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The Fearsome Five and Romance

I'm sorry if this post is old, but I always figured Bushroot would be the easiest. I don't think he cares much for looks he just wants someone to love him, he's the sweetheart of the bunch and I think as long as you were nice and loved him you'd be all set :D

Megavolt, I never thought he'd like a normal girl, I thought he was always interested in electronic things or if he did like a girl she'd have to be exactly like him, as in liking light bulbs and such maybe even having the same powers as him.

Licky, as Bud I have the impression perhaps he had a wife of several girlfriends in the past being a handsome salesmen. As of right now if he was to like a girl I think she'd have to be rich or something along those lines, but that's just me. Perhaps he would like a normal person, but I'm not sure with him he wasn't in many eps so it's hard for me to decide.

Negs, don't get me started on him I don't believe he'd change for anyone or even want to settle down. His love would be shown in abuse like it was for NegaGos or he'd never be around, he MAY get along with someone or just tolerate them, but I believe he comes and goes.

QJ, he's another one I don't want to start with, because I've seen him paired with soooo many people, I only believe it would work out if the girl was a cardboard copy of Harly Quinn (I love her too). My fan character hangs out with QJ ALOT but she isn't interested in him and he isn't interested in her, but they both have a whacked out personality. They can be straight thinking sometimes, crazy, and even violent, but in the end they like the same sorts of things. =3
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