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My Adventures

Hello everybody, I had done a fanfiction based on my experience with Darkwing Duck. I'll first post it here on the Old Haunt forum. Hope you guys enjoy it.

Let's see...the Darkwing Duck cartoon came out in that would made me...about 7 years old when I first watch it. Okay, In this story I am about 7 years old.

I find myself in another world. It is night as the sky is dark. I see a house of glass full of plants. I go inside and hide behind the plants. I see a girl duck being tied to the table. I watch as the boy plant duck pulls the switch which causes the table that the girl duck is on to go up. A duck wearing purple top, mask, hat and cape jumps in from the top. I find out from him that the plant duck is called Bushroot. Bushroot sends his plants to attack the duck in purple clothes. After the duck stops the plants, he jumps over to Bushroot and chases him with a machine. After that, the tree breaks the machine but the duck run to the tractor and drives it toward Bushroot. Bushroot uses the flowers to spray yellow things at the duck which causes the duck to fall off the tractor. I hear the girl duck screaming as she is at the top of the house. I look up and see thunder and lightnings. The duck dodges the spikes from the cactus and climbs up the spikes on the wall. He pulls a wire and uses it to swing across to the tractor. He drives the tractor toward Bushroot but a plant grabs him and puts him in a flower pot. A flower is driving the tractor toward the duck. The duck quickly uses his mouth to dig out of the pot and jumps out just in time. The tractor goes under the duck and goes straight onto Bushroot, defeating him. The duck saves the girl duck, hooray! He must be a hero! I go outside and see that the duck is alone. The girl duck must have gone home.

The duck looks around and sees me. “And who’s this?” He walks to me and looks at me. “I never seen a girl like you before. Are you here for my autograph?”

“Auto…graph?” I ask. I don’t know what that is.

The duck takes out a picture of himself and shows it to me. “This is an autograph,” he says to me.

I smile at him. “Yes!” I let my hand out, waiting for his autograph.

“You really want it…?”


“Umm…I said…of course you really want it. Everybody wants my autograph.” He writes on the autograph.

“You’re great! You beat the bad guy and save the girl!” I look at him closely. “I love your clothes, it looks cool!”

“Oh…thanks… most people wouldn’t say that to me,” the duck quietly says.


“I mean…you have good taste in fashion! You know that this is very stylish, great heroes wear these kinds of clothes.”

“Yay, because you’re a hero!”

The duck pats me on my head. “Thanks. What’s your name?”


He writes on the autograph again. “To my number one fan, W.J.C…from your truly, Darkwing Duck. Let’s get dangerous.” He finishes writing and gives me his autograph.

I look at the autograph and give Darkwing Duck a big smile.

Darkwing Duck smiles back at me. “It’s past your bedtime; you better go home to sleep.”

I say goodbye to him and go back home through the portal behind the trees. Back at home, I keep thinking of Darkwing Duck. I want to see him beat more bad guys.

In the next few days, I find myself in another world. I look around and see that I am in a school. I hear somebody fighting in the next room. I look through the door and see Darkwing Duck fighting a bad guy in yellow clothes. I’m back in Darkwing Duck’s world! The bad guy in yellow clothes pulls off Darkwing Duck’s mask. Everybody starts to laugh at Darkwing Duck, even the bad guy in yellow. Why are they laughing at him? What’s so funny? Darkwing Duck tries to beat the bad guy in yellow but he ends up crashing into a wall. The bad guy takes the two people with him. I run to the door to see where he went. I look back and see that Darkwing Duck is gone. I run out to see if I can find the bad guy. I walk into a building. I look inside to see people trapped inside a big lightbulb. The bad guy takes them up on top of the building. I climb up the ladder to the roof. I see Darkwing Duck facing off with the bad guy again. The bad guy uses his power of electricity to push Darkwing Duck off the roof. The bad guy is so happy that he beats him. He goes to the edge of the roof to check on Darkwing Duck, only for Darkwing Duck to spray him with dark green stuff. The bad guy can’t use his power because of the dark green stuff. Darkwing Duck saves the people inside the lightbulb. After that, I find Darkwing Duck quickly cleaning up the mess by himself.

“That was great!” I say to him.

Darkwing Duck jumps up and turns to me. “What?! Oh W.J.C, it’s you. Where did you come from? Uh oh, did you saw what happened?”

“Yes and you’re great for beating that bad guy!”

“You didn’t happen to find out my secret identity, did you?”


Darkwing Duck gets close to me and says, “Don’t tell anyone what you saw here. The only thing you know is that I am Darkwing Duck, nothing else.”

“Of course you’re Darkwing Duck, that’s who you are.”

“Wait, didn’t you heard what my real name is?!”

“What? You have a real name?”

“Forget I say anything. Now that, that’s sorted, how did I do?”

“You’re so cool beating that bad guy and saving all the people!”

“Thanks W.J.C. It’s just what I expected from my number one fan.”

Darkwing Duck tells me that the bad guy he beaten is called Megavolt and that he has the power of electricity. He also says that Megavolt is crazy. Darkwing Duck tells me to go home since it is my bedtime. I say goodbye to him and go to find the portal home. I find the portal in the building.

It is a very hot day in this world. The sun is out and everywhere is very, very hot. I go into a building that has lots of water. A dog guy puts something in the water. Darkwing Duck shows up to put a stop to the dog guy but the dog guy falls into the water. Darkwing Duck puts the brush into the water only for the brush to get burnt off by the water. After Darkwing Duck goes back home, I walk around the place. It is so hot out here. After a while I see Darkwing Duck getting pull into the hole by water. I jump down the hole and see Darkwing Duck on the floor. He gets himself back up and then a guy in a coat and hat comes in. I watch as the guy turns into water which causes his coat and hat to fall onto the floor. He comes back up to face with Darkwing Duck. I look at him and see that he is a dog made of water. It must be that dog guy that fell in the water. That water he fell in must have turned him into water. He called himself the Liquidator. Darkwing Duck punches him but it does not hurt him. Liquidator knocks out Darkwing Duck using his water. I didn’t see what happen next as the water pushes me out onto the street. I look around for Darkwing Duck but I couldn’t find him. I still couldn’t find him after I walk around this place. Things are looking bad. There’s not much water in this place. I walk down the street where I see a little girl selling drinks. Lots of water comes out from the ground and I see Darkwing Duck on the floor. Liquidator is about to do something but is stopped by Darkwing Duck who throws a bag at him. The bag turns Liquidator into a statue. After that, I quickly make my way home to get something to drink. It was too hot in that world.

I find myself on top of a building. I look around and see blue smoke on the window of one of the buildings around me. I go closer toward the building and see that it is Darkwing Duck. I know that it's him because the hole in the window is in the shape of him. He must have gone through the window. I go down the building using the stairs and make my way to the building that Darkwing Duck went in. By the time I get close to the building, Darkwing Duck has already left. I walk around and later find myself on a big boat. The big boat takes me to an island.
I carefully walk around the island as I didn't like the look of some of the people here. I make it to a building where I see two guys in red clothes. They are carrying bags into the building. I also see another guy in a purple dress and wearing fruits on his head. I walk around the place and then hide behind the curtain as I see the bird wearing a hat selling things to the people. All the people want him to sell the list. I see Darkwing Duck taking the paper and quietly getting away. The bird wearing the hat sees that the paper is gone and goes off to find it. He must be the bad guy. I look at the people and see that they are not happy. I really don't like them.
The bad guy bird comes back with the paper. I hope Darkwing Duck is okay. He sells the paper to a goat. The goat pays him lots of money for the paper. The little bird takes the bag full of money but he is grabbed by somebody behind the curtain. I look carefully and see that it is Darkwing Duck with a big guy bird wearing a white suit. The bad guy bird sees them. He isn't happy to see them. Darkwing Duck and the big bird show the bad guy bird the paper. That must be the real paper he was supposed to sell. Darkwing Duck must have swapped the papers. The goat isn't happy as the paper he got isn't the real one. He grabs the bad guy bird by his neck. I move away as I didn't want to get caught by the bad guys. The place is empty now as it is night and all the people have gone home. I see Darkwing Duck talking with the big bird. They are having fun as Darkwing Duck make fun of the bad guy bird. After talking, Darkwing Duck remembers something and they quickly run to one of the room. I follow them and see a very, very small bird walking out of the box. When he talks, he sounds really small.

I played this fun game which was based on a cartoon I watched. I played as the main good guy and flew a plane from left to right and sometime right to left. He can shoot to the right but you can shoot to the left. To shoot to the left, you need to press a button that makes the plane turns upside down. I played it lots of times.
I liked at the start of the cartoon when the good guy threw the pineapple into his plane which caused the cut pineapples to fly right on the bad guy’s face, I laughed when I saw that. I remembered in one of the cartoon where this little cat bad guy tried to get rid of this monkey’s shop. The two bears helped the monkey to outsmart the cat bad guy until the tiger came in. The cat bad guy tried to blow them up at the end but the little bear did something that sent the cat bad guy flying into the sky.
Another one is where this bad guy tried to get close to the girl bear’s mommy. He only did that so that he can get the statue from the little girl bear. At the end, the bad guy dropped the statue into some dangerous coloured water when these guys jumped onto him. I found that scary because I thought that the water was very dangerous if people fall in.

Another fun game I played reminded me of Darkwing Duck. I played this game a lot and I liked the music in the game. The hero looked kinda like Darkwing Duck and the bad guys looked like those bad guys from his world. The only bad guy I don’t see from Darkwing’s world was the wolf bad guy that turned into a wolf when the moon was out and back into a duck when there was no moon. When I first got to the boss, I looked carefully at the first boss that I faced. The first boss I faced looked like that clown duck Quackerjack and his banana toy. I saw Darkwing Duck fought him when I went to his world. Sometime, Quackerjack worked with Megavolt.

I am inside a building where I see Darkwing Duck who is stuck to a round bird. The old dog wants a feather from Darkwing Duck. The girl dog pulls a feather off of Darkwing Duck. That looks like it hurts. The old dog puts the feather into the water and then drinks it. The old dog is now a young dog. Darkwing Duck tries to beat him with a flying kick but the young dog is too strong.
I look behind the door to see the young dog tying Darkwing Duck upside down and the round bird on the table. He then puts the two dogs into the locker and sets up a bomb on the table. I quickly hide behind the table when the young dog comes through the door. When the young dog is gone, I try to open the door to help Darkwing Duck but the door is locked. I pull on the door again but it still won’t open. I follow the young dog to see if I can find something to help Darkwing Duck. The young dog is filling the cans up with that water. I need to push those cans over to stop him. I quietly walk over to one of the cans and push it. It’s too heavy, I can’t push it over.
Darkwing Duck and the round bird come in to stop the young dog. They got out of that room. Was that door locked or did I try to open it the wrong way? I quietly move away from the cans and hide behind the door. Darkwing Duck does another flying kick but the young dog stops it and squeezes Darkwing Duck’s foot. The round bird then spins both him and Darkwing Duck around. They crash into the young dog and into the water. All three of them turn into babies. The baby dog is not too happy about it. He tries to fight baby Darkwing Duck but baby Darkwing Duck hits him on his head. The baby dog runs to the table and gets the bottle. Baby Darkwing Duck runs after him. The baby dog is about to drink the bottle but is stop by the two dogs that he threw in the locker. The big dog grabs the baby dog and then grabs baby Darkwing Duck who runs toward them.
The baby round bird zooms past and goes under the big dog’s legs. The big dog and the girl dog start to walk toward the water but then the baby round bird comes back in with the moving table with a bomb on it. This causes the big dog to drop baby Darkwing Duck and the baby dog. Both the big dog and the girl dog are on top of the table and they are moving toward the water. The girl dog drops the bottle and baby Darkwing Duck catches it. They crash into the water which causes the bomb to blow up and destroy the water. It also changes the big dog and the girl dog into babies. Baby Darkwing Duck drinks the bottle which turns him back to his normal self. He gives the bottle to the baby round bird who drinks the bottle and turns back to normal. Darkwing Duck puts the babies in a cage for the police to pick up.

After a few days, I find myself walking around the town. I know this town, I seen those buildings before. I’m back in Darkwing Duck’s world. I look around and see Darkwing Duck walking down the street. He is different; he is not wearing his normal clothes. He wears a light coloured hat with wings on top, light coloured clothes and white cape. I do not like that.

Darkwing Duck sees me and throws flowers around me. “Hello W.J.C, it’s such a beautiful day.” Darkwing Duck looks at me and notices I’m giving him a weird look. “What’s wrong W.J.C?”

“I don’t like it,” I say to him.

“Don’t like what?”

I point at his clothes. “I don’t like it. You don’t look good in that. I like your other clothes.”

“W.J.C… Look, this is the new me now; the new and improve Darkwing Duck. Everybody loves me now.”

“I don’t like it; I like your other clothes. I like it when you beat the bad guys up with your cool moves and save the world.”

“W.J.C, violence is not the answer. Kindness and peace is the only way to fight crime. You don’t punch the criminals, you give them a hug. You don’t kick them, you dance with them. You don’t shoot with your gas gun, you shower them with flowers. You show them kindness and they’ll give up their criminal way,” says Darkwing Duck while dancing about.

I really don’t like it. “I still don’t like it.”

“You’ll get used to it. You’ll learn to like my new and improve self.” Darkwing Duck notices something is happening down the street. “I’ve better get going, see you W.J.C.” Darkwing Duck quickly runs down the street.

I don’t like the new look, I want the old Darkwing Duck back. I didn’t follow Darkwing Duck. I walk around for a while. I see another duck that looks just like Darkwing Duck. The only difference is the colour of his clothes. He wears black and yellow clothes and a red and black hat. I follow him to a building. I climb up the side of the building using the ladders. I hear laughing from one of the windows. I look through the window to see the duck on top of lots of money. He is really happy about it.

I then hear a voice shouts, “I am the terror that flaps in the night!”

The duck doesn’t look too happy to hear that. I look at the door and see Darkwing Duck. I am so happy to see that Darkwing Duck is back to normal.

“I am the muddy shoes that track the linoleum of crime!” Darkwing Duck shouts.

I don’t understand what that means but I’m still happy that Darkwing Duck is back.

“No!” shouts the duck.

“Yes!” shouts Darkwing Duck. He walks toward the duck. “I am Darkwing Duck!”

The duck runs down to face off with Darkwing Duck. Are they going to fight? Oh, this is going to be an amazing fight. After they talk, the duck closes the door in Darkwing Duck’s face. Darkwing Duck kicks the door down on top of the duck. He walks onto the door and jumps on it. I hear Darkwing Duck called the other duck, mega duck. Mega duck lifts the door from under him and throws it up to the ceiling which squishes Darkwing Duck. He then grabs Darkwing Duck and throws him out of the room. I jump through the window and follow them to the next room. Mega duck does a flying jump kick at Darkwing Duck only for Darkwing Duck to duck down to avoid his attack. Mega duck misses and falls down the stairs. Darkwing Duck runs down the stairs. I run down the stairs and meet up with Darkwing Duck at the bottom of the stairs.

“W.J.C?! What are you doing here?!” Darkwing Duck asks me.

“I came to see you fight mega duck,” I say to him. I hear something behind Darkwing Duck. I try to look behind Darkwing Duck to see what’s going on but he stops me.

“Nothing to see here except for a lot of punching and kicking,” Darkwing Duck says to me. We walk back up the stairs. “What are you doing here?!”

“I see mega duck and follow him here,” I say to Darkwing Duck.

“Mega duck?”

“That bad guy you fight with, the one that falls down.”

“Oh, you mean Negaduck!”

“Mega duck.”

“No it’s Negaduck with a ‘N’.”


“That’s right.”

“I follow Negaduck here and then I see you fight him. I’m so happy that you are back.”

We go to the room with the money. Darkwing Duck lefts a paper and his light coloured clothes on the money. We jump out of the window.

“Thanks W.J.C,” Darkwing Duck says to me as we walk down the street.


“Thanks for liking me for who I am…and for liking my outfit.”

I point at his clothes. “I like that more than that other one,” I say to him.

Darkwing Duck laughs. “I noticed and I’m glad that you didn’t get used to the other outfit.” He looks at the sky to see that it is night. “It’s dark now; you should get back home to bed.”

I wave goodbye to him as Darkwing Duck gets into his motorbike and drives back home. I go back home through the portal.

After a few days, I go back to Darkwing Duck’s world only to see him saying goodbye to someone who disappears with the house. I look at Darkwing Duck to see that he is sad to see her go. I wonder who she is. I didn’t get the chance to ask Darkwing Duck as the portal sends me back home. I hope Darkwing Duck is okay.

I am send back to Darkwing Duck’s world where I see Darkwing fighting against a chicken guy with a steel mouth. The chicken guy tries to grab Darkwing Duck but Darkwing Duck dodges him. After missing him again, Darkwing Duck swings around a pole and hits the chicken guy in the face. That’s a cool move he did. Before Darkwing Duck can put him to jail, a girl bird with a mop escapes with the chicken guy.

I go to another world where I find myself inside a building. I don’t know how I got in here. I look outside to see that I am in what looks like a bridge. Wow, I can see the whole city from up here! I look around the building and see a computer, a plane, a motorbike and a kitchen.

“W.J.C?! How did you got into my hideout?!”

I turn to the voice and see Darkwing Duck. “I don’t know,” I say to him.

“You have no idea how you got here?”

“I have no idea.”

Darkwing Duck walks to me. “There is nothing to see here, why don’t I help you get home.”

“This is your hideout?”

“Did I shout that out loud?”


“I should’ve watched what I was saying. W.J.C, don’t tell anyone about this. This is my secret hideout.”

“I won’t tell.”

“Thanks.” Darkwing Duck shows me around his hideout. After he finishes showing me around, he says to me, “I got something that you’ll really like.” He goes into a drawer and pulls out two books.

I look at the books to see that they are comic books. I smile at Darkwing Duck and say, “I like comic books!”

Darkwing laughs and smiles back at me. “I thought you would and I know that you will like these as they are stories from your truly; me. Took me a while but I finally got someone to publish my comics.”

I couldn’t hear what Darkwing Duck said at the end as he quietly said it. I think he said something about finally getting his comics. I pick the one with a picture of what looks like Darkwing Duck with a pirate ship.

Darkwing Duck sits next to me. “I see you want to read that one first. This took place three hundred years ago where there was another masked mallard of righteousness; Darkwing Doubloon!” Darkwing Duck reads out the comic and acting it out. “On the first page you see the King and Queen being served tea by Seaman Drake. But what’s this, a shadowy figure behind the sail?! It’s the Darkwing Doubloon; scourge of the seven seas, says the King. The wind blows the sail away to reveal that it was only Seaman Drake. Little do they know, and I mean that, there were supervillains then too just like today in fact…exactly like today.” Darkwing Duck turns the page to where we see the bad guys. There’re Megavolt, Liquidator, Bushroot, Quackerjack and Negaduck in it. “The evil pirate Negaduck and his crew set sail for the King’s ship to rob it of all the jewels. The King isn’t worry since he isn’t Darkwing Doubloon, hearing that name make captain Negaduck very angry. Negaduck and his pirates take all the King’s jewels and got away with nobody to stop them.” Darkwing Duck turns the page where we see the King and his family inside the ship. “With all their jewels gone, what are they going to do? Help, Help! The King’s ship is sinking, save yourself! She’s going down sire, shouted Seaman Drake. The King and his family escape the ship by going into the lifeboat and rowing to safety. Under the guise of the fearsome pirate, the Darkwing Doubloon strikes for justice!” The next page shows two guys, one little girl and a dinosaur. “With the King’s vessel, Darkwing Doubloon gets his crew and they go after Negaduck and his evil pirates. Now on the next page, Negaduck is counting the jewels and unfairly shares them with his crew. I am the terror that sails the sea, I’m the flea on your parrot, I am the Darkwing Doubloon! It seems Negaduck wants to fight the great Darkwing Doubloon. Oh my, Negaduck’s cape has got in his way. He can’t see a thing. Darkwing Doubloon quickly kicks the plank around while he is not looking. As soon as Negaduck gets his cape out of his face, Darkwing Doubloon says, farewell Negaduck, you have beaten the great Darkwing Doubloon.”

I smile and laugh when I see Darkwing Duck acting that part out. Darkwing Duck pretends to fall down with a scream and then makes a splash sound.

“And as you can see, Negaduck fell for it and ended up walking the plank.” Darkwing Duck shows me the page where Negaduck falls into the water. “Darkwing Doubloon disappears into the blue smoke while fighting Negaduck. He returns to his crew, explaining his first meeting with Negaduck. That first encounter with Negaduck was to give him a false sense of advantage. Now it’s time to show him who’s the scourge of the seas.” Darkwing Duck turns to the next page. “Oh, this is the good part. It’s the Darkwing Doubloon pirates against Negaduck pirates. As you can see, Darkwing Doubloon is winning. While fighting Negaduck and his pirates, they cleverly hide the King’s jewels and take them back to the ship.”

I look at the pages to see each of the good guys fighting against the bad guys. The one in the armour is beating Megavolt, another good guy is having problem beating Liquidator and the dinosaur has been capture by Bushroot. Liquidator beats the good guy and then helps Megavolt to beat the other good guy in the armour. Darkwing Doubloon ends up walking the plank into the water.

“They succeeded in retrieving the King’s jewels; unfortunately, they didn’t realize that one of their crew members was locked up inside a chest. Once they do realize that they were missing Gosalyn, they quietly return to the ship to get her back only for Negaduck to hold her capture. They trade the King’s jewels for her freedom but Negaduck breaks his word and kept the entire King’s jewels and Gosalyn. Back at the King’s ship, Darkwing Doubloon comes up with a plan to rescue her. They fire the cannon at Negaduck’s ship. Negaduck returns fire and they both sail their ships toward each other. After going past Negaduck’s ship, Darkwing Doubloon puts his plan into action. He turns up the water and makes it look like that their ship is sinking. Negaduck thought that he was winning so he ties Gosalyn to the front of his ship and sails right for them. Darkwing Doubloon sees that Gosalyn is tied to the front of Negaduck’s ship and orders his men to sail away. He then gets fired from the cannon and onto Negaduck’s ship.”

I look at the pictures to see Darkwing Doubloon beating Megavolt with horse shoes. He then goes to where Gosalyn is and unties her. Negaduck crashes his ship right through Darkwing Doubloon’s ship, breaking it in half.

“Unhappy with his defeated, Darkwing Doubloon plans to follow Negaduck and prove to him who’s the best scourge of the seas. Luckily, Gosalyn took the map from Negaduck which shows where he kept all the treasure he stolen. They make it to the island and wait for Negaduck and his pirates. One by one they take down Negaduck’s pirates while they’re singing their way to their hideout. They didn’t see it coming.”

It’s getting to the good part where Darkwing Doubloon fights Negaduck inside a cave. Darkwing Doubloon lights the candle and fights him with his sword. Negaduck knocks Darkwing Doubloon’s sword away with his sword. Darkwing Doubloon rolls over to the candle and uses it to fight Negaduck. Negaduck blows the candle out. I can’t see what is happening. It’s too dark to see the fight. I want to see the fight.

“And when the light comes back on, you can see that Darkwing Doubloon has beaten Negaduck.” Darkwing Duck turns to the last page. “The King is happy that he has his ship and his jewels back. Seaman Drake carries on serving his King and Darkwing Doubloon remains as scourge of the seven seas, the end.” Darkwing Duck closes the comic book. “Which part did you like W.J.C?”

“I like how you beat the bad guys at the end.”

“Yeah, that was great.” Darkwing Duck opens the other comic book. “This one is called the Secret Origins of Darkwing Duck. It’s a fun little story I wrote. Our hero was born on another planet called Sitcom. When he was just a baby, his parents sent him to Gribblefritz because Sitcom was blowing up. Meanwhile, on the other side of town, the evil cousin of Darkwing outsmarted his evil parents and flew off in his spaceship. It turned out that it was the fathers’ fault for blowing up Sitcom…due to the evil father building a giant bomb and some complication with the detonator. On his way to Gribblefritz, baby Darkwing collided with his evil cousin.”


“I mean his spaceship bumped into his cousin’s. Because of this, they were both knocked off course. Baby Darkwing landed in the quiet monastery on Earth where he was found by a venerable one known as Lenny.” Darkwing Duck notices that I giving him a look. “You don’t understand what venerable mean, do you?”

“Nope and I don’t know what monastery.”

“Monastery is a building of monks and venerable means…umm…a very respectful person who is usually wise.” Darkwing Duck notices that I’m still giving him the look on the last part. “It’s a very important person, okay!”


“Lenny took an immediate shine to the tiny passenger. The wise old blind monk called him Stinky and taught young Stinky to find inner peace, respect for all living things and how to beat people senseless. When it is time for him to leave the monastery, he travelled through the desert to search for the hole in his heart. He found a genie and defeated him using the genie own size and strength against him. The genie granted him three wishes. Stinky wished for a Koo-Koo Cola, a snazzy new threads and the secret to the Genie’s smokin’ entrance. Still walking through the desert, Stinky was picked up by his evil cousin. His evil cousin grew up greedy and mean spirited, though that is to be expected since he was raised by space pirates. He made Stinky an offer; help him conquer the planet and he’ll let him breathe. Stinky naturally replied-“


“…Yeah, you can say that. His evil cousin dropped him back to the planet as he is too good. Stinky luckily landed on the Thunderquack where he met with the Mysterious Masked Avenger of Evil…Avenger for short, and her fateful sidekick and all round nice guy; Launchpad McQuack. After Stinky told them his whole story, Avenger and Launchpad took Stinky to their hideout. At the hideout, Stinky learnt of the Avenger’s one weakness; Koo-Koo Cola. He also got a new name from the Avenger. He was now called Darkwing Duck. They flew through the sky toward Darkwing’s evil cousin. They flew in close to stop him, but their Thunderquack disintegrated from the spaceship’s attack. They fell down into a soft drink factory where they fell into Koo-Koo Cola. They tried to save the Avenger but it was too late. With her last words, Darkwing Duck found his destiny; to be the terror that flaps in the night, to fight evil and villainy and crookedness and…skulduggery!”


“It’s another way of saying dishonest or underhand. Now where was I? Darkwing saw that his evil cousin came back to conquer the planet. With the help of Launchpad, they got close to the spaceship where Darkwing entered inside to stop his evil cousin. But wait, he never fights crime before. How was he supposed to do that? Thinking back about what the genie said, he appeared before his evil cousin in blue smoke while saying; I am the terror that flaps in the night, I am the hero that every culture in every world needs, I am Darkwing Duck! As you know this was the scene where good triumph over evil but the evil cousin had other plans. He pointed his gun at Darkwing’s face. Darkwing remembered what Avenger said and gave his evil cousin his best dangerous look. His evil cousin still pointed his gun at Darkwing and that when Darkwing remembered the gas gun that was given to him by his father.” Darkwing rolls over and takes out his gas gun while explaining what is happening. He points his gas gun and pretends that he is fighting the bad guy. “Then he said; suck gas evildoer! Now that his evil cousin dropped his gun, he thought back to the venera- I mean the wise old blind monk and his teaching. He kicked down his evil cousin and backed him against the corner. His evil cousin realized that he was no match for him, tried to tell him that he was just kidding around. Darkwing used his fighting techniques to beat his evil cousin senseless. He saved the planet from his evil cousin and made the Avenger proud, the end.” Darkwing closes the comic book. “What did you think of that?”

“I like the bit where you beat up the bad guy at the end.”

“You’re an action kind of girl, aren’t you? Here, you can have these.” Darkwing gives me the comics. I am so happy that I hug him. Darkwing hugs me back. “You’re such a good girl W.J.C. Just like my little girl…except for your personality, she won’t be caught wearing that dress. Oh and W.J.C, about Negaduck…we’re not cousin,” Darkwing says to me.

“He’s just a bad guy who looks like you and wear same clothes as you…only he’s the bad guy,” I say.

“Wait, you don’t think Negaduck is relative to me?”

“No, he’s just the bad guy that looks like you.”

“You’re very naïve. I’ll tell you who Negaduck is but not now, it’s getting late and you need to get home. I’ll tell you the truth about him next time, trust me, okay?”


Darkwing smiles at me and pats me on my head. “Time for you to get home…unless you’re having a sleepover at my place.”

“What’s a sleepover?”

“You really are naïve. A sleepover is where you go to your friend’s house and sleep at their place instead of your own home. I don’t think you have permission from your parents to have a sleepover so you better run back home before it get really late. I’ll see you again W.J.C.”

“See you again,” I say to Darkwing and go out of Darkwing’s hideout. I find the portal at the bottom of the bridge and go into it.
"I am the terror that flaps in the night!"
"Crystal, that's my line!"
"Just wanted to try it out, Darkwing"

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