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Drabbletts: A collection of short fanfictions

It's my turn for putting characters in awkward situations and other such fun like that!...
Well, to a lesser extent. Most of my fanfictions would revolve around my two OC characters, Felicity and Greyson. Which is what the first one is. If I were to make a full-story of their chronology, the one I'm about to put up would be the first chapter, their introduction and "putting everything up to speed".

The Arrivals
A great steamliner made port at the St. Canard Harbor on a cool September evening. It had arrived with a slew of passengers eagerly waiting to set their feet on the earth, tired of their long trip at sea. Among the travelers was an extremely prominent pair. They were only slightly taller then the crowd, but it was not their size that stood out. It was the feline's choice in attire. The gray cat looked as though she were wearing last century's nightgown-complete with all the ruffles and laces that came with it. Her dark hair had been pulled behind her ears, and she smiled like she was not noticing all the strange glances that were made toward her. “This is it, Greyson!” She crowed in a peculiar accent, which sounded like an awkward combination of Yorkshire and Russian. “The big-town of the free world! St. Canard!” Her canine companion, a tall and lanky greyhound, rolled his eyes. While his attire was not nearly as outlandish, it still made him look like he had time-traveled from the nineteen-fifties. “They're noticing your dress, Felicity.” He said. “Just like I said they would.” Felicity smirked and rolled her lively gray-green eyes. “Oh, Greyson! It's not like they've never seen someone from the other side of the globe.” She said, reaching the boardwalk. She stopped in front of it, staring at the deck. She pulled her arms close to her chest and took a deep breath. “He-ere we go-o-o!” She slowly stretched her foot toward the deck and tapped her toes against the soggy wood. She looked at what she had done, as if she were in relief that her foot had not burst into flames. She repeatedly poked the deck, tip-toed across the deck, like it was laden with hot coals. Greyson, meanwhile sighed and stepped onto the deck casually, watching his feline friend stare at the city in front of her.

Suddenly, Felicity gave a loud whoop and started dancing around on the deck. “Ecce!” She hollered. “Greyson, we're HERE! We have set foot on glorious, GLORIOUS freedom!” She pranced to the dog and seized him by both his hands, leading him in an enthusiastic dance that she appeared to be making up on the spot. The rest of the passengers of the ship watched them, giving them peculiar glances before moving on their way. “I hope there's not an alcohol inspection, because I swear you must have sneaked something into your coffee this morning.” Greyson said. “You know I only like vodka in my coffee at Saturnalia,” Felicity grinned. “I'm ashamed of you for not acknowledging that little thing. Why, I'm only acting like a drunken idiot because I'm so darn happy!” She made something of a pirouette, then pulled Greyson by the hand to the inspection lines.

Their time in the line had been agonizingly long, and the whole while, Felicity babbled about how she was going to spend her time in her “land of freedom.” Greyson shook his head as he handed their passports to the policeman at the station that they had finally reached. “And maybe—hey, is there any room for new crimefighters in this city?” She asked, bubbly as ever. “We've got Darkwing Duck. Work's been slow for him though except for the occasional “regular” bank robber.” The bulldog policeman replied, passing back their passports. “Speaking of which, do you do currency exchange here?” Greyson asked. “Yeah. It's the next line over.” The policeman replied. “How convenient.” Felicity smiled smugly. “By the way, you might need to hit a mall or something. You're running around town in your pajamas.” He said. “It's not pajamas!” Felicity's ears folded grumpily. “This is traditional attire of my native East!” She said defensively. “Felicity Domestica, we need to get going.” Greyson grabbed her by the wrist and pulled her along behind him. “Why the rush, Greyson Hound?” Felicity asked, slightly embarrassed that her companion had used her surname. “Because you need to stop making a fool of yourself.” Greyson replied stoutly, pulling out his simple money bag at the currency exchange. Surprisingly, he managed to get the equivalent of fifty dollars in St. Canard's currency.

“Let's make like criminals back home and leave. I'm starved.” Greyson said, clutching Felicity's hand as they finally got out of the harbor. They underwent inspection that would have been unimaginable back in their country. They had noticed some individuals go to other areas, probably because they had caught with something illegal or anything else unwelcome.

They approached a pig woman and her daughter, who were walking down the sidewalk. “Excuse me ma'am, but could you direct us to the closest tavern?” Greyson asked. “We don't have any taverns here, young man.” The pig woman said gruffly. “But there's a Hamburger Hippo just up the street.” She took a glance at Felicity. “By the way, you should really get to a mall or something. I don't think people would want you running around in your pajamas.” She said. “It's a dress!” Felicity exclaimed. “It's nothing near a nightgown!” She stuttered. “Don't argue with the civilians, Felicity, and let's find that Hamburger Hippo or whatever it is.” Greyson huffed, edging her to walk with him.

They continued down the street until they saw an open-air restaurant that resembled a hippo. “Gee, I wonder where it is.” Felicity said with a ring of sarcasm. “I hope they have something light.” He said.
At that very Hamburger Hippo, a trio of ducks sat at the bench. They were none other than Drake Mallard, Goslyn Mallard, and Launchpad McQuack. For Drake Mallard, life had been slow as Darkwing Duck. F.O.WL had collapsed and there was no sign of any activity from any of the Fearsome Five-especially lacking in Bushroot. He had heard that the “villainous vegetable's” greenhouse and burned to the ground. There were rumors that he had escaped the flames and some reports had said that he was last seen in a nearby forest sobbing in the arms of his aquatic canine cohort, Liquidator. “Some of those plants were practically Bush-Brain's kids. I can't blame him.” Drake muttered to himself. But that was five years ago. Megavolt had shown up on occasion, but it was incredibly simple. Their last encounter was almost two years ago, and he had been tossed into a mental hospital like Quakerjack had. “What was that about 'Bush-Brain'?” Launchpad asked curiously. “Nothing, nothing, just thinking out loud.” Drake replied, chuckling.

“So, Goslyn, how'd you like your first driving lesson?” Launchpad asked Goslyn. “Launchpad, that's the fifth time you've asked!” Goslyn exclaimed. “Sorry, I'm just so happy that you're getting so grown up!” Launchpad rubbed his eyes for emphasis. “Well, then I'll tell you for the sixth time, I liked it a lot. Except for nearly hitting the fire hydrant.” She chuckled. “I'm glad you missed it too, but you hit the lightpole and made the whole street look like Megavolt had short-circuited everything.” Drake said, taking a sip of his drink. “At least I didn't dent the car!” Goslyn said cheerfully as Felicity and Greyson approached, looking curiously at the restraint. “Uh...why is she in her pajamas?” Goslyn whispered to Drake. “I dunno.” Drake shrugged. “Why are you asking me?” Felicity glared at them. “I suppose you noticed my strange attire?” She hissed as she sat down. “Oh, sorry about that. Uh, you must be some of the new arrivals from the Northern Union.” Drake said, trying to sound more friendly. “How'd you guess?” Greyson asked, slightly astonished. “Your friend's accent gave it away. And her little saunter as she walked up.” Drake replied, trying to sound friendly about it. Indeed, Felicity walked in a very prance-like stride, giving off of her bombastic pride without her needing to talk.

“Um, is there anything light on this menu?” Greyson asked, scanning his carefully. “Why light? This is Hamburger Hippo. There's nothing that's really 'light' to speak of.” Launchpad asked. “The only big meals we Northern Unionists enjoy is breakfast.” Felicity said. “Especially when Felicity puts faces on the pancakes.” Greyson said with a slight smirk. “Faces? Do you put colored batter on them?” Goslyn asked. “Yep.” Felicity grinned, looking proud of herself. “Keen gear!” Goslyn exclaimed. “I'd like to see what you do with eggs and bacon!” She laughed. “More faces.” Greyson chuckled. “Once, she broke an egg while it was cooking and we called the face “Broken-Eyed Bill”.” He snickered alongside Felicity. “Well, if you're looking for something light, I'll have to recommend something off the kids' menu.” The manager said, pointing up at the menu.

“Say, do you two have a place to stay?” Drake asked. “” Greyson said. “Gosh, I didn't even think about that.” He rubbed the back of his head sheepishly. “Well, you can stay with us!” Goslyn perked. Drake was silent for a moment, then he chuckled. “For once, I'd have to agree with your sudden decisions, Gos.” He said. “Nothing's going on and we certainly have enough time on our hands.” He smiled at the duo. “So, whadda say?” He asked. “Certainly.” Greyson replied after an astonished pause. “What about you?” He asked Felicity. “It's better than an alleyway.” She said confidently. They soon finally made their orders-simple single-patty hamburgers that looked like they could be on the breakfast menu-something that didn't bother them much. They chatted lightly with the Mallards and Launchpad, telling them the most minor of their rough lives in the North Union. “And that's how we managed to save a nine-foot alligator from being caught in the city without having to wrestle it and risk getting it or ourselves injured in the process.” Felicity had finished her one of her favorite brag ands she washed down the rest of the lemon-lime soda she ordered. “Wow. Someone like them would make great teammates with Darkwing Duck.” Drake muttered to himself. As both groups paid the manager, Drake stood up and stretched. “As fun as your little trip was, Goslyn, I think Launchpad should drive home.” He said. Goslyn chuckled. “I think I'd scare our guests if I drove anyway!” She looked at Felicity and Greyson, who were thanking the manager for the meal.

“Well, are you two ready to go?” Drake asked them. “Why, yes we are.” Felicity nodded. Bidding a final farewell to the manager, the duo followed the trio to their car. They continued making small talk on the ride to the Mallards' house. Once they arrived, there was a duck and chicken couple waiting for them. “Looks like the Muddlefoots have come to congratulate your for your first driving lesson.” Drake said to Goslyn in the back. “Keen gear! I thought they would do that!” Goslyn said as Drake and Launchpad got out of the car. Felicity opened her door at the window seat and slid out, followed by Goslyn, while Greyson climbed out from the other side. Drake was already talking to the couple, who had rushed to greet him. The chicken turned to Goslyn giddily.

“Oh, Goslyn, did you enjoy your first driving lesson?” Binkey Muddlefoot asked. “It was great apart from the powerline accident!” Goslyn exclaimed. “You shut down a powerline?” Binkey gasped. “Just a street. It was either the squirrel or the street, and I picked the street.” Goslyn shrugged. “Either way I'd have a bit of pain.” She said. “Now, who are these two?” Herb Muddlefoot asked. “I don't think I've met anyone running around with their 'jammies on in public before!” He looked at Felicity, who crossed her arms and rolled her eyes. “They're some of the immigrants from the North Union.” Drake said. “We met them at Hamburger Hippo and invited them to stay with us.”
“Oh, do you mind if we take the young man off your hands for now? I'm sure the boys would love to have an older male figure with them! It would be such a good influence!” Binkey put her hands on Greyson's shoulders. “Thank you, but...” He was about to say until he was swept into a suffocatingly tight hug from Herb. “Fantastic!” He cried. “Why, we'll set up the guest bed in the living room right away, and we can watch the Pelican's Island marathon all together!” He slung his arms around Greyson's shoulders and walked with him to his house. “Oh, what a wonderful idea, Herb!” Binky laughed in agreement. “Lucky me.” Greyson grinned forcefully, not knowing what Pelican's Island was, nor if he was going to suffer horrible torture from being in the homestead of the overly-friendly neighbors.

“Well, I guess that leaves you with us.” Drake looked at Felicity, who watched her long-time friend disappear into the Muddlefoot house. “This is the first night I'll be away from him in a while.” She said softly. “Really?” Launchpad asked. “In how long?” Felicity shrugged. “I don't remember. We ran loose in the North Union like criminals once war broke out. It was really all we could do to survive, and we were all we had that was precious.” She said. “But, he was not an easy sleeper. I gotta tell you, he talked like he was still awake, but with a ton of nonsense!” She giggled. “'No-o, you can't be a beardless ninja! It's against the rules!'” She quoted. “But ninjas aren't beardless anyway!”Goslyn exclaimed. “Exactly. That's why it was so funny.” Felicity winked, walking into the house with her. “I can show you around the house while dad and Launchpad set up the couch for you.” Goslyn looked around slyly. “And maybe later, we can watch some movies!” She sneered. “But let's keep this our secret!” She glanced around. “I've got some great stuff!”
Who can guess what our "Little Running Gag" is =P ?
Felicity's little exclaimation "ecce!" is Latin, pretty much "Behold!"
I'm not quite sure what they're supposed to be based on, but so far, I'm imagining something that's a mix between Russian, Scandinavian, and Southern European (Ukrane, Romania, like that).

My next one might be Felicity's antics with Goslyn, from watching those "Goslyn movies" to eggs saying "Hello" to a sharpie marker.
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