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Drabble of random stories

Hi everybody, it has been a while since I post a fanfiction. I have come up with this fun idea thanks to the reviewer on the Fanfiction website and my friends here on this forum (thank you Ghost Cat for your kind words). This idea came to me when I was relaxing. I hope you all like this.

It’s a battlezone in this wasted place. Most of the buildings are broken due to explosions. Most of the grounds are broken and uneven. There are broken cars all around and broken signs everywhere.

Darkwing is hiding behind a crumbly wall, hiding from the enemies’ attacks. “How did it end up like this?” questions Darkwing. Darkwing’s outfit is a bit different. He is wearing leather belt around his waist and a night vision goggles on top of his hat. He gets out a Grain Pistol which shoots out seeds in a wide area. He pokes his head up to see the enemies. The enemies seem to be mole henchmen working for Professor Moliarty. Darkwing aims his Grain Pistol and shoots all the mole henchmen that come too close to him, knocking them out. He keeps shooting until he runs out of ammunitions. “Oh great, what a great time to run out,” says Darkwing, annoyed. He goes back to hiding behind the wall. “Gotta look for ammunitions, gotta look for ammunitions!” He quickly looks around but couldn’t find any. The mole henchmen come closer and closer until- BANG! One of them is knock out by a feather. One by one, they get knock out by feathers. Darkwing looks around and finds Gosalyn on the second floor of a ruined house. “Gosalyn?! What are you doing here?!”

“Here to back you up,” she replies. She is also wearing leather belt and night vision goggles. Her weapon is a Feather Sniper which can shoot feathers from a faraway distance.

“This is too dangerous for you, leave this fighting to me!”

“And let you get surrounded by the bad guys? No way!”

After knocking out all the enemies on the street, they quickly run into the next street. They make their way into the park. The park is full of holes in the ground and broken trees. More mole henchmen come toward them.

Darkwing looks around. “This isn’t good. There’s no cover to hide behind.”

“We’re just shoot them down,” says Gosalyn.

“Gosalyn, your weapon isn’t good for close range shooting,” says Darkwing.

Just then, an egg flies toward the mole henchmen and blows up, knocking the group of mole henchmen out. “Direct hit,” says Gizmoduck as he rolls over to them. He is wearing the same leather belt as Darkwing and Gosalyn. He has the Eggzooka which is a bazooka that fires explosive eggs. “Hi there,” he greets Darkwing and Gosalyn.

“You got to be kidding me! Why are you here?!” asks Darkwing. He can’t believe Gizmoduck is here.

“I’m here to help my fellow teammates,” Gizmoduck replies.

More mole henchmen show up to attack them only for them to get knock out by a waterbomb from above. Darkwing looks and sees Scrooge McDuck wearing the same leather belt as him and a night vision goggles on his hat. He is using a Waterbomb Launcher which fires homing water bombs at the enemies. Darkwing rubs his eyes in disbelief. “I can’t believe my eyes! Scrooge McDuck?!”

“Aye! Since we’re on the same side, you better pull your own weight or we’ll be surrounded by the enemies,” says Scrooge.

“Don’t need to worry about that, I always pull my own weight…just as soon as I get some ammunitions,” says Darkwing.

“You should have been well stocked,” says Scrooge.

After collecting ammunitions from the boxes in the park, they quickly move through the park and into the next street. More enemies fill the street.

“By the time we get to the enemies’ base, we’ll be too weak and out of ammunitions to do anything,” says Darkwing. He sees that the enemies’ base is far across the town.

“You have a point. We need some sort of vehicle to help us get to the enemies’ base,” says Scrooge.

“What great luck, here’s one now,” says Gizmoduck. He points at the sky where a big cargo helicopter is flying toward them. It lands near them. “Come on everybody! Let’s get in before we get attack!”

They all get in the cargo helicopter. The cargo helicopter flies up into the sky before the enemies can attack them. “Now to get to the enemies’ base,” says Darkwing. He and Scrooge walk over to the cockpit. “Hey, great timing!” Darkwing says to the pilot.

The pilot turns to look at them. “Hey DW! Oh, hey Mr. McDee!”

“Launchpad?!” both Darkwing and Scrooge shout at the same time.

“Yep, that’s me,” says Launchpad. He is wearing a leather belt too and a night vision goggles.

“Oh no!” say Darkwing and Scrooge. They are worry that Launchpad might crash the cargo helicopter.

“Need a lift to the enemies’ base? No problem, I’ll get there in no time,” says Launchpad. He flies toward the enemies’ base.

Darkwing looks out the door and sees Tuskernini below on top of a house. He and his penguins are using Eggzookas.

Tuskernini sees the cargo helicopter. “What a perfect position. This will be my masterpiece. Everybody, aim for that helicopter!” Tuskernini shouts at the penguins.

“LP, get us out of here!” Darkwing shouts.

“What is going on?” Scrooge asks. He looks at where Darkwing is looking. “Bless me bagpipes! Launchpad, get us out of here or we’ll be blow to tiny pieces!”

“Is all your unlimited ammunitions on?” Tuskernini asks the penguins. They nod yes to him. “Then let’s start rolling. Light, camera and action!” The penguins start to fire the Eggzookas. All the Eggzookas blow up and knock Tuskernini and all his penguins out.

“What just happened?” Gizmoduck asks.

“Keen Gear! Their weapons backfired!” says Gosalyn.

“It seems luck is on our side,” says Scrooge.

They make it to the enemies’ base. “Looks like we can’t get in until we destroy that barrier,” says Darkwing.

“No problem, leave that to me,” says Launchpad. He flies the cargo helicopter toward the barrier’s main source supply.

“Launchpad no!” everyone shout.

The cargo helicopter crashes into the barrier’s main source supply, destroying the barrier and the cargo helicopter. Everybody makes it out.

“Launchpad, that was the craziest idea you came up with,” says Scrooge.

“Actually, I was going to fly us close to that machine so that you can shoot it down,” says Launchpad.

“Then why did you crashed into it?” Scrooge asks.

“I lost control of it. I don’t know how that happened.”

“At least we got rid of the barrier. Now we can go inside and beat them,” says Gizmoduck.

“Geez, I’m more of a pilot than a fighter,” says Launchpad.

“What weapon do you got?” Gosalyn asks.

“Gatling Waterweed Gun,” Launchpad answers. “It shoots lots of water weeds really quickly.”

“That’s an awesome weapon,” says Gosalyn.

“It is if you can knock your enemies out. I keep missing them,” says Launchpad. “I do a lot better crashing planes into them than using this.”

“Just back us up and be careful where you aim it,” says Scrooge.

They run toward the entrance of the enemies’ base. Mole henchmen show up and attack them. They take cover behind the overturned cars. They fight back with their weapons. After knocking them out, they run toward the entrance. One mole henchman comes out from behind and fires at Darkwing.

“Watch out!” shouts Gosalyn. She jumps in front of the attack and is knocked down.

Darkwing shoots his Grain Pistol at the mole henchman and knocks him out. He runs over to Gosalyn and holds her body in his arms. “Gosalyn, no! Stay with me, you’ll be okay!”

“Don’t…worry about…me. Go…and destroy the…base. We…won’t…win if you…don’t destroy it,” says Gosalyn.

“But Gos-“

“Go…before it’s…too late.” Gosalyn falls unconscious.

“Poor lass, she didn’t deserve that,” says Scrooge.

Launchpad is crying his eyes out. “Oh Gosalyn! She was a great fighter!”

Gizmoduck blows his nose with a tissue. “Our fellow teammate, we will not forget what you done for us.”

Darkwing gently puts down Gosalyn. “Let’s go. We’ll win this for us and for Gosalyn. Let’s get dangerous!”

They quickly run into the enemies’ base. They knock out any mole henchmen that get in their way using their weapons. When they make it to the main room of the base, they destroy the main computer and blow up the base.

Darkwing raises his hands in the air. “Victory, we won!” he shouts. Everybody cheer.

Back in the Mallard’s house, Drake is dancing while singing, “We won!” He hears the front door opens. He quickly hides the computer by throwing a blanket on it and quickly stands near the door. Gosalyn walks in. “And where have you been, young lady?” Drake asks her.

Gosalyn stops and looks at her father. “I…I been to the…library. You said that I need to study more,” she answers.

“Really? You’re sure you didn’t went to the internet café to play that nonsense online game Battlepond: the War of the Ducks?”

“No…I…I didn’t…”

“I know you well as I’m your father. Now get to your room and do your homework.”

“The only reason you knew is because you were playing it too.”

“What…?! I…”

“Don’t try to hide it. You were playing it too.”

“How would you know?”

“You’re the only one who made an avatar based on Darkwing Duck.”

“What?! Really?! Nobody else makes a Darkwing Duck avatar except for me?!” Drake covers his beak when he realizes what he just said. “Enough of this, go to your room and do your homework!”

“Okay,” Gosalyn says sadly. She walks up the stairs.

“And Gosalyn!”


Drake smiles at her. “Great work teammate!” He salutes her.

Gosalyn smiles back and salutes. “You too, great work there teammate.” She goes upstairs to do her homework.

Drake takes the blanket off the computer. He sees that he got a message from Fen#C#. “What’s this? Great work teammate. Your avatar is great. Did you based him off Darkwing Duck?” He smiles when he reads that. He starts typing ‘Yes, I based him off the cool hero Darkwing Duck’ and sends the message. Fen#C# replies back with ‘That’s great! I based my on my favourite hero, Gizmoduck’. Drake doesn’t like that and starts typing again. ‘Yeah, well Darkwing Duck is the best!’ He sends it. Fen#C# replies back with ‘No, Gizmoduck is the best!” Drake types in ‘No, Darkwing is the best!” and sends it. They keep on arguing through message on the computer.

In an abandoned studio, Tuskernini and his penguins are in front of the laptops. Tuskernini is furious to see the words ‘Game Over’ on all their screens. “What is the meaning of this?! Why did they blew up?! Everything was perfect! We’ll blow up our enemies in the helicopter and then we go after their base. How did this happen?!” One of the penguins types in his laptop. He carries his laptop and shows Tuskernini. Tuskernini looks at the information on the laptop. “Mmm, anyone using cheats while online will be punished with weapons that will self-destruct resulting in a game over,” Tuskernini reads out. “So I can’t use the unlimited ammunitions cheat? Then how are you supposed to win?! And worst of all, someone made an avatar based on Darkwing Duck! Why did someone made an avatar based on Darkwing Duck?!”

Deep underground;

“I lost? I planned everything so well. At least I know that plan won’t work, back to the old drawing board,” says Professor Moliarty. “I can’t believe someone made an avatar based on that annoying hero. What was he thinking?!”

The End

I came up with this idea when I asked myself, "What would Darkwing do when he plays online game?" And this is the result. I hope you enjoy reading this.
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