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Fanfictions you want to write, but don't have the time to

Well, it's something which happens to me often: I have the plan to write a fanfiction or a whole series of fanfictions, but I see, it's just to much to write.
There is one series, I posted links to the first stories in the fanfict-section, written in german, Magic Arrows. It's about Gosalyn Mallard and Webbigail Vanderquack at the university of Tri-City (of course the Anthro-World's Tri-City, not Kim Possible's one, there is a reason for this name) in a mix of the typical crime-fighting-story, mystery and drama including many characters from DuckTales, Darkwing Duck and GoofTroop and (thanks to some rifts in space and time) several other Disney productions.
The problem ist, the "Masterplan" involves five "seasons" with twenty-two stories in each one, and this is very much for just a fanfiction, isn't it?
I thought about translating the existing stories into english language and invite other authors to write some of the stories, but I fear, they wouldn't have much fun writing with my specifications (is this the right word? leo spit out many english words for one german).

The next one is a smaller series, kind of spin-off of Magic Arrows, set in the negaverse. Negaduck is lost, Morgana defeated, the world is free (or the several dictators of the several countries claim this), democracy came back to USA and the new president is the former head of resistance, Magica DeSpell (she's born in Italy, but after Negaduck's and later Morgana's reign, nobody cares about this). But the police is still understaffed and corrupt and some villains got rich and powerfull during the last years. So Magica founds some teams of superheroes she knows and trusts in, one for every important city. The one for Tri-City includes a heroine coming from the Neutroverse/Normalverse/Regularverse, and in reality, isn't as much of a hero as she would like to be (it's indeed Negaduck9's Black Spandex) and occasionally one, who spended a long time in the Neutroverse (and was in Magic Arrows) but truly doesn't want to be a hero and prefers to wait for her girlfriend at home, NegaGosalyn.
So this is not a story about heroes fighting villains, most of the time. It's a story of heroes coming back after a hard night, heroe's mates trying to get along with the danger and some intrigues between people who know each other, but don#T know who is behind which secret identity, heroes as well as villains. I thought about "Desperate Heroes" for a name, but the problem is, to begin with this, I heve to reach a special point in Magic Arrows, and this point is in the third season.

Another idea I had ist a story-arc about Negaduck. How he came to power, and what happend during "Darkwing Duck" in the negaverse, before Negaduck was trapped in the Neutroverse after "Life, the Negaverse and Everything". Something like parallel-episodes, such as the negaverse's version of Beauty and the Beet or Water Way to Go. But this sounds so big, I didn't start it yet.

The lat idea I head is an arc about what happend in the timeline, in which Gosaly, Megavolt and Quackerjack disappeared during Time and Punishment and which led in the reign of Darkwarrior Duck. What happend to Negaduck, who isn't shown in Time and Punishment, what did S.H.U.S.H do about Darkwarrior, how did Drakes and Morganas relationship develop, and did Gimzmoduck ever try to fight Darkwarrior?

So, do you have stories in mind, you would like to write but are just to big, too?
“Darkwing Duck just won because Morgana summoned this yak. Can you block her spell?”
“I left the academy!”
“They didn’t accept me at all!”
“I’m a sorceress, not a witch. I need a pathway!”
“Well… So I have to nail her hand to the chair!”

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