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The Fearsome Sims

A friend of mine recently introduced me to Sims 3. Now I'm a total newb to Sims games, as this is the first one I've ever played, but the concept seemed really cool, and her posts based on Left 4 Dead characters cracked me up and inspired me to see if I could make Fearsome Five-esque Sims to live together in a house and interact.

This was the result. They're totally humanoid, as I don't know how to modify the characters beyond the character design screen at start-up. I made them look like humanized versions of the Fearsome Five characters in the closest approximations I could make with the game clothes, and programmed them with personality traits and goals akin to the DW versions. They play out a pretty amusing drama, which I've been chronicling in my LJ, if you want to take a look.

Episode One

Episode Two

Episode Three
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