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The Rules of Roleplay [Read first!]

These are all pretty self-explanatory but give 'em a look-over anyways:

- Fancharacters are allowed, but you need to post their Character profile before participating.

- When starting an RP, it is suggested you start with a character sign-up sheet for your plot in the OOC Discussion forum to determine who will play which characters. This prevents there from being more than two Negaducks or --God forbid (at least for Darkwing)- four Gizmoducks!

- If you want to be connected to someone else's fancharacter (such as making them siblings or arch-enemies) you must ASK the other person for permission first.

- NO GOD MODDING. Your characters cannot be 'invincible'. They must have some sort of weakness.

- If someone else is running the RP plot, do not try to take over their story or ideas unless you are given permission. Always talk to the GM (Game master) if you plan on doing anything drastic that could affect their plot.

- The GM (Game master) is the person who makes the RP topic and creates the setting and plot for the RP. Sometimes the plot may be random but other times the GM may have a storyline planned. When participating in someone else's RP remember that they call the shots and take the story where it needs to go.

- You are free to create your own storylines.

- Any RP that is left inactive for more than 2 months will be moved to the Archives.

- Always remain in character. Out of character discussion is reserved for the OOC Discussion forum. You are however, allowed to make minor OOC comments within an RP as long as they aren't too lengthy.

- If any OOC arguments break out within the RP an admin will step in to moderate the situation. If things get insane the RP thread will be locked until the issue is resolved.

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