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Fanfictions you want to write, but don't have the time to

I've got quite a few "fan episode" concepts that most involve Bushroot and Liquidator teaming up. 'Course, since I'll be writing them like an episode, it won't be in a pairing sense like I do otherwise.

Concept #1: With Liquidator's help, Bushroot finally does his "grow-a-bride" thing properly. However, he learns quickly that success is a dish best served cold. "Violet" becomes one of those women, who only seem capable of nagging and complaining, and tops it all off with being a total airhead.

Concept #2: All innuendos aside, Bushroot and Liquidator accidentally create a giant algae monster that goes on a rampage in the city. In order for Darkwing to stop it, he needs the help of the monster's creators before it's too late.

Concept #3: THE VALENTINE'S DAY SPECIAL!!! When Bushroot becomes crankier about Valentine's Day than Christmas, Liquidator decides to play matchmaker for him and hooks him up for a date with Rhoda Dendron. Meanwhile, Honker becomes slightly envious over Goslyn's crush on a new hip skaterboy that has rolled into town, and Darkwing is (yet again) having troubles with Morgana. Eventually, all three plots collide and things get messy, messy, messy!

Concept #4: While visiting the St. Canard lake, Darkwing runs into Bushroot and Liquidator. Upon learning that Bushroot plans to "alter the lake", he tries to stop him. However, he does not realize that Bushroot's plans are completely harmless, as he is trying to bring life into the man-made and desolate lake. This one's got a bit more of a "lesson" to it. First of all, Darkwing learns that one must gather all the facts before jumping to conclusions, but how incredibly important it is to have life in aquatic environments-especially plant life. (Somewhat inspired by my trip to Lake Grapevine last month). And what's Liquidator's part in this? Well, how's Bushroot going to get the fish in the lake?
Hm. Maybe I could work Neptunia into this...

Concept #5: Alien plant-ducks arrive on earth and Bushroot becomes madly infatuated with the leader's daughter. While attempting to woo the very uninterested alien and earn the favor of her father all at once, Darkwing looks into the reason for their presence.
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