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Rules for posting Fanfiction (READ BEFORE POSTING)

Hello dears! It's time I start laying out the rules now that we're getting more fic action around here. You MUST read these guidelines before posting, or you'll face the wrath of the chainsaw. :negschain:

You are allowed to link to external sources like a story on Fanfiction.Net or elsewhere
In fact this is encouraged, since it's easier to read and you can edit and delete your story whenever you please.

You are allowed to advertise fanfiction not written by you, but you need permission by the author.
There's nothing wrong with sharing a favourite story as long as the author is comfortable with their writing being advertised. If it's on a public site like then you likely don't even need to ask, just link to their writing and be sure to mention that it's not your work.

Non-Darkwing fiction is allowed.
Although this is primarily a Darkwing board we welcome all varieties of writing.

Do not spam the forum with multiple threads for each story.
If you're just posting many links to multiple fics, try to bunch them together so the forum doesn't get cluttered. The exception is if you're posting an entire story in the thread.

Stories posted on the forum must be PG.
Anything that is permitted in the Darkwing cartoon is permitted in fiction, as well as additional darker themes, minor swearing, and suggestive sexual themes. HOWEVER there is a limit to how far swearing can go... if you're using the 'big seven' (you can guess what they are) you need to do the following:

a.) Your fic MUST be linked off-site to an external source (e.g.,, a blog, a website, etc).
b.) A warning must be put up in the thread stating that there may be offensive language and/or sexual themes present in the story.

We do not want to be held liable for 'inappropriate' website content found on the forum such as raunchy porn fics, which is why we have put the external linking rule in place.

So yes... that's it for now. Post and be merry.

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