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I have a really hard time writing for Liquidator...

Just a quick thank you for this thread - I find Liquidator difficult to write as well.

Also thank you to Cheezey and the others who've shared some of their insights and inspirations. That'll be very helpful.

And now...

Snark Wrote:Feeling like you just don't know a guy enough? Afraid of having pesky out of character problems? Then the Liquidator has the answer for you! One hundred percent guaranteed to solve all solutions, or your money back. (That is, if I haven't already made a clean get-away.) Let the Liquidator brand of writing wash all your cares away! I know *I* wouldn't leave the house without it.

Um, dude? Awesome!

Going to read your fanfic, BTW.

Celey Wrote:Maybe I'll make a little spin-off fanfiction that does a group therapy session... Just because that's too good of an idea to pass up. *LOL*

Please, please, please, please, please DO!

Good luck with your current endevors. I haven't dared to try and tackle that many.
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