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Riddle Me This, Malicia...

One thing that Negaduck says in the comic is "I wasn't much for the secret identity thing" which could imply that the moment he decided to become Negaduck, he completely abandoned and perhaps even forgot about his past life as Drake Mallard. As a result, it may never have crossed his mind even once that Darkwing bothered with a secret identity either.

After all, he could fool the police and crimebots by simply removing his mask and dressing as a civilian... yet he CHOOSES to wear his costume and hide out like a common criminal in dingy old warehouses. When we do see him hiding from the public eye, he's still wearing his full costume and mask, with a trench coat over top (in the episode "Let's Get Respectable"), as though he regards his mask as part of him -- his "skin".

So there are two possibilities: He is a double of just Darkwing, as you suggested, and has no Drake Mallard persona. Perhaps he was "created" as is and never had a past. Or, he once was Drake Mallard, but has forgotten about it, because he's too wrapped up in his Negaduck persona.

Regardless of how he ended up as Negaduck, one thing is clear: There is no Nega-Drake Mallard. There is only Negaduck.

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