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A Question About Reading Fanfiction (please respond!)

Hi everyone! I am trying to catch up on fanfic that's out there and there is a LOT of it, and I thought perhaps rather than my originally intended approach - which was to go through it by author - maybe I should refine this a bit. I don't know where to start or who to start with so I had an idea to ask folks here.

If you've written DWD fanfic, and if it's publically posted, please recommend to me the fic of yours that you think I should read *first*. Then please give me the link.

This is totally at your discretion. The fic you think is your best, or the first in a series, or just something easy to get into... whatever, it's all good! :)

I have very few "requirements", there are no pairings I outright avoid or anything like that; my only thing is that I tend to avoid anything explicit/graphic (slash or het, doesn't matter, I'm equally prudish *G*) So while I'm not ruling out the option of trying some "adult" fics later, depending on if I can work up to it, I'd say those aren't the best ones to rec me to start with. :)

So yeah! I'm not promising that I'll get to it right away, like tomorrow or even next week (like I said, I have a LOT of catching up to do) but I can at the least bookmark it to come back to. Thanks!

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