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Sort of role playish game....

So there was this game i played on the Harry potter board (yeah, i used to be into harry potter ^_^O) that i'd like to introduce here. it was really fun!
IT went like this:
One person writes a letter to a character. It can be from yourself, your fan character, or another cannon character (though if it's from a fan character please post where your information can be looked up for a more accurate answering).
Then whoever wants to can answer the letter (you odn't have to consistantly play a character but you DO have to stay IN character). Then they can write their own letter to be answered.

FOr example I would write:

Dear Reggie,
You’re always looking for a friend, but you don’t seem to know how popular you can be. For example come check out our board and you’ll find hundreds of people who want to be your friends and probably a few girlfriends too. I hope negaduck is being nice to you. Take good care of yourself and drop in anytime.
how did that stolen space cabbage workout for you?


Then whoever wants to could answer. For example:

Dear Emmy,
Gee, really? Uh, thanks. I mean I would, but I can’t. Spike ate my computer, and anyway it’s kinda hard to type when you have leaves for hands. Uh, Negaduck is never nice to anyone, especially not to me. But anyway, all those people you mentioned (especially the potential girlfriends!) can stop by MY place anytime. I live in the big greenhouse in St. Canard. You can’t miss it.
Dr. Reganald Bushroot
uh, heheh I don’t know what you’re talking about! I wouldn’t indanger the world that way. Don’t tell the cows!


Dear Darkwing,

Why are you such a loser? With bad taste in clothes? I’m way cooler then you’ll ever be! (Also I hate your hat) And…. Hmmm let’s see what else? Oh yeah! Ha ha ha! HEHEHEHEEHEEEEHAAHAHA!!



And then whoever wants to can answer and write their own letter to and from anyone they want.

Here are my two questions:

Where do I post such a game? Role play? Or games? Or elsewhere?

Question two:

Can I advertise somewhere more popular so people know it is there and can check it out to try to get more “players”?

This was really fun in another fandom I bet it’ll be great here.

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