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Snark's Album Meme

I'm not sure if this idea has exactly been done...but here is the idea.

All you do is pop in an album. Doesn't matter what it's about. Maybe you choose one of your favorite artists. Heck, maybe the soundtrack to one of your favorite movies. Point is, you pop it in and just listen to each song. There are no restrictions. if you use it to draw, you just create a piece of art for each song on the album. if you are writing, you write a story for each song.

Are there any restrictions? Nope! No time limits. Does your piece need to fit the exact mood of the song? nope! You can even just be inspired by just one line from a song. writers can have their stories as long or as short as they want. artists can have their drawings as simple or complexed as they want. The whole point is to just create!

I was thinking this could get the juices flowing for the DWD gang. But this idea can be applied to any fandom.

if anyone does it, how about they link their pieces to here so everyone can see them?
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