along with the fragments of the soul I have also lost.

I have watched Unknown’s men brought Jessica to the Torture Chamber and strapped her a rather menacing contraption of some sorts; it had consisted of electrodes, hooks, blades, and needles. I smirked when I saw Posiwing was bound to a chair behind a glass wall, his eyes appeared to be glazed over and I knew he was drugged: a nasty little serum that will prevent him from escaping. A powerful sedative. I’d watched Unknown proceeded with the torture, having one of his own men awakened Posiwing by slapping him back to consciousness. I remain in the shadows as I watched the scene unfold before my eyes as Unknown continued his taunts. The contraption gives off a electrical charge to its victim like an electric chair, its setting goes as high to twenty.

I saw the woman tensed up just as Unknown turned on the switch, I’ll have to admit that she’s stronger than she looks. But as soon as Unknown turned the setting up by one and I could see that the woman was unable contain her anguish screams any longer. Even at the smallest setting the machine can inflict a great deal amount of agony on its captive. Unknown had told this to Posiwing, telling him if he refuses to answer a single question he’ll turn up the setting up one notch. When he had failed to acknowledge this, Unknown turned the dial up the three and the woman’s cries were even greater than before.

It didn’t took long for Posiwing to comprehend Unknown’s threat and that’s when he had cooperated; promising to tell Unknown everything he knew. A pity… I was hoping he’ll won’t give in so easily; I was starting to relish in this torture sequence.

However as Posiwing had spoken to Unknown, even I have to admit that I was a bit surprised as he answered his questions. Some of them had involved Negawing’s whereabouts; to be honest I could care less what happened to him. I’d always hated him with every fiber of my being, and I’d thought he had died from his last battle with Posiwing little over a decade ago, but as it turns out Posiwing believes he was somewhere in the Negaverse, biding his time.

The Negaverse… a parallel reality that is supposedly linked between our world and another; a world with people are allegedly the polar opposites of their own counterparts. That would explain the connection between Posiwing and Negawing, I’d always thought that the latter was a deranged clone. But the concept of there being a version of me in that world that also suffered a similar fate as I had by Negawing’s hands had infuriated me.

But now I knew that Negawing is a version of Posiwing… and that matter must be rectified, once I’d dealt with Posiwing for good I will journey to the Negaverse and gladly disposed of Negawing as well. Now that I knew of the threat Posiwing is capable of, I mustn’t allowed a single one of his relatives to live… regardless if they’re dimensional doubles of the other or not, I will hunt down every last member of his family and I will kill them.

As I was contemplating this; something unexpected had occurred. Unknown had began to turn the dial of the machine up to its maximum settings, Posiwing had seen this and was clearly livid. “You idiot, do you have any idea what you’ve done!?” I shouted at Unknown when I saw Posiwing’s eyes shifted black… just like they were before he’d nearly killed me…

But it was too late, Posiwing broken through the glass and begin beating Unknown to the inch of his life in his state of blind rage, this time Unknown was unable to keep up with him and he was on the verge of losing. He brutally connected one punch after one with Unknown’s face, smashing his helmet as he mindless pummeled him, his mask had been shattered revealing a gangly, white-skinned creature with hardly any teeth, his face was wrinkled and aged with time.

However as Posiwing’s rage was growing weaker, I decided to step out of the shadows to handle this threat myself. “Hold it right there,” I said with a grin as I greeted my old ‘friend’, who looked back at me in shock. “Well, well, well, haven’t you became a capable threat?” I taunted as I folded my arms over my chest. “Darkwarrior would have been intrigued at your brutal style of dealing with criminals, but this is where it all ends for you. I am going to eradicate the Mallard name once and for all. Your pitiful family is gone and forgotten, you’re the last of your linage Posiwing, you’ve already lost. This is futile, you should simply bow down to the whims of your master and accept your inevitable death.” I snickered.

“G-Ghost Hunter…?” Posiwing gasped in shock, I could detect the slightest trace of fear into his tone as he took a step back, as if trying to distance himself from me. “How is this possible… you’re supposed to be…”

I cut him off, “Dead? Well, Posiwing… or shall I call you Dustin, now? Anyway, not even death itself could prevent me from wreaking my revenge upon you. I will go through every length in order to make sure I’m rid of your annoying existence for good!”

“You’re wrong, Ghost Hunter, it is you who’s going to pay! Attacking my family is the last mistake you’ll ever make, you’re going to wish you haven’t came back from the dead when I’m done with you.” Posiwing said with a growl as he’d managed to regain his composure as he glared at me with a look of defiance… and in his stead for a brief moment I could see Darkwarrior glaring at me hatefully with those eyes. “I know your game, no more shadows, no more trick, just you and me. You lie, Takeshi, especially to yourself most of all for I am the descendent of Darkwarrior Duck and I am a hero… and I vow to defeat you no matter what the cost!”

I growled angrily, never before in my life had I encountered anyone with such defiance. I clenched my fists tightly and felt sparks crackling around me as I could barely suppressed my hatred for him which was increasing him. “There it is, right there,” I pointed at him, but more specifically at his face, “that accursed damn look in the key that marked every member of your family’s success that’s hold me back for nearly a century. I’m impressed, it appears you’ve made something for yourself after all, your ancestors would be proud of your accomplishments…but I, on the other hand, want you dead more than ever.” Without any more hesitation I then lunged at him.

The battle didn’t go as smoothly as I had anticipated at first; Posiwing and I appeared to be at a standstill in our swords duel. I have given him my sword for I had believed I could simply kill him just as easily with an energy blast, but yet he and I appear to be at an even match. Too even, I had noticed with disgust as he’d managed to inflict some minor wounds on my body, damaging some of the electrical circuits. I had been fortunate that most of my body had been composed of machinery for instead of sparks gushing from my inflicted wounds, I would have been bleeding badly. This battle had grown long enough to the point I had grown weary of this match and decided to abandon it. I’d underestimated him before and I shall not repeat my previous failure, this time he would be exterminated quickly.

I am done playing with my prey, now’s the time that I’d slowly pick him apart and make him wither in anguish like a worm on a hook.

“I have to admit you’re stronger than I’d anticipated,” I told him, “but I am done playing games with you. It is time I show you a terror greater than hell itself, no matter how much you scream, no matter how you’d beg, I will not relinquish until you lay dead at my feet.”

“I’m not scared because I know it’s a bluff,” Posiwing challenged me, “after all no one can be that strong.”

“He’s quite the foolish one to challenge your might,” Unknown asks and I nod my head.

“And extremely stupid as well.”

I had then unraveled my true frightening wrath on my sworn enemy, and I could already tell that the battle was decided at this point. I had gained the advantage in a matter of moments and despite Posiwing’s martial art techniques, I quickly disperse them and encountered with my own.

Each blow brought Posiwing closer to his death, he had never stood a chance at the beginning. I suppose it was a fair advantage considering that the cybernetics not only sustain my life force by increase my already extraordinary powers by several fold.

And, much to my surprise, that despite the injuries I’d inflicted on him… he still wouldn’t give up.

“Why would you kneel already?” I growled as I struck a kick in his face, “It’s already over, I’d won! You can’t do anything to stop me!”

“I’ll… never give up,” He said, coughing up bits of blood as he still gave me that defiant glare.

“Then you are a bigger fool then I’d thought, you can’t save your wife… you can’t even save yourself, what makes you think you stand a chance of winning?” I sneered as I fired a blast at him in point-blank range. It struck him in the chest and knocked him to the ground with violent force.

“As long as there’s a single breath in my body, I will do whatever it takes within my power to ensure you won’t harm another innocent. One of us will be left standing after this battle and it won’t be you,” he says and Unknown laughs in mock amusement.

“He’s got a mouth on him, doesn’t he, Takeshi?” he asks and I nod my head in agreement.

“Yes, he does Unknown. I’ll tell you what, considering how boring this battle is becoming I’ll take it easy on you. I’ll simply reduce you and your wife to ashes in my next shot, you won’t even feel the pain before you’ll die,” I said and Posiwing slowly climbs to his feet.

“Give it your best shot,” he said as I form a ball of energy in my hand.

“Fool, you don’t know who you’re dealing with. I am Ghost Hunter, the most feared assassin in the world!”

“You mean you were the most feared assassin in the world, considering how you’d failed miserably in your last attempt to kill me I doubt you still have that title. I’ve fought a lot of enemies and you don’t even match up to the worst of them.”

He… he had dodged my first attack! Nani?! There had to be some mistake here. Why did my attack, the same attack that has devastated numerous warriors in the past… have no effect on him? Why did it have no effect on a mere costume buffoon?

“Well, Takeshi. I thought the physicians said you were stronger, and yet that dimwitted hero stood up to your attack as if it were nothing. Perhaps they made a mistake?” Unknown asks and I gaze coldly at him.

“They made no mistake Unknown, I just wasn’t trying hard enough, that’s all. I didn’t want to be too hard on him, I do have some mercy, you know,” I reply and Unknown yawns in boredom.

“Well hurry it up, I’ve got more important things that need to be taken care of by the end of the day.

“I’ll hurry it up just for you, Unknown. Now Posiwing, that was a free shot. I expected you to evade it, I didn’t want you to get killed too quickly. The great Ghost Hunter is capable of some mercy but now the mercy is gone and you will feel my true wrath.”

Posiwing gets that little smirk back on his face and merely folds his arms over his chest with a smug grin on his beak. How arrogant of him…

“I’ll humor you yet again, Ghost Hunter,” he says and my eyes burn with rage. “Show me again how strong you are.”

“You’re going to regret that mocking voice you’re using. You will die for your insolence!”

I fired another blast at him, much larger and more destructive than its precious counterpart. The type of energy that could instantly wiped out civilizations in a blink of an eye. But… he merely dodged it as if it were nothing. I was dumbfounded at how Posiwing could avoid him so easily and where all this newfound “spirit” had come from.

“Give me a break, Ghostie, you couldn’t hit the broad side of your mom with a pitiful attack like that!” Posiwing laughed with a wide smile.

My blood boiled as I fired another crimson bolt, and then another and another and another, firing endless streams of dark red energy at my most hated of opponents. And yet… ever attack was dodged with eased and returned with mockery and insults from that blue-clad moron. Little did I realize in my blind rage that his insults were part of a greater plan: insulting me made him angry, which made him impulsive, which also made him unconfused and too blinded by anger to aim properly. Posiwing and I both knew I am stronger, which is why he simply needed to resort to these clever tactics.

All the power in the world would be useless if one cannot even hit his opponent, however Posiwing could not dodge my wrath forever and if a single bolt of energy would struck him he’ll die instantly.

“This isn’t your lucky day, Ghost. You’d barely survived our previous battle and had to relied on science to recreate your body in a stronger form, you’d swoop down to a whole new low by kidnapping my wife… only to you to be defeated again. And this time I’ll ensure you that you won’t be coming back this time, I’ll even send you out in style,” he says and Unknown looks at me.

“Perhaps he’s right… maybe we should make a necessary tactical retreat to plan of a better strategy because he’s wining so far. Maybe-“

This couldn’t be happening… I, Ghost Hunter was about to brought down by this masked vigilante yet again! This can’t be happening! This was Posiwing I was dealing with, how could someone so self-center, so weak an pathetic became a challenge for me? It wasn’t fair! I was supposed to be the strongest! Me, Ghost Hunter! How could he… how could he have been more powerful than me when I was the most feared being in Calisota?

I watched him took out a heavy-built cannon-like gun from the folds of his cape. For a moment I couldn’t move, I was too stunned to move. I was like a creature that had stumbled into a hunter’s spotlight, I was paralyzed in shock as I dumbly awaited my destruction. A beam of energy emitted from the weapon’s barrel and I pulled my mind out of the lock down it was initiating. I managed to gather enough of my energy to try a last attempt at preserving myself. Teleportation. I used it just before his attack made contact with my body and appeared directly behind him. I swiftly kicked him and he growled in shock as I straightened myself up and fired a small energy bolt at the back of his neck. I knew that my attack had inflict some pain on him simply because he was not expecting it… and I might yet have a chance of winning this battle.

He spun around much swifter than I was expecting it and brought his knee right up into my stomach. My eyes bulged slightly with pain as my body fell doubled up to the ground beneath me. He grabbed my tail and I bared my teeth in pain as he thrust me aside. I landed amongst the ground as I picked myself up, enraged at the thought that I was about to lose my very own life. He approached me, his eyes dark with rage.

“Now really, Takeshi? Did you think it would be that easy? I’ve dealt with you before, if you remember so I know all your pathetic little tricks,” he said.

“I… don’t have time for this foolishness! You’re making me look like a fool!”

“That isn’t too hard, look just simply let me end it all for you, Takeshi,” Posiwing said and folded his arms. “I’ve got better things to do than to stand here and clean up the trash.”

“Du…Dustin wait!” I gasped.

“If you’re going to ask for my mercy, forget it. I did nothing to provoke you into coming here to seek your permanent extermination. I do thank you, however, for coming back so that I may destroy you for good. Now stop cowering and accept your fate like a true warrior. Unless, that is, you are finally showing your true colors. But you know, I’ll give you a break. I will give you one final chance at destroying me.”

Damn it! Where did I go wrong? What happened? My plan was perfect, I shouldn’t have been pushed to a corner… not like this. I couldn’t believe it! I was… no, I am Ghost Hunter! I am the being that had won the Tournament of Skulls various times, I am the one who had taken the lives of millions, I am the most feared being in the world! I couldn’t be… I couldn’t be weaker than him. He was lying again, he had to. Well I wasn’t going to be stand for any more of his lies. I’d dispose of him first and then hunt every single last relative of his. Just like his father they both had the stupidity to pick on me. I’d kill the Mallard Family… I’d kill them all!

“No!” I shrieked furiously, “I won’t lose to the likes of you… I have not been defeated, not yet! It is I who shall triumphant, you will be suffer by my hands and I will have my revenge if it’s the last thing I’ll do!”

My black aura flared up around me, the ground beneath my feet cracked as I felt my power climbed and my muscles increased, a moment later I let out a grunt as my aura subsided back to normal and I smirked. “It’s time I’m rid of you and your accursed family for good!” I finished power up and punctuated my declaration with a burst of energy. I clenched my right hand into a fist before raising my arm over my head, palm facing skyward as purple, black and red, energy began to gather., the rage inside me flowed into my hand, adding more fuel to the growing sphere of energy A glowing ball of energy begins to firm in my hand, my final and yet my favorite attack: Final Judgment. I intend to use it for one single purpose: to reduce this city into a lifeless crater. Now let’s see if that punk can dodge this! Nothing was going to stop me! Nothing!

“Don’t you think that’s a little rash?” Unknown asked and I glared at him.

“Shut up! I don’t need your insignificant remarks!” I snapped as I held the growing ball of energy high above my head. “Now, Posiwing, what would a true descendent of Darkwarrior do in a situation like this?”

“A true descendent of Darkwarrior wouldn’t waste his time with the likes of you. Like I said I’m generous enough to allow you one more attempt my life before I wipe you into oblivion,” He replied and my eyes darkened in rage. He was mocking me again!

“The last thing I need is the patronage of a imbecile, I will not stand for such insolence!”

I was about to unleash my attack when I felt an heavy object crashed into the back of my head, the force of the blow had nearly knocked me off my… feet? Once perhaps, but where my legs and most of my torso had once been, there now existed a maze of bio-organic circuitry and dense, dull platinum metal. Both of my arms also consisted of the artificial matrix, along with my tail. My brain was now part organic/positronic and sub-nucleic matrix, which channeled detailed information about my adversaries to the rest of my part robotic body.

I directed my glare towards my attacker and saw it was the black-feathered woman who was trembling in fear. That rotten, interfering bitch! How dare she?! The woman had went by the name of Jessica, such an idiotically simple name… and she was a police officer but what was more important about her that she was the wife of my sworn nemesis, Posiwing Duck.

“Don’t you dare hurt my husband, you monster!” She cried angrily, glaring at me.

I felt a grin appear on my lips as I started to approach her, my tail swishing behind me. “Now really,” I said with a malicious snicker, “I am struggling to comprehend what you could have possibly hope to accomplish with such an attack.” Without turning to look over my shoulder I then spoke to Posiwing, “Take a good look at your wife, Dustin, this is the last time you’d ever seen her alive!”

Recalling the events from earlier I had remembered that the woman had played a key element to my enemy’s demise, I knew that by kidnapping her it would lure him straight to my clutches. Posiwing had cherished this woman, and would risk his life to protect her from any harm, such idiocy was too sweat and too rare in the world. And the fool fell to my trap, and now he will pay with his grievous mistake with everything he had. He should had finished me off when he had the chance, but instead he left me to suffer in repayment for my ‘crimes’ on humanity. That was a grave mistake and that will be the mistake that finishes him off. He will pay for ever crossing me and he will experience the true wrath of Ghost Hunter, one of the most feared mercenaries of Calisota! I will have my revenge and no one will stop me!

The best way to defeat your enemy is to break him by inflicting psychological pain, I had never believed in utilizing that hypothesis before considering since I felt I’d never need it, but by killing his wife he will give up any last remaining will to fight and finishing him would be child’s play.

It is almost laughable really, the woman stood no chance against me, and her husband was in no condition to harm me. Once I’m done with Posiwing, I will journey to the Negaverse where I’d finish off Negawing, I will hunt down every single one of his relatives and counterparts throughout the Multiverse and then my revenge will be satisfaction when the entire Mallard Family Tree is nothing but smoldering ashes.

I decided to prepare myself for a second try at my finishing move “Final Judgment” again, I shrieked furiously as I lost control of my temper, “I will destroy you, even if I have to destroy this miserable city and everyone on it as well!” I shrieked furiously, however before I could execute it, there is a sharp sensation of pain as he draws his sword away.

I had not even seen him draw it until it was too late. In my blind hatred I’d failed to notice that my enemy was ready for me, I’d failed to notice that he had picked up his sword, as it then used it to impale me through the back. The sensation… it was pure… pure, agonizing, screaming pain. I glanced down in disbelief at the sword that ran through my stomach. I swung my head around and saw him with an expression of rage and justice as he brandished it, watching me coldly with those black, soulless eyes and I was paralyzed in fear. Posiwing yanked the blade free, and I staggered backwards, clutching the wound. I had been beyond physical pain for so long that I had nearly forgotten what it was like. Nearly.

I reeled backward in agony as my vision starts to blur, as he brought the sword above his head with every intention to deliver the final blow. I tried to speak but find I cannot, and then I knew it was all over. In that last moment before he had decapitated me, I had a few last remaining thoughts: did I truly had realized how pathetic I was as I died a lonely death, being unloved that perhaps if I did had someone in my life who would care for me as Jessica did to Posiwing, I wouldn’t had suffered this type of fate. Then the blackness rushed up to reclaim me once more.
"You want to know something funny? Even after everything you've done... I would have saved you." - Batman

"That actually is... pretty funny.""- Joker
(Batman to Joker before the latter's death in Arkham City video game, 2011)

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