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Beware, the ghost has returned...

Its great to hear from you again after all this time, Lupineleigh. My old man just sufferfed a terrible infection in his leg which was forced to be amputated. He's currently at Rehab, but he is expecting to make a recovery and will acquire a prothetic leg in the nearby future. My family's struggling finanically because of this hectic ordeal, but we are gradually recovering from it, and our lives will return back to normal soon. So that's excellent.

And its refreshing to meet you both, Bookwormgal and Ninjakitten. I know its too late for me to say this - but welcome to the Old Haunt! I know it resembles a ghost town, but I'm confident that we'll get more members very soon.r
"You want to know something funny? Even after everything you've done... I would have saved you." - Batman

"That actually is... pretty funny.""- Joker
(Batman to Joker before the latter's death in Arkham City video game, 2011)

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