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Money Grows On Kids New Story- 4-15-09

New story. This one has nothing in it.

The post below do not reflect on this story.

I hope you guys like this story.

I do not own Darkwing Duck or any characters therein.
I only own, Victoria May Kramer-Summerlin,
Samantha May Kramer-Summerlin, and the name Kip Gunner.

Rated G

Suspence/ comfort

Chapter 1

On a beautful sunny day in St. Canard, Negaduck was on his way to pick up his five year young daughter, Samantha, from a friends house.
Samantha and some other girls from her school, had a birthday party for Sam's friend. The mothers of both girls let them have a sleep over.
Negaduck told his wife, Vicky, that he would pick up Sam from her friends house this afternoon.

Right after he robs a bank. But, Vicky doesn't have to know about that!

Negaduck, to his own surprise, turns out to be a good father.
Who loves his daughter very much. That was something Vicky never thought possible. But, here he is...a father, on his way to pick up little Samantha, his daughter.

It was almost 5:00pm. Negaduck was running a bit late.
The bank needed robbed. And, since he was in town, why not hit it?!
The bags of money were in the small trunk of his Dodge Viper.
He doesn't want little Samantha to see the bags full of money.
Sam might not understand what the bags are and report it all to Vicky. And, Vicky is the last person Negaduck wants to know about the bank robbery that happen this afternoon.

In a rich section of St. Canard, little Samantha sat on the steps of her friend's house, waiting for Negaduck to come pick her up.
Every once in a while, the mother of Sam's friend, would come to the door window and check out on Sam. The call of Sam's father came just before Sam went out to sit. A call from a Kip Gunner, which no one knows is Negaduck. Vicky named him that to give him a real name. She hates calling him Negaduck all the time.
Negaduck is more his criminal name then his real name.

The woman saw that Sam is ok. So, she walked away from the window and went back to cleaning house. Samantha just sat there.
Every once in a while, she would look up and down the street for Negaduck's nice yellow Dodge Viper. But, no sign of him yet.

Two young looking men stood beside the house, looking at the cute little blonde hair girl sitting on the steps of the house.
They were talking amongest themselves about Samantha.
Kidnapping her.

But little do they know who's child this is. For if they only knew that this little beauty is Negaduck's daughter, they wouldn't be so willing to kidnap her.

Because, no criminal in their right mind would touch anything of Negaduck's.

But, no one knows that this little girl is Negaduck's daughter.

Not even the criminals of St. Canard.

Vicky and Negaduck thought it best not to let it get out that Sam is his daughter. Because, if the criminals found out that Negaduck has a daughter, they would kidnap her for revage on Negaduck.

Beacuse, a lot of criminals have worked with Negaduck on bank heist.
But, they took Negaduck's fall, and went to jail instead of him!

Chapter 2

The two men begain to walk down the street towards where Sam is sitting. As if, just two citizens walking down the street on a nice warm day. Five year young Samantha looked up at the men as they walked by. She could hear them laughing and talking as they walked by her. She took a sharp notice of them.

They didn't seem right. Like they were up to no good.

Samantha looked back up at the house door. No one was standing there. Sam turned back to the men. She became alarmed, at the two men stopping. They faced one another. As if, talking to one another.
Samantha looked away. She did not feel good about this.

So, she begain to run.

Run away from the men.

The men turned to see Samantha running away from them.

They gave chase after her. Like money is involved here.

A nice ransom for this kid, their sure, would be very rewarding.

Which, their sure she is. They figuer since she is here in this richy section, she is bound to be worth something.

But, if they only knew as to whom child she is, they would be more worried about their own lives!

Samantha ran down the street. Her young legs running as fast as they could, to get her somewhere safe.

Chapter 3

Samantha kept her eyes in front of her. She doesn't have to look behind her to see if the two men were still after her.
She could hear theirdouble feet hitting the pavement.
But as Samantha ran on down the street, she looked around for Negaduck's yellow Dodge Viper. He was suppose to pick her up from her friend's house at 5:00pm. But, he hasn't shown up yet.

But, Negaduck was on his way to get her. It just takes longer to get here, because Vicky's house is so far away. Out of city limits.
And, the fact that he had to rob a bank while he was in town, ran him late, too.

Samantha ran to the end of the sidewalk. She turned left and kept on going.

But, she ran in the wrong way. A yellow Dodge Viper was coming down the street.

Negaduck doesn't know that Sam is running for her life, and they both ended up pasing each other, as they both went the wrong way.
Sam was running away from Negs, while he was heading in the direction of her friends house.

As Negaduck drove slowly down the street, he was looking for Sam to be sitting outside the house, waiting for him.
Negaduck doesn't know quite where Sam's friend lives.
So, Jill told Kip, that's the name the friend's mother knows Negaduck by, told him that Sam will be sitting outside the house waiting for him.
So, he can pin point where the house is.

But, he never saw Sam sitting there. Anywhere. At non of the houses.

"Maybe I missed a turn." Negaduck thought.

But, no. He didn't miss a turn. He was on the right street.
But, at this moment, she is being chased by two thugs, Negaduck may know.

Negaduck continued on down the two way street. That's when he saw the two thugs running down the street.
Negaduck quickly reconized the two men as being criminals.
Negaduck knows all the criminals in St. Canard.
Some of them he has worked with, while others he knows by face or name.

As Negaduck watched them running down the street, he wondered what they were running after. Or, maybe they were running from someone. This is a richy neighborhood. They could have robbed someone.

But, by the mean, money hungry look on their faces, Negaduck had a feeling that they weren't being chased...but rather, chasing after someone.

Which, he hopes they are not after Samantha.

But, his guts were hurting. His fear was telling him that Samantha is who they are running after.
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