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Work-In-Progress: Sea of Green, revisited

Well, since I'm in the middle of (re)writing a fairly early entry into my series, I thought I'd mention it here for newcomers! Not going to post it yet because I just put it up on, and so I'll just link to it there.

"Sea of Green" is the second in the "Webfoot Chronicles", which is a five-part introduction to my series, The Webfoot Weavings. Short explanation is that I originally envisioned it as the "origin movie" for my OC, Beth, to join the DWD cast (you know, like when Gizmoduck joined DT and they did the 2-hour movie and then split it into five parts). I did them as five separate stories but they all build on each other. Now that they're all very old, and I was very young when I wrote them, I wanted to try to redo them so that I wasn't ashamed of 'em anymore.

I'm worried that there may be some aversion to Beth, as an OC, and I won't blame anyone; all OCs have a touch of Mary Sue to them and Beth has it to varying degrees, so I'm a little hesitant about pimping my stuff here, but you know, if you'll like it then you will, if you won't then you won't, and I know for certain i won't get anyone telling me to GTFO here, so my hesitance is needless. ^_^

I've already rewritten part one, "My Kingdom for a Double-Plait Bolt", with Special Guest Villain Megavolt; URL is here:

"Sea of Green" has the first two chapters just posted, found here:

My profile also has links to a TON of my other fics that come later in the series if you don't mind being spoiled, but TWC3, 4, and 5 are a) badly written and b) out of continuity with the first two fics ow so I wouldn't advise those unless you're like... REALLY taken with my works. :P Here's the profile link:

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