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Darkwing story time setting preferences?

When reading/writing/RP-ing in the Darkwing Duck universe, what time setting do you mentally default to? This particular universe is a new area for me in that respect, as most of the fandoms I've written, read, and/or RP-ed in before this have been set in a specific time or place (Thundercats, Voltron, Rome, Pirates of the Caribbean) whereas Darkwing Duck is more ambiguously set in a "modern day" setting. For me, I always mentally default Darkwing stories to be set around the time the show originally aired, the early '90s, because of things in the show that make the most sense to me that way, like Drake's high school reunion looking like it's in the early 70s, his 50s-era childhood episode, etc. Not that there are huge differences between then and now, although when I see a mention of DVDs instead of videos, or an iPod instead of the squawkman, casual internet use by someone other than a major computer geek, that kind of thing jars me a moment. Not enough to dislike a given story or whatever, mind you, just something that makes me pause and readjust my mental perspective.

So I was wondering if this was something that I tend to do, or if other fans also did while reading, writing, or RP-ing?
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