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Theories of the Darkwing Universe

I thought I'd start a for-fun topic to discuss random theories about the world in which Darkwing and co. reside in. Here you can discuss questions such as:

- Do the anthro female ducks still lay eggs or have a live birth instead?
- How does Liquidator still think and act consciously when his brain has vanished with the rest of his body?
- Did Reggie and Liquidator um... lose their special bits when they mutated? ( :bush4: :lickytrump: : MIND YOUR OWN BUSINESS!)
- Why does Negs not use his knowledge of Darkwing's real identity for his own personal gain?
- How the heck did Negs become the legal guardian of Nega-Gosalyn?
- Why can Negs fly his jet but Darkwing can't fly the Thunderquack?
- Does Morgana actually have legs under that dress? (ah, a classic question)

And whatever else tickles yer fancy. I might even add another section to reserved for the theories that are discussed here. I also encourage you guys to add a ridiculous for-fun answer alongside the more probable ones... just for the heck of it.

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