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The Frequency Fiends

Two basic thoughts here:

1) Lampshaded in the episode, but seriously, what kind of weapon is that?! Who wants the worst bits of a bad guy running around independent and basically immortal? Who even wants the worst bits of a GOOD guy doing that? Why would you BUILD that?! Anyone got a plausible explanation of the IC thinking behind its creation?

2) Okay, so Gosalyn's worst three traits were her ego, her temper, and her... I can't remember if they named it precisely so I'm gonna go with 'irresponsible hedonism' and be glad she's a kid. What would other people have had if it shot them? I think it's pretty fair to assume DW would get ego and temper as well, but what would #3 be? What about Launchpad, or Honker, or any of the villains?

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