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DW Secret War

When I saw the 1994 Spider Man version of Marvels Secret Wars I had the idea to write something like this. More like the TV-version, the comic had too many caharcters.
I don't know who could play the Beyonders role, but I think, that only can be a godlike being, such as Nodoff, Beelzebub, Aphroducky, Vulcanus or an OC.
For the villains I thought about Negaduck, Bushroot, Steelbeak, Magica and the Phantom Blot.
But I have some difficulties with the heroes. When Darkwing can get seven people from his universe to aid him - whom would he choose?
“Darkwing Duck just won because Morgana summoned this yak. Can you block her spell?”
“I left the academy!”
“They didn’t accept me at all!”
“I’m a sorceress, not a witch. I need a pathway!”
“Well… So I have to nail her hand to the chair!”

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