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::a puff of white smoke::

I am the newbie that posts in the night*! I am the writer that runs with the most predictable reference! I am... Ninjakitten! Dwcape

And I am probably less sorry than I ought to be.

Darkwing Duck was my favourite part of the Disney Afternoon -- I'd watch the shows on before it, and liked them okay, but mostly I was really just waiting for Darkwing. (I never really watched much of the ones that came after it, 'cause things I liked better were on other channels. Plus, I discovered the internet.)

Cut to ::cough::twenty-odd::cough:: years later (okay, last week) and I had to record myself singing "a theme song from an old cartoon" for... reasons. Sweeping soporific soliloquy significantly shortened so surely slightly more scintillating: I ended up (re)watching all 91 episodes of DWD. And reading all the comics I could get my hands on. And noticing none of my friends were particularly interested. Aaaand then I ended up here.

So... hi!

* It's always night somewhere.

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