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Negaverse Chronicles

First off, this isn't my story. Well, technically I wrote one chapter/episode. But most of this story belongs to my fellow fanfiction writer, ahilty. But it is really good and even has a TvTropes Page for it.

In the Darkwing Duck episode "Life, the Negaverse, and Everything," Darkwing Duck find himself in an Alternate Universe that is home to Negaduck. Specifically, he finds himself in the Negaverse, where the good people are evil and the villains of his universe, the other members of the Fearsome Five, are instead heroes, the Friendly Four.

This is their story.

In ahilty's first story, Nightfall in the Negaverse, the origins of the various members of the Friendly Four and how they first come together as a team to fight against Negaduck is explored. It shows how they go from being a determined rat, a crazed toymaker, a friendly lab assistant, and a simple salesman to heroes.

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The sequel,Three Years, is an episodic series of adventures in the three years from when the Friendly Four first form to when Darkwing Duck stumbles into their universe. While they claim in the episode never been able to defeat Negaduck before the arrival of Darkwing, there are other villains in the Negaverse and they can still make a difference.
Darkwing: "Have I ever told you the story of the little girl, the golf club, and the firing squad?"

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