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Wiki Tutorials & Tips

Welcome to the tutorial page! If you are unfamiliar with DokuWiki formatting, you've come to the right place! Here, I will show you all the necessary information you need to know in order to navigate the wiki!

You can select a specific tutorial from the table of contents on the right-hand side for faster navigation (note: if you are on mobile, the table of contents may be located elsewhere).

In order to contribute to the wiki, you must be registered and logged in to your account!

Editing Pages

When you are logged in, on the right-hand side you will see the following icons:

Hover your mouse over the icons, and they will reveal several options:

Click “edit page” and it will allow you to format the page.

If “edit page” is not listed: This means the page can only be edited by admins or certain users. Restricted pages usually include canon characters and other non-character related pages.

Creating a new wiki page

It's quite likely the first thing you'll want to do is create a page for your character. There are two ways to achieve this.

Option 1: Consult the players list.

Navigate over to the player's list and check to see if your character is already listed. Characters are sorted by player name. If your character is listed, there is already an accompanying wiki page:

  • If your character is listed, and the link is green, it means a page has already been created. Click the link.
  • If your character is listed, and the link is red, it means the page does not exist. Click the link.
    • You will be brought to a page that says “this topic does not exist yet”. You can create the page simply by clicking the icon on the right-hand side and selecting “create this page”.

As soon as you enter ANYTHING into the editing field and save it, the page is automatically created. The link on your players list will become green afterward.

Option 2: Create a page from scratch

If your character is NOT listed on the player's page, you can create a page from scratch.

Note: It is incredibly important that your page is listed in the correct category. If you are creating a character page, then the category will either be canon, oc, or hybrid.

If you are playing a canon character:

Canon characters have a separate page for each user playing a canon. We have chosen this method because it allows you to control the information on your page and allows you to tweak the character background to suit your headcanon. This means that when creating a page, not only must it fall under the canon character category, your character falls under the sub-set of a pre-existing canon page.

Let's say you are playing Darkwing Duck. Here is how you would create your page for Darkwing:

1. Navigate to the Duckverse Characters list.

2. Check the Canon Character category to see if your canon character is listed. In this case, the page darkwingduck already exists. Click on it.

You will be brought to the main page for the canon character Darkwing Duck.

3. Check the address bar. You should see the following:

Erase the “home” portion and replace it with your username. For example if your username is “testy” you would enter the following:

Navigate to this page. You will see “this topic does not exist yet”. Follow the instructions for consult the players list where you click 'create this page' on the right-hand side. Once you type anything into the created page and save it, your page has automatically been created. Your name should automatically appear on the character list beneath Darkwing Duck.

If you are playing an original character:

The steps are identical to creating a canon character page, except you will be navigating to a different category. Navigate to the character page and check the “Original Characters” category. Click on “oc” or navigate to the oc page.

From there, check the url at the top of the page. You should see the following:


Similar to the canon character creation, you simply need to edit the address. Let's say I want to create a character page for “malicia”. I will enter /malicia to the end of address like so:

Then I simply navigate to the address I created. Once again, you will see “this topic does not exist”. Simply click on the icon on the right-hand side that says “create this page” and enter anything into the formatting field. As soon as you save, the page is automatically created.

If you are playing a hybrid character:

By definition, a hybrid character is not an original character because the design and personality use a canon character as a base template. Examples would include NegaMorgana, Posiduck, etc.

The process for creating a hybrid page is identical to creating a canon page. The only difference is that you will be creating it under the hybrid category. You can navigate to the hybrid page or select it from the character list.

From there, repeat the steps of creating a canon page. The only extra step is that you might have to add a root page for the hybrid character, before adding your own username page. This depends on how common your hybrid character is.

For example, we treat hybrid pages like Posiduck and NegaMorgana the same way as we do canon characters by giving users their own unique page. This is because there is a higher likelihood that we might have doubles. For example there is a unique page for Gokusan's version of Posiduck.

The address hybrid/posiduck /gokusan ensures that the username is categorized in the posiduck category.

However less common hybrids that most likely will never have a double, do not require a unique page for the player. An example of this would be the duckified version of Sans from Undertale.

If you are unsure whether your hybrid character requires a unique page for your username or not, you can contact the admin and I will help you sort your character in the correct category.

Formatting your page properly

When you first edit or create your page you will be brought to this screen:

There are several options you can choose from to tool around with your page. I highly suggest that you experiment with them all by navigating to the playground. The playground page is reserved for experimental formatting, so feel free to edit it as much as you'd like!

If someone else is editing the same page as you, you will locked out. In which case navigate to playground2.

You can create your own personal “test” page as well by following the create a page from scratch guidelines. Please create all new test pages under the playground category.

For example, navigate to and then add your preferred test name such as playground/quivertest. You can toy around on this page privately to experiment with formatting.

Using the character profile template

In order to keep the wiki clean and organized, your character profile pages are required to follow a specific template. For an example of a properly formatted profile page, check out Malicia Macawber's wiki page.

You do not have to include all of the same information as Malicia's page (for example, newer players likely would not have a 'pre-rektcon' category), and you can add other pieces of information not included in Mal's bio. What is important is that the layout follows the same format!

In order to make this easier for everyone, I have created a character profile template. Simply copy-and-paste the template code onto your page and save it, then fill in the necessary information.

There are two methods for creating links. If you are linking to another section of the wiki, please use the internal link option. If you are linking to something outside the wiki (example, your duckverse rp account page) please use the external link.

Both can be found here:

When you click the internal link button you will be brought to a page that allows you to sift through the various categories. For example if I want to link to Malicia's wiki page, I would select internal link and sift through the categories:

The brown box to the left of the name indicates it is a folder, and if I click the link it will bring me into the oc folder. From there I can select Malicia:

The link will appear as this:

Malicia Macawber

The code appears as this on the edit page:

[[characters:oc:malicia|Malicia Macawber]]

You can change the words “Malicia Macawber” to whatever you want and it will change the link words. Alternatively, if you are writing a wiki page you can highlight the chunk of words you want to turn into a link, then select the internal link option. If will automatically place the link where you highlighted it.

External links have a slightly tricky formatting. If you were to highlight the text you want to turn into a link and navigate to 'external link' it will automatically turn your words into a link:


Which appears as this in the editing field:


This instead creates a link to a non-existent wiki page. If you want to link to an external source, you need to add the address and separate it with a | space, like so:


Which will appear as:


Adding page breaks

Sometimes when you are formatting a page you may want to add a list, like this:


But if you were to simply type that out and space it in the editor, it would likely appear as:

I love big butts I cannot lie

You can manually insert a pagebreak using following function:

I <pagebreak>
love <pagebreak>
big <pagebreak>
butts <pagebreak>

Adding a single pagebreak will space it once. If you want a larger space inbetween, you can add more pagebreaks. For example:

is a<pagebreak><pagebreak>

Will appear as:

Quiverwing Duck
is a


Uploading Images

Creating your root folder

To keep everything organized, I ask that you create your own folder in the media manager to contain your uploaded images. You will also be using folders to create the gallery for your character profile.

First you need to navigate to the media manager which is located in the top-right corner, beneath the “search” bar and “logout” options:

From there you will be brought to this page:

Note that on the left-hand side you see the 'root' section which already has a few folders. If you click any of the folders it will display the images inside.

In order to create your own folder, first make sure you select the root folder at the top. Then, select upload. You will know you are in the right place if you see 'upload to [root]'.

Select the image you would like to upload but do not press upload just yet! You want to create your root folder first!

We are going to name the root file “test”. Add test: in front of the filename like so.

Now you can press “upload”. When the image uploads, it will automatically be sorted into the newly-made “test” folder on the left-hand side. Please note: Sometimes the folder does not appear and you will simply need to refresh the page.

Now you can click on the test link on the right-hand side. Your image will be inside the folder!

Now that your folder is created, you can upload all further photos directly into that folder. Simply make sure you have selected the folder (in this case “test”) and then select “upload”.

Creating a folder within a folder

Follow the exact same instructions as creating your root folder, except this time make sure you are already in your folder. Let's say you want to create a folder for a specific character's images which will be automatically added to the character's gallery.

I am already in the test folder. I want to create a folder called “character1” within the test folder.

Note that at the top it says “upload to test” which is how we know we are in the correct folder. Once again I am adding the new folder name in front of the file as character1: which will create the new section. Press the “upload button”.

Remember that you will have to refresh the page to see changes to the folders on the side!

It is highly recommended you create separate folders for all of your characters, because it will make creating your image gallery for their wiki pages much simpler.

At the bottom of your character's wiki page, you have the option to upload up to six images, like so:

This is created with the following code:


The section name :malicia corresponds to the following folder in the media manager:

You can upload more than six images to this folder but only six will appear in the gallery. To keep things simple, I suggest you upload just the six images you want to see. You can sort the photos by title, date, or random but it requires extra tweaking of the code. You can read how to do this on the gallery plugin page.

Please do not alter the “3” or “6” in the code, as it will change the layout of the image gallery.

Let's pretend you have a folder within a folder and you want to set the gallery as a particular folder. In this case, we want to display the character1 folder from previous example. The code would be as follows:

As mentioned earlier, you cannot delete images once you upload them to media manager. If you would like an image permanently deleted, please contact the admin and we will delete it for you.

For additional options to tweak your gallery, check out the Gallery plugin page. For example, you can reverse the order of images or sort by title, date, etc.

To do this, refer to the Parameters table. You can activate certain options for your gallery by adding the symbol '&' and then the parameter name. For example if you wanted to sort images by modification date (listed as 'modsort' under the table) your gallery code would look like this:


The '&modsort' at the end will enable this option.

Please note: You should keep the '&cache' in the gallery code as it will automatically refresh the gallery thumbnails when you make changes within the media folders. The '&norecursive' function is also useful because it will only show images within the exact folder you specify and leaves out any subfolder images.

Adding a profile image to your character wiki page

Your character's profile photo will appear on the right-hand side like so:

This image appears in your character page's code at the top in this section:

Where it says :malicia:tumblr_p8afxf8qwp1uut6jdo1_1280.jpg is the image address for your profile photo. Because this photo is located in the malicia folder of the media manager, the :malicia: is added in front of the filename. Then you add the exact name of your profile photo. In this case you would find it here:

In the template code for your page you will find the image source here:

Replace the highlighted section with the image address from your media manager folder and it should appear. If the image does not change:

  • Refresh the page
  • Copy the code, remove it from the page, and save the page. Then return to editing mode for the page and paste the code back in. Sometimes this will “refresh” the image code.

Reverting a wiki page

Oh no! You were messing around with the code on your page and suddenly everything is a jumbled mess! Or perhaps you accidentally edited someone else's wiki page and deleted something! What do you do?

No worries! You can revert a page to a previous version. When you are editing the page, you will find the following option on the right-hand side:

Clicking “old revisions” page will take you to the most recent list of changes made to the page. You can click and review any of them. When you find the page you prefer, select the link to see a preview. Then on the right-hand side click “restore”.

Deleting a wiki page

Perhaps you accidentally made a page in the wrong category and want to delete it. This is surprisingly simple to do:

  1. Edit the page
  2. Remove all of the text in the formatting box.
  3. Save the page.
  4. Voila, it's officially deleted!

The page will return to a “this topic does not exist yet” page.

Adding yourself to the player list

If you have a new character, want to update the status of your character, or perhaps aren't listed at all, you will need to edit the player list.

This is a shared page, which means anyone can edit the list. Please be mindful and keep the formatting consistent.

If you are not on the list at all, please add yourself to the bottom of the list. You can copy-paste the formatting from the players above you and fill in your information.

For example, you could copy-paste the information for Fredd, and replace the names and statuses with your own at the bottom of the page. Be careful not to overwrite anyone else's information. If you do, please revert the page.

Additional Tips

I highly recommend experimenting with formatting in the playground or your personal test page. Go nuts with pressing all the buttons available on the formatting page to see what happens!

For more tidbits of information, check out DokuWiki's syntax page.

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