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Questions for Miss Malicia

First off, thanks for making this site. A few days ago I rediscovered my love for the DWD show trying to find things for my little brother. He's currently two and has an obsession for Scooby Doo *twitches* Or as he calls him. Doo-Doo. So I thought I'd find him some better toons to watch and I came across Darkwing Duck again.
Anyways, enough of my random babbling, I wanted to know what villians you have here rping on this site. I know there's at least 1 Negs, which is awesome. There's you of course and some other fanmade characters.
Do you have a Quackerjack and a Bushroot? Right after NegaDuck, those two are my favorites.
And also, how do you go about making friends on here? I noticed something that said to type in their screen names or something of the likes. So do I just copy paste their name into that once I find them?

Thanks for your time/help.
"Curiosity killed the cat, but satisfaction brought him back."
-Stephen King

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