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Villain audictions


A skunk wearing a fancy white shirt and fancy black pant is standing gracefully in front of the Fearsome Five.
Villain:”I have grace you with my presence, you should feel honor that I have come here to join your team”.
Negaduck:”Oh? And why’s that?”
Villain:”I am the most beautifully, gracefully, amazing, gorgeous and talented person in the whole wide world. All my enemies cowered in fear in my presence”.
Negaduck:”Oh, really?”
Just then, a crate fall down and made a loud crash noise. This startled the skunk which causes him to use his defensive power. He stinks up the place. All the flowers started to fall down. Bushroot quickly tended to the flowers.
Bushroot:”Oh no! What wrong? Are you sick? What that smell?”
Megavolt:”Ahhhh, I can’t see and its smell so bad!”
Quackerjack:”Did someone lets out a stink bomb?”
Liquidator:”There’s an reason why your enemies cowered when you are around, it’s because you know how to stink up a place”.
All the Fearsome Five are covering their noses.
Villain:”You lot has no taste and no sense of smell. There is nothing wrong with me or my power”.
Negaduck quickly presses the button to sends the skunk out of the warehouse and into the water.
Negaduck:”Hurry up! Open the doors and windows!!”
As soon as they open the door, all the villains waiting in line ran away as soon as they smell it. They open a crate containing fans and use them to clear the warehouse of the horrible smell.
Negaduck:”He should work for the do-gooders”.
Quackerjack:”Why’s that?”
Negaduck:”Because they stink!!”
Megavolt:”That’s right! Dorkwing and his friends stink!”
Bushroot:”I hope there no more like him, my poor flowers can’t take that”.
They finished clearing the room.

(NOTE:That all I got. Maybe I come up with more idea, that's a maybe. Hope you enjoy this. See ya)
"I am the terror that flaps in the night!"
"Crystal, that's my line!"
"Just wanted to try it out, Darkwing"

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